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What is needed to get started?

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#41 brrak



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Posted 24 October 2013 - 11:19 PM

It's really too bad that FFG didn't:


a) include the cards, etc. in the PDFs of the campaigns and additional source books, like Omens of War, or

b) create summary sheets in a format similar to what's found in the Player's or GM's Guides


All these products are 4-5 pages short of being really excellent. As they are, except for the guides, it's really not worth buying them at all. And it's a real disservice to players trying to play the "lite" version.


All this trouble for a couple additional pages to make these PDFs a complete product.


Now, I like the cards and such and I'm purchasing everything in box format. But I own a couple PDFs as well. And really, it's not too late. Come on FFG! Christmas is right around the corner. How about some errata to make your PDFs worth the purchase! Hire an intern and churn out a couple extra pages and reward your fans. Then we can finally start recommending people to buy the PDFs.

#42 Ralzar



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Posted 25 October 2013 - 01:37 AM

I've actually bought most of the PDFs. I use them as a way to allways have the rulebooks available to me, even if I am not at home. For actually playing the game, I need all the stuff, sp I have the physical books available as well. But when I'm planning adventurers, creating characters and stuff like that; I just need to check some rules once in a while and it is really handy to have them as PDFs.

I would never bother with the "WFRP Lite" thing though. Partially because of how poorly supported it is, but mostly because referencing all the cards in a book instead of just having the cards in front of you just makes the game more cumbersome to play, not (as the name "WFRP Lite" implies) lighter.

If you do not want to use cards, just houserule them out. I am not even sure if you actually need to change any rules. You can just not use them.

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#43 brrak



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Posted 25 October 2013 - 11:30 AM

Ralzar, I hear what you're saying -- though the point I was trying to make is that FFG could appease fans who want to play "lite" and don't like all "the bits" by just a small amount of effort improving (re-releasing) the PDFs or releasing errata with the missing info.


Also, I think a lot of "core" fans would buy the other PDFs if they just had all the components. I currently own the Player's Guide and the GM Guide and they are awesome. Buying the others feels like I'm only getting 75% of the product; and that is really annoying.


Challenge accepted! (OK so I don't think anyone really threw down the gauntlet or anything). I'm purchasing a couple PDFs -- let's say $20 will buy one scenario (WF04-Gathering Storm) and an expansion (the bundle which encompasses WF06-Winds of Magic).


I own both of these in "retail" version so I'll compare what is missing and rate them accordingly.

#44 Brother Bart

Brother Bart


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Posted 29 November 2013 - 08:32 PM

Question: Do the GM Vault and Players Vault contain anything that is not included in the Core Box set or the other expansions boxes?

#45 Emirikol


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Posted 29 November 2013 - 11:48 PM

There is a downloadable component's list on the catlogue page for WFRP.  You should check there.


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