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A Little Help With a Space Station

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#1 venkelos



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Posted 23 October 2012 - 04:11 AM

I have an NPC, used to be the bearer of the Warrant my future party (here's hoping) might someday carry, and part of his story has it that, as he got older, and decided to "retire" before he slipped up due to age, he used his power and connections to get appointed Planetary Governor of Valos III, a little Agri-World on the edge of Calixis space he discovered years before. He has a space station there, where he administers the planet (and parts of the Dynasty), and sells goods it (the planet, mostly foodstuffs), or his Dynasty acquire. It will use the converted ship rules, and such, but for a trading post, light ship repairs, weighing off point sort of place, what would be some good Components to give it? Thanks for any ideas.

#2 Cobramax76



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Posted 23 October 2012 - 06:41 PM

I found a few utilities for starship creation as well as one for a space station one in xls format as a fillable sheet.  here is the link http://rtrpg.blogspo...or-utility.html at bottom of page off-center is a list of the other updates to the other construction utilities ( for ships ) i think you might like them since the sheet works and incorporates just about everything plus a few extras i liked.  Anyway i figured you might be able to use it to at least help you get a basic setup for it. As for equipment…anything a spaceship can mount a station can as well.  It is said they have more space inherently than comparably sized starships due to their more open construction . good luck  my friend