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Having Other Warhammer Games Influence DW Adventures - Your Thoughts?

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#1 BurningSky93



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Posted 06 January 2012 - 09:24 AM

My GM and I recently had an idea - have games of Battlefleet Gothic influence certain aspects of adventures we play. For example, if we play a game were imperials attack an enemy planet, then how successful the imperial fleet is in the orbital battle determines the amount of allied forces supporting the kill team, the amount of reinforcements the enemy has available, the amount of air/ship support both sides have etc.

Obviously the "opposing" fleet would have to be played by someone impartial or opposed to the KT's cause (such as someone who isn't part of the group) so they don't purposefully play badly to improve the KT's chances, and certain aspects of the BFG game effects on the adventure would have to be carefully considered, but does this seem like a good idea to all of you experienced GMs out there? Has anyone tried this or something similar (say with a TT game of WH 40k or Epic 40K)?

#2 dracopticon



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Posted 08 January 2012 - 11:29 PM

I don't know if this answers your question, but I'm planning on using the Space Hulk boardgame and its components for the next (short) in-between-proper-adventure assignment that's gonna pop up in the KT's faces when they're returning to Erioch. The Emperor Protects SPOILERS:


The KT are confronted with a request from their immediate superiors on Erioch, when asked to hunt down a newly escaped group of Tyranids from the research levels on the Watch Fortress. The escaped Tyranids are not any big ones, but "only" some hormagaunts led by a few genestealers. I have instituted an ammo-shortage from happenings before, so this small situation should be challenging in close quarters fighting.

#3 Dar Sel'La

Dar Sel'La


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Posted 03 April 2013 - 06:41 AM

I have tried this in other systems, but getting everything working properly can be a rather lagre pain in the a@@. I do like the idea, however, and I would reccomend that you run the opfor in BFG, though not ever having played that, I dont know how realistic that would be. It would garuntee that the opposition was played to the utmost, however.


#4 Togath



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Posted 05 April 2013 - 07:09 PM

My group and I have had a long-standing series of campaigns for years now in which each of our ccampaigns influenced and succeeded one another. Our first campaign was a Rogue Trader campaign that involved establishing a powerful Rogue Trader family in a position of enormous influence throughout the Calixis Sector and the Koronus Expanse. Over the course of that long campaign my group established power bases, allies, areas of influence, fleets of ships etc. and disocvered more than a few planets. The PCs also married into noble families in the Calixis Sector in several cases. Actions by the end of this campaign were exceedingly far reaching, including the introduction of a Space Marine chapter into the Expanse when the RT PCs gave them a planetary system for recruiting to replace their own lost recruiting worlds and swore binding oaths of protection and cooperation in the service of the Imperium. Big picture stuff, my plaers planned and intitated a lot of it, they loved it.

The second campaign was a Dark Heresy campaign which went through Ascension. This arc occurred decades later and the now esconced PCs from the previous campaign and their allies and assets were major NPCs and features of this campaign. One of the RT character's had a plant in the acolyte cell and would eventually sponsor anotherof the acolytes to become an inquisitor. Another of the RT characters basically fell to Chaos by the end of the previous campaign and was a powerful antagonist throughout the entire campaign, attempting to kill the PCs from time to time but mostly leaving a path of destruction in his wake that sometimes intersected the PCs and sometimes happened in the background. Another RT charater was visited in the system he ruled as a vertible king and a fourth made a cameo joining the party for part of an arc before callously making off with loot, vastly complicating objectives. Eventually the acolytes/throne agents ended up picking sides in an Inquisitor War in which the RT characters were on opposite sides and which dramatically reshaped the political landscape of both regions. I also arranged for the PCs to uncover through an extended and primary arc the existence of a mysterious warpgate on the edge of the Calixis Sector. 

The third campaign which is still ongoing and is about to hit rank 8 is a Deathwatch campaign in which the PC kill team has interacted frequently with RT characters who are significant sponsors/contributors to the campaign and the aftermath of thsoe characters' political machinations had dramatically impacted the sorts of forces the Kill team fights along side or against. The Inquisitor of the Chamber at Watch Fortress Erioch is the Inquisitor PC from the previous campaign, sent to the Jericho Reach in part as a means of effective exile since the end of the Inquisiton War from the previous campaign. Crusade forces in particular feature a number of SMs from the chapter brought to the Expanse in the first campaign and one member of the KT is from this chapter. KT missions have regularly been ordered on the behest of the PCs from the second campaign or even as a result of the PCs from the RT campaign manipulating events as they prosecute the Crusade. Servants of the RTs have come in to pick up (loot) the pieces in the wake of KT missions more than once and some of the threats and plot arcs from the second campaign have continued into this one, providing more continuity and allowing interesting cameos and politcal plays that would have been much less rich in a normal DW campaign where the majro NPC players were largely unknown and their motivations and identities would have to be built up from scratch. 

I realize this is not exactly what you meant by your question, but I felt like it was definitely an example of my DW game being influences by other 40k games, and I would recommend the concept even just on a small level as I have had a blast with it and so have the players. 

#5 Drakedude



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Posted 14 May 2013 - 06:10 AM

Another notch for me, messers. The difference being, I'm having other players and Gm's do it ;). I've convinced an order of  the stick GM running a game to use a system and possibly setting i generated for his rogue trader game, and depending on what happens, my real life Deathwatch group will be sent into a mighty mess >:). If i can, i want to have every game system make the rounds for use in my campaign, hell, maybe in the same system >:). The dilemma facing me, however, is statting out the buggers for deathwatch. I'm looking dawn an Ordo Xeno, Hereticus, Death Cultists assasins, black crusade and ******* weirdboy (from only war and rogue trader) shaped gun at the moment. I'd appreciate help making any and all of the above.

I think this thread is an Excellect idea, to be honest. I thought that perhaps having a thread or what have you were the deathwatch can actually be composed of a thousand members from various games, some dying and being replaced, others going onto glory, others falling, others? Looks fun, and much else. I think it would even be possible to wrangle some unified lore in there. Having outreach programs for the other settings could be good too.

#6 Spazmunke



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Posted 20 June 2013 - 01:11 PM

One game that explained to me by a friend was to have an acolyte cell infiltrate a planet and set a homing beacon in some remote part of a planet.

Pause and switch to next game: A Rogue Trader ship has to get past a planetary blockade and drop of its cargo, once the cargo is away:

Pause and switch to next game: The "cargo" the RT dropped off was a Death Watch Kill team

#7 ranoncles



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Posted 25 August 2013 - 08:02 AM

While a nice idea, it usually ends badly.


If you really want to do down this route, only allow strategic influence....for example, if you want to use BFG, have a space battle decide who rules the system/sector. That way, you still have sufficient wiggle room as GM. If the Imperials lost, they can still use fast ships to penetrate enemy space and land a kill team. And if the Imperials win, the enemy can still use raiders to provide opposition. This way, your actual adventure won't grind to a standstill because their ship was (accidently) destroyed or their fleet driven off in the battle which was not supposed to go this way but encountered the daemon Murphy.


In your example you mention a BFG battle to determine the support levels for your kill team. What if the Imperial fleet is totally destroyed in a fluke series of bad die rolls? Will the kill team still be able to land? Will they even continue the mission? And what about extraction?


Simply put, too many things go wrong when you allow outside events beyond your control to influence an adventure. Unless you are sandboxing the entire campaign, it derails the expected outcome.