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A question about card playing order

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#1 Meta Baston

Meta Baston


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Posted 02 June 2011 - 01:57 AM

Hi all,

We played our second game yesterday: scen. 5, Garcia Henandez. It didn't look that captivating and we thought it would be a good one to improve our knowledge of the rules. Well, we became captivated very fast and we didn't know who would win till the last die roll! Good scenario to manoeuver and charge!

We were confronted to a small problem though and we could not find any answer in the rules or the (unofficial) faqs: if both players want to play a card during the same phase or segment, who goes first? Active player or passive? Higher die roll? We played higher die roll. But I wonder if we missed the information somewhere.



#2 Olivier Rosseeuw

Olivier Rosseeuw


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Posted 03 June 2011 - 06:53 PM

You're right, nothing in the rules about it.


The attacker should play his card first. The rules mention : Action and Reaction. For me, Action first and Reaction second, which seems to be logical.


That's the way we played it.



#3 Meta Baston

Meta Baston


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Posted 10 June 2011 - 03:28 AM

Nice: we had an answer from Mr Di Meglio. (Talk about a good after sale service!  )

Our problem was which card applies first in a charge/mêlee between cacalry: "recall" on the active side or "counterattack" on the passive?


"The current version of the rules does not include a specific action/reaction sequencing except as indicated by the card wording. It is possible that we will include such a rule in a revised edition in the future.

In the specific example you mention, "counterattack" would be done first (the only possibility of this happening would be in a cavalry vs. cavalry melee), then the attacker would be re-called."

#4 gioSistino



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Posted 02 August 2011 - 11:58 PM

The event card are played before the reaction and the term "immediately" gives priority to a card.
i.e.the "Fire Reaction" (you may immediately fire ...) is calculated against the formation, or orientation, that the enemy unit had before to complete his move.


Another example: you can play "My horse!" (reaction card), only after the attacker has announced his intention to use the leader in a melee attack.
In this case the attacker announce the assault, the leader presence and, eventually, play his event card (for example "the Bravest of the brave").
After him the defender can play his reaction.

The leader's horse is dead and the "bravest of the brave" rolls on ground, alive but without glory.
No bonus for the leader (and the card) during the melee but no die roll to check if the leaders is dead (as wrote in the event card).