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Worst unit?

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 03:54 AM

Lots of great Hero/Squad combos in this post, love it!

For me the Recon Boys have not done so much in my games…same with the BBQ Squad+Chef…

Sure I consider myself a poor player (don't play enough to have a good idea of whats good vs whats bad) so some choices I make are clearly not in my best interest lol.

On the Axis side, Loth is not that good of a Walker…rarely get close enough to serve it's purpose.

Have yet to play the SSU but I got all I need to play them, simply need to paint the troop chopper and the Sniper/Observer squad.  My last SSU purchase was the Karl Marx…101 points of uberness! Can't wait to field this beast! Looking forward to try Winter Child too, damn this unit is packed with serious power!

Now…how to field a 450 pts army on a 3x4 tile map lol…

And that Babushka is looking sweet…maybe i'll add it to my SSU too…damn you Dust!