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Few problematic questions

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#1 McMaron



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Posted 26 August 2011 - 09:22 AM

 I am sorry if some of my questions were already posted but I couldn´t find them by search so here they are:


1. How does leg enhancement work along with Zeratul? Situation: 2 zealots and zeratul attack marine and siege tank. One way to understanda that is that both marine and siege are destroyed (one for leg en. siege by zeratul). But another way to put it is that the terran player chooses to destroy marine by Zeratuls ability and therefore leg enhancement isn´t sufficient to destroy siege tank. Which one is correct?

2. Can I build an archon and high templars that were sacrificed in order to merge that Archon in a single build order? Again one way to see that is that they are not available when all 3 templars are in game but another way is to merge firts so they become available and then build them in the same build order.

3.Can I use recall even when my enemy reveals a mobilize order or does it count only for my mobilizations?

4.This one will be probably stupid but I couldn´t find the answer. Does a cloaked unit that withdraws trigger "splash damage"?

5. Just to be sure when playing reinforcemet cards does the attackers reinforcement card resolve first? It is important when for example both assist units play a card with "cancel". So which one is canceled? I suppose that defenders but I am not sure

6.When I Mind control a unit I suppose it must survive the skirmish. Correct? That isn´t very good when opponent knows I have Mind control he simply puts a minor value defense card like 1 or 2 so that unit dies and I can´t mind control it which makes Mind control rather useless I think



#2 cyb3k



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Posted 27 August 2011 - 06:52 AM

1. Only one ability with phrase "at the start of the battle" may be used, so that only one unit can be killed in this way during each battle.

2. You can't do that, because tech-required units can be build only if required units already exist, before Build order is even revealed.

3. I guess that only during execution of your Mobilize (unless card states otherwise - I can't remember exact text on it).

4. Yes - that is explained in one of last pages of rulesbook.

5. In any case when some card could "overpower" the opponent's card, the attacker has the priority.

6. Correct. Mind Control is rarely worth of effort.

#3 pop2k3



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Posted 14 May 2012 - 11:25 PM

4. This one will be probably stupid but I couldn´t find the answer. Does a cloaked unit that withdraws trigger "splash damage"?

GM: if your cloaking unit not be detected and it`s the front line unit, withdraws it once your opponent unit attack value equl or higher than your defence. but if your cloaking unit in the support line, it will may kill by "splash damage".