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Faction Ratios in Enemy Cycle

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#1 blizZAP



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Posted 05 January 2011 - 06:21 PM

Hi! I'm blizZAP, and I'm new to the entire Warhammer franchise. I received my Warhammer: Invasion Core Set two weeks ago today, followed by Assault on Ulthuan one week ago today. Anyway, I already know which Battle Packs I'd like to collect first, the Enemy Cycle (I'd like to try out the Skaven, but I'll wait and see if they update the Corruption Cycle Battle Packs to the now-standard three of each card). One thing bugs me though, and that is the number of cards for each faction. I recently used a WH:I card database which was incomplete, and so it had varying numbers of individual cards for each separate faction. The thing I'd like to know is if each faction has the same number of cards in the Corruption Cycle or if it varies by faction (I'd rather the former than the latter, since I like to keep my things evenly-matched). Have a great day, everybody! 

#2 wraith428



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Posted 19 January 2011 - 06:25 AM

I don't have exact numbers but I'm going to guess that if not perfect... its pretty close to even.


Now individual battle packs are a different story.  It felt like individual battle packs focused on specific traditional rivalries so one of the battle pack might have had 4 card each for Dwarves and Orces but only 2 for the other races and some neutrals.  Over the course of the cycle this evened out so I'd guess that by the end of the cycle the races are within 2 cards of each other.  But this is a gut feeling not researched fact.  Every race definitely gets something cool.

Have fun!