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Tie advanced

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#21 Guest_Not In Sample_*

Guest_Not In Sample_*
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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:45 AM

 I have played with and against multiple advanced ties several times now…. they are very good. I am playing a game later tonight and depending on my opponent and whether I will be playing Rebels or Empire will decide which 100 pt list I will be using. This is the 100pt list I will be using if I play Empire. I have played it before and it rocked the house.

Vader- Tie advanced x1

+Cluster Missiles



Maarek Stele- Tie advanced

+Cluster Missiles

+ Marksmanship


Mauler Mithel- Tie Fighter



Academy Pilot (or as my brother calls them, "High school Pilot")- Tie fighter


=100 pts


This list has 2 advanced Ties and 2 Ties and three pilots with a skill of 7 or better and it worked fantastic for me before. I was actually very very impressed with Maarek. Everyone knows how good Vader is, but Maarek with Clusters and Marksmanship is nasty. Target lock from long range and then since the clusters are range 1-2, the next turn you close in, use marksmanship and unleash the clusters. Since marksmanship works for all attacks in the round, you get 2 different weapon 3 attacks and on both of the attacks you change a focus into a crit and the rest into hits. Which gives you really good odds of putting crits on the enemy… which Maarek loves. I ran him last time with Vader. Vader attacks first at skill 9 and pulls away your shields with his cluster missile/marksmanship attack and then Maarek just puts crits on you which when he puts a card flipping crit on you he gets to pull 3 cards, look through them and give you the one he wants…. Direct Hit double damage card anyone? These two were ridiculously effective in the game I used them together killing Luke/R2 in turn two! (yep dead Luke/R2 combo turn 2…. don't let people tell you R2/Luke or R2/Wedge is unbeatable because thats crap) and the advanced ties were very very hard to kill with their shields and high agility.

Now I hope that I end up playing a Rebel player so I can unleash my elite pilot Empire attack on their candy asses!

#22 DavicusPrime



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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:47 AM

I figure it would be entirely possible to run three TIE-Adv fully decked out for 93-97pts, you'd have Vader, Maarek and a Storm Squadron, three missiles and two skills.  If you give one of the Named pilots Swarm Tactics, all three of them will probably be shooting early if not first.

If you go with Tempest Squadron Pilots you could run a 4 ship TIE-Adv list at 100pts.  Which is pretty much the same as the all rookie X-Wing list.

Point wise, you can match any of the X-Wing builds with TIE-Adv builds, 1-for-1.

It would be very interesting to test out either of the above.

It will be very fun mixing TIE-Adv with TIE-Int when they finally hit the shelves.


#23 Guest_Not In Sample_*

Guest_Not In Sample_*
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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:54 AM

Very True Davicus.  As I just posted, Vader and Maarek are a very good combo and when you consider the going rate for X wings these days, its not going to kill you points wise because then you can always squeeze in a Tie or 2 at cheaper prices… the rebel player can't. The rebels cheapest option is an 18 point Y wing with a "high School Pilot"… and Y wings are friggin boats…. they can take a beating before going down though, but then again they have crappy agility stat and so they will take that beating pretty fast.