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11th Hour RPG-Day Demo

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#81 Guest_Not In Sample_*

Guest_Not In Sample_*
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Posted 23 June 2012 - 05:30 AM

Adeptus-B said:

So, how do the people who have played the demo feel about using the Black Crusade RoF modifiers (+10 single shot, -10 full-auto) in this game (as opposed to the first three games' +10 semi-auto, +20 full-auto)? People seem to like those modifiers in BC because it encourages movement in combat and discourages standing in one place and firing full-auto for the whole encounter; but in a military game it seems to me that full-auto weapons fire would be a necessary asthetic element. How did it play out? Does it put heavy weapons specialists (armed with, say, a heavy stubber) at a disadvantage?

Full auto was always broken.

It was, however, kinda cool. So.

#82 ItsUncertainWho



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Posted 23 June 2012 - 05:42 AM

Kasatka said:

H.B.M.C. said:


I think it's because the full PDF has been revised as well.




Would you care to elaborate on that HBMC? I'm more curious as to why the Ogryn is printed twice at all if there is no difference between them, when in all previous sample games from FFG there are 4 characters in the adventure and then 2 extra characters for a total of 6. Only war has 7 printed characters with a duplicate.

The revised version of the Ogryn has different skills, if memory serves.

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Posted 23 June 2012 - 12:49 PM


The two PDF-Ogryns are the same because someone was intelligent enough to include the errata'ed version into the PDF of 11th Hour. Presumably, it's the hardcopy Ogryn that's different.


@Full Auto

As has been said, I definitely like the new Full Auto. Firstly, it's IMO a necessity to keep the PCs alive - consider this: An orc Big Shoota deals 2D10+5 damage (Pen0), with a fire rate of -/-/10. The orcs have a BS of 26. With the old rules, that means about a 36% chance every round to deal two or more hits, likely instant-killing a guardsman. Um… no, thank you?

Secondly, if you set up the attack just right, you can still have a devastating full-auto burst - just spend a full action aiming before doing so and do it at close range. I assume that in addition, the Officer specialization (assuming there is one) may be able to award bonuses like a Rogue Trader can.

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Posted 26 June 2012 - 02:21 AM

Cifer said:


The two PDF-Ogryns are the same because someone was intelligent enough to include the errata'ed version into the PDF of 11th Hour. Presumably, it's the hardcopy Ogryn that's different.

Thanks Cifer, that makes sense.

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Posted 26 June 2012 - 11:03 PM

Please explain the RoF and Pen statistics for weapons. I want to run the adventure but can´t find any explanations in the rules section of the adventure.

For example the Ripper Gun:

RoF: S/-/6


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Posted 27 June 2012 - 12:01 AM

RoF is how many shots a weapon fires in an attack action.

S/-/6 means it can fire in a single shot (the S), can't fire a semi-auto-burst (the - after the first forward slash), and fires 6 rounds in a full-auto burst (the last number.

S/-/- denotes a weapon only capable of firing in single shot mode, while -/-/10 would be a weapon only capable of firing in full-auto mode, firing 10 shots when it did so.

The shots fired determine the maximum number of possible hits in a burst fire attack, and the amount of ammunition used up with the attacks (single shot mode of course using 1 shot).

Pen is a negative modifier to the target's armour. If the target has 3 AP, a Pen 1 weapon will treat them as only having 2 AP. It doesn't subtract from the toughness bonus, so Pen in excess of armour, or against unarmoured targets, is ignored.

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Posted 27 June 2012 - 12:13 AM

Thanks for the good explanation!

For full-auto mode with -/-/10. Would I roll a skill check 10 times? And roll for damage 10 times?

I guess that in the complete rules, one can fire at different targets with full-auto mode?

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Posted 27 June 2012 - 02:51 AM

No, when you make a Full Auto attack, you roll the attack once. The amount of degrees of success you get is the amount of shots that land on the target. Don't forget any penalties/bonuses you are getting on the attack.

Once you know how many hits are landed, then yes, you do roll damage that many times. You don't add it up, and apply each shot as damage to the target.

Pen lowers the effective AP of the target. If I have a weapon with 1d10+3R pen 2, S/-/6, and I make a full auto attack, and get 4 DoSs, (and assuming my target fails to evade), I would roll 1d10+3 4 times. If the target had AP 4 on that location, he would effectively only have AP 2 + TB for reducing the damage I dealt.

If my target dodged, and had 2 DoSs vs. my 4, then only two shots would land (this is how dodging full auto works). My target would need a full 4 DoSs on dodge to avoid the attack.

Full auto can be used to hit nearby targets, and it would actually be part of that initial roll. Once again, the thing is, no, you don't make 10 attack rolls with a S/-/10 when firing full auto. Just up to 10 damage rolls (if you're lucky).

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Posted 27 June 2012 - 03:22 AM

Ok, I see. That is quite clever game design!

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 10:14 AM

Out of curiosity, how did everyone find 11th hour?  Looking at the stats of the Characters vs. the stat lines of the orks, the orks seem very tough, especially compared to the weapons that the players will be using (being imperial guard).  Some battles would have the characters outnumbered 2:1 by orks.  How were the players able to defeat the orks and make it to the end of the adventure?

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 11:54 AM

Orks are hard, but far from unkillable. It takes cunning players working as a team and using the environment to their advantage.

Knowing how to game the system helps as well in an actual campaign against Orks.

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