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The direction that WI taking...

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#1 Runenstahl



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Posted 01 August 2011 - 09:10 AM

Hi all,

first of all, I really LOVE this game. As of late however, I'm beginning to be a bit worried. When it first came out, each fraction had (basically) one style to play: Orcs went rushing, Empire moved everything around, the Darkelves reduce hit points and kill or enslaved creatures etc.

I really hoped that sooner or later it would be possible to build several decks for the same fraction with completely different ways to play... which has happened (even if not as diverse as I would have hoped).

My problem however is that nowadays it seems that the ONLY effective way to play, is to build a control-deck that plays much developments and destroys enemy's buildings / creatures (or returns them to the hand). Empire (with with help from dwarfs and elves) seems to dominate this very effective style of play. Sadly this style doesn't really lead to an interesting game. Often the game will be decided in the first few rounds (if I can build up my kingdom / quest area and keep my opponent from doing so, I'm getting a BIG advantage). Also there seems to be no way to play this game without using developments. Each and every card get's bonis from developments and enemy get BIG disadvantages if they don't develop.

I would like this to change in the future. There should be cards to protect your buildings and there should be WAY more cards that get better if the enemy has lot's of developments (there are few now, but they are not enough) and WAY more (and more powerful) cards that get big bonis if you have no developments. The older cards (not sure about the names... some squig thingy buildings and the wyvern-rider) are not bad, but you don't stand a chance without developments anymore, since way too many cards for every fraction tear you apart if you don't use them.

PS: No, I'm not complaining because my deck get's beaten a lot. In fact I play a very succesful Empire control myself... but it's shocking that new cards just add strength to my deck and NOT to those of my enemys. I'm more concerned that sooner or later every deck will look much the same and every playing style will be much the same. And thats something we wouldn't like and could very well be the death of this wonderful game.

#2 loken14



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Posted 01 August 2011 - 10:12 AM

 thenno joke ur gonna h8 the capital cycle cause thats exactly wat its adding is more bonuses for developements

#3 Nospmas



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Posted 30 August 2011 - 01:48 PM

 Would be really cool if they came out of "trap" style developments that for example:

Chaos - If this card is played as a development and an opponent destroys this card then he most corrupt all units in opponents battlefield.

Empire - same as above but you can move all your units to the battlefield.

High Elf - Opponent takes 5 damage to battlefield zone - remaining damage spills over to battlefield capital.


Just ideas - I know they aren't balanced - but it still allows you the advantage of getting an upperhand in your resources as time goes on - but does give people a small counter to tatics that strongly implore a destory support/development style of play. 

#4 BBSB12



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Posted 09 November 2011 - 06:49 PM

I agree with Runenstahl that the cards FFG releases add more and more effective power to control decks (and as Empire is the best control faction, it becomes more and more strong.) E.g., I personally, like HEs as a faction, but it is so frustrating to play it, since the only factions my opponent likes are Empire Control, Chaos Kairos and Orc Rush. And it just moves me in direction of giving up a game.=)