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Short Review The Lies of Solace

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 02:54 AM

The Lies of Solace is Book 2 of The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy
from FFG,we know this as it's printed on the cover ,if it wasn't
we wouldn't have a clue.


Maybe it's because this is by John French & the first book
Dance of the Damned was by Alan Bligh (and obviously they
don't talk to each other) but talk about two ships in the night!

They just don't mesh & have no related characters,I guess
the 3rd Book is suppose to be the charm?

Not that it's a bad read,the first 240 some pages are
rather traditional Lovecraft stuff as 3 different characters
are slowly drawn together by Mythos happenings and
enough Arkham locations are crammed in to make sure
we can locate things on the Arkham Horror Game Board.

The last 60 pages really set the entire narrative on
it's head.I won't spoil things but it's like going down
a river in a canoe just going with the flow when wham
your suddenly caught in a tidal surge.

Once your on the last Section "The Mount of The Dead Gods"
you will want to push right through to the end & then
the WTF moment.

So I thought it was a good read just so independent
of the Dance of the Damned.The 3 Book however
should follow along The Lies of Solace story as
we're left with 3 loose ends.


PS The AH Investigator Jacqueline Fine is one of the main character


A Dwarf in Winter