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Couple of rules questions for DW

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#1 mariettabrit



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Posted 20 April 2012 - 03:20 AM

Hi folks! Had a couple of games, have some questions...

1.Trying to understand if units can attack in CC and with ranged in the same activation. The rules do indicate you can't attack the same unit with ranged AND C weapons, but they seem unclear as to whether I can attack unit A with C weapons and then split my ranged as normal between say units B and C.

I read the rules to indicate that you are allowed to only attack one unit with C weapons(ie can't split fire like you can with ranged), so in cases where there are more than 1 within range you would have to pick. However if you chose to fire ranged weapons too you could make normal target declerations as long as you don't try to shoot into the close combat you have going on too.

My opponent read the rules to indicate that if you initiate a close combat attack, you can't fire anything else in conjunction with the C attack even against other units.

2. If a vehicle has multiple reload weapons, for example steel rain...
do you track each weapons load / reload status seperately ? 
does firing the rockets and not the petard on 1 turn (causing a reload state) imply the petard can't shoot the following turn also until a reload is done?
if the weapons are tracked seperately for firing states, does that imply it takes 2 reloads if you fire them both ? or does 1 reload action take care of both weapons ?




#2 SGTManuel



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Posted 20 April 2012 - 04:05 AM

 1. On page 57 under Close Combat Weapons 

The Unit may only use Close Combat weapons with other Close Combat weapons.  Weapons with a range other than C cannot be used during the attack.

2. As for the reload weapons on pg 58 it not to clear, it has weapons in the discription and states they can't be used until the out of ammo marker is removed, but each is a separate weapon itself.  I would come up with a agreement with your play group until its clarified, it hadn't come up within ours but I would go for a separate marker for each weapon, but can see how someone would say it reflects both because of current wording.

hope that helps with the first one at least.

#3 Clutch



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Posted 20 April 2012 - 04:16 AM

If we go by the sometimes dreaded "Rules as Written" statement on #2:

The rules for Reload Weapons on pg 58 say that the unit gains the "Out of Ammo" marker, not the weapon. They then have to take an action to reload, it doesn't matter what weapon it is, fire one and you have to reload before you fire either one.