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I'm on the fence

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Posted 17 June 2012 - 08:29 AM

IronRavenstorm said:


Thanks for your opinions about the game, but it sounds too great.  Did anyone have any problems with rules or anything?  I think that I might get the game, but I still want to know the bad with the good.




The Good:


  • Plays quickly, and supports up to six. Great opener before a larger time investment (or supports multiple plays in one night). 
  • Rules are *really* simple. So long as you're the starting player, all you really need to explain beforehand are the first two phases (choose an card in secret, place it on the table and then revel that card in turn order). Room set-up, and the last two phases (NPC and the timer) can be explained in play. If your group has ever played a simultaneous role selection game before (like Race for the Galaxy) even this will be a snap. 
  • Decent amount of variety (stemming from both the randomly distributed rooms and items).
  • Can get tense towards the end if people allow for that (the timer really gets moving; you wouldn't believe how fast it gets to 99, especially with Officer Nelson, the NPC who raises the alarm levels every round, in play). 
  • It's one of a rare breed of games that allows players to "piggy back" off the anticipated actions of the other players. Many games offer direct conflict potential (and this does as well, through room interface actions and item cards), but it feels so much better to get a boon from guessing what your buddy is about to do (a boon which, incidentally, might hurt him -- e.g. your buddy breaks a tech lock and you steal the DFs out from under her nose, a play that might have wasted your turn if you had guessed her actions wrong). 
  • The theme, if that's your thing. Cyberpunk isn't a genre seen too often, these days. 

The Bad:

  • The DF token set-up (though they only need to be in a pile by the side of the table, they also need to be face down, which is the only fiddly part of the set-up). 

Humm.. That's the only objective "bad" I can think off. The rest of these complaints will be highly subjective (just a warning).


The Bad, according to me:

  • Not enough room tiles or item cards: With 32 room cards and 37 items, it's definitely adequate. However, since every player gets 4 items at the start, you can already guess that the novelty factor of seeing new items will go away quickly. After your third full table game, you'll have seen them all. On the plus side, this is FFG and expansions seem to make them happy, provided it strikes them as financially feasible. Also, it's arguable whether more items would either A) work (how many permutations of those item effects can you have?) or B) be worth diluting the items already present (no cards show up twice, to my knowledge). As to room tiles, 32 sounds like a lot until you realize they are broken into three groupings -- one of which contains only three cards. I'm a "more the merrier" kinda guy, and I'll be happy if an expansion every appears on the horizon.
  • Some cards and card effects are ambiguous. Errata will correct for this, but that'll be a few months away I imagine (see my Remote Drone thread).
  •  This game could have been deeper. It's screaming for variable player powers, but -- as it stands -- there is nothing that really differentiates the operatives from each other. Most here were probably hoping it would have been a meatier affair. As it stands, the game can be called shallow, but its a shallowness with interesting player interactions.
  • Only 5 NPCs in the box? (see first point).
  • Wounding is a necessary mechanic, but I'm not 100% sure it's implemented well. 
  • Doesn't play well with only 2 players playing 1 characters a piece. It can be played, but it felt like multiplayer solitare in my one attempt at it. Still fun, but I can see why this is one that gets better with a larger table ('course, this criticism depends on how much player on player friction you want at the table). 


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Posted 08 July 2012 - 04:51 AM

Thank you for clearing a lot of things up for me and anyone else who reads this. 

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Posted 24 July 2012 - 06:53 AM

My gaming group and I played this game for the first time this weekend.  It's ******* AWESOME!

The thing that really makes this game work is the way it randomly determines how much progress the cops make in closing in on the facility.  It adds a real sense of tension, making everyone wonder if they can get out with the goods before getting arrested.  I felt like I was participating in the movie "Family Business."  We all ended up getting arrested too - I was 1 space way from escaping when the 2 people before my turn rolled 6's to determine how fast the cops moved!

The game play is very easy to understand.  After taking a turn or 2 you will know everything you need to know.  It is also a relatively fast game, playing in under an hour - so it is a great game to pull out if you are waiting for that 1 person who is always late to your D&D game.



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Posted 02 August 2012 - 12:15 PM

 great game its worth the money and it changes every time i play.