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Custom Monsters

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#181 Avi_dreader


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Posted 21 May 2011 - 06:36 PM

doubleatotheron said:

Avi_dreader said:


Veet said:


Quick note on Captain Cutlers Ghost. The spell deck does not have tomes in it.

Is anyone else a little disturbed about the particular shape of the yin-yangish thing on the Kool-Aid man when mixed with the proximity of where it is?



Oh, so you figured out why the bug-egged girl is running from the poison filled wall smasher?



I seriously almost fell out of my chair laughing once I scrolled up and looked at the Kool-Aid man.

Eyed...  ::Facepalm::

#182 Capnjones



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Posted 25 May 2011 - 07:10 AM

Crud, I typed the wrong deck!

#183 Capnjones



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Posted 25 May 2011 - 07:12 AM

Master Fwiffo said:

 I LOVE those Scooby Doo monsters.  That mechanic looks like a lot of fun, and would fit perfectly with some Scooby Doo Investigators.

But, is there any reason whatsoever to want Scooby Dum as an ally?  You should make him do something good to offset how much he screws you over.

well...He is Scooby Dum.  That's why you have a 50-50 shot at getting the clue.


#184 ffggoalie1



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Posted 30 July 2011 - 06:25 AM

dkw said:


The point is that no one is going to even consider using it.  Beat it or lose the game.  Toss into the "ignore bin."




~Bringer of Apocolypse 

I would also ignore this monster.  

I have awful luck.

#185 jeremyj621



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Posted 11 September 2011 - 12:20 PM

The Leech Mother, a new Mask of Nyarlathotep:

The Leech Mother is depicted in "The Crawling Chaos" chapter of The Art of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos published by FFG, but wasn't included in the Arkham Horror game for some reason.

#186 Antabires



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Posted 17 January 2012 - 08:25 AM

Just messing around for a thematic session with friends......

#187 Hugues



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Posted 17 January 2012 - 09:32 PM

Nice pictures but texts are too small. Can't read them.

#188 Adelphophage



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Posted 01 June 2012 - 11:46 PM

As part of my Dreamlands expansion, I've been fiddling with having a dreamlands specific monster cup, with only appropriate monsters (so no Mi-go, for example, finding their way there to flitter about being confused).  The first draft of which is below.  If you haven't read the rules for the expansion (and they are rather long), the Nightmare is basically like a Vortex, when monsters walk into it, bad stuff happens.


Some notes…

How many copies of each monster will be in the cup is still being worked out, although there will definitely only be one of the bottom five unique monsters.  I'm thinking something like a 30 monster cup, I want a spread of monster power roughly equivalent to the normal cup, which works out to be an average toughness of 2ish, so they can't all be super giant killing machines, there has to be some cannon fodder cultists and ghouls.

Firstly, many of them are copies of existing monsters, which I have tried to keep identical, although I have used different pictures so that they are less easily confused with normal ones when putting them in the wrong cup. Ghouls I gave a bonus in the underworld, which is new but thematically appropriate for their home turf. Nightgaunts now take you to the Vale rather than Gates (which would have been impossible in the Dreamlands) and Moonbeasts take you to the moon, and are stalkers rather than aquatic (which, as they are no aquatic locations in the Dreamlands, would have been pointless).

I've tried to keep the dimensional symbols spread out, rather than having them all be Dreamlands. The idea is that a reasonable proportion should activate on each of the three types of movement cards. Mostly Moons for the Moon/cross card, Dashes for the Hex/Dash/Triangle/Star card and Diamond (Which is Leng, after all) for the Diamond/Circle/Square ones.

I don't know a great deal about what Haon-Dur and the Eidolon Lathi are supposed to be (a dark wizard and some wierd Spirit respectively?), so the versions above are kind of stabs in the dark, so anyone who knows more about the actual characters feel free to correct me.

I welcome any comments or balancing ideas for the creatures I've done, or suggestions for new monsters!

#189 CrusherJoe



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Posted 16 July 2013 - 09:15 PM

Either here or at BGG someone had created a monster token for the Sheldon Gang.  IIRC, failing the combat check meant you were jumped into the gang.  Can anyone assist?

#190 Shining Aquas

Shining Aquas


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Posted 01 August 2013 - 03:00 PM

Hey, I'm running through some proof of concept designs for a fantasy-based expansion in the works and I'd like some input on the monsters I'm trying to include. If anything stands out as problematic, lemme know:

(Click to Enlarge)



I also have a second set of monsters that run on a special classification (Ex: Mask, Undead, etc.). Warlord is a monster type I'm introducing into this set.  The idea is that Warlords provide a passive detriment to the investigators while on the board, and defeating them provides very reasonable bonuses.  Functionally, a Warlord is much like the Dunwich Horror, but smaller and there are way more of them.  Warlords are placed on the board as a result of area encounters, some mythos cards, and when the terror level hits 3/6/9/10.  It should also be noted that there can only be 1 Warlord on the board at a time, and gaining a new one replaces the old one.


(Click to Enlarge)



Any critique is useful, but it should be noted that the art is all placeholders until I find something more accurate, or draw something myself.

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