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Aldershot Prerelease Report

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Posted 08 December 2009 - 11:26 PM

Well, I know people haven't been posting reports on here for a little while, so I thought I'd post one up on here for the pre-release at the weekend :)

First of all, this set is the SEX. Power curve has risen a bit, which I felt was needed, we have slightly less monotonous characters (apart from maybe Mitsurugi, but he's simple and does it exceptionally well, more on that in a bit) and a mass of really well thought out support. There were 8 players present for this tournament, who were myself, Dan, Ricky, Alex, Glen, Ray, Craig and Nick (the first 4 of which being from Colchester) Ricky manages to pull a god pack from his Quest For Souls boosters and we all end up with at least one character, so no Uni Fighters for us!

I myself pulled Mitsurugi, along with a very generous helping from my boosters, including 4 Needs a Challenge, 2 Mist Stance, 3 The Strength Within, 2 Playful and 14 High attacks all of which matched Mitsurugi's symbols.

My first round was against Ricky, who had pulled Dhalsim from his Warrior's Dream packs.

Round 1 vs. Dhalsim - 2-0 Win

Ricky pulled out Impossible Contortion on me, which provided something of a problem, considering Mitsurugi's focus on damage pumps. He also threw out really rather big throws like Hip Buster and Flooded Nile Throw with Big Dreams boosts that very nearly killed me on both games! However, Mitsurugi's big strings of 7+ damage attacks proved to be a real pain for him in return...

My second round was against Glen, who had pulled Xianghua....

Round 2 vs. Xianghua - 2-0 Win

NOOO! I had to play against my baby! I didn't want to bash Xianghua! She's the character I wanted in the first place! *sigh*. Anyway, I was on the brink of death due to Xianghua's very fast setup and fast attacks, such as Seal and Tiao Wu Kick. Although her 18 health got the better of her once Mist Stance hit the table...

My final round was against Alex, who had pulled other characters but decided to stick with his promo Yun-Seong

Round 3 vs. Yunseong - 2-0 Win

Somehow I always end up playing my better half during UFS tournaments for some reason... I'd seen what Yun-Seong had done in the previous rounds, and getting double time out of your foundations is always something to be feared.  I however found out very quickly that Yun-Seong struggles without momentum, and in a prerelease format, the only way to really gain it is to attack, so I played very reservedly and left blocks n my hand for every zone, knowing that he'd play Needs A Challenge (which is nowhere near as broken as you might think) and left all the attacks in my hand for a final kill turn.

And thats how it all went. Honestly, my views on the set are really very positive, and I hope evrybody else appreciates it the same way I do. I can say that Yoshimitsu isn't as broken as he looks, but Mitsurugi is exceptionally dangerous if played in the right hands. The prerelease format wasn't partcicularly kind to Taki or Amy, so I can't really comment on how they are, although having played Dan's recently built Amy deck,  she's bloody irritating so sy the least!

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Posted 09 December 2009 - 05:14 AM

It was getting up early for the tournament, we had a bit of a rush in the morning but we made it to the train station in time were we met ricky, once we got our tickets we went to the stations cafe where we waited for the train.. Once we got on the train it was a pretty long journey to stratford what with the weather and a few waits at a few points but we were still really early which was cool, when we got to stratford we proceeded to our next train which was taking to Waterloo station during this train we all suddenly felt really tired, but soon after we recovered we arrived at Waterloo, we then got a bite to eat then we got on the train to Aldershot..

Once we arrived at Aldershot, we were still a good 40mins early so we made our way to the shop we there were 3 others also attending the pre release. Once we had said our hellos Alex called Joe and then soon after Alex arrived then shortly after that Craig arrived then was then 8 players for the pre release..

Once we had all opened our packs we all made our decks, I decided to with Elena (Warriors Dream) using any Mitsurugi and Temujin support I could use aswell as Amys support..

Round 1 Craig

Game 1

Get a good start and wear him down with mitsurugi attacks

Game 2

Craig gets a better start this time and throws more and more attacks at me but I eventually fight back and take the match

Round 2 Alex

Game 1

Alex has always liked yun seung, so it was good to see him happy. He threw attack after attack at me until i cud block no more.

Game 2

I get a few early hits in and then he fights back but then I deliver the crushing blow.

Game 3

We both get a good start and he drains his hand, with him on 16 and me with 3 attacks in hand I was hoping for victory although on the final attack I needed to see a 4cc but I checked a 3cc. Even though I may have lost the match it was a great one none the less.

Round 3 ??

Game 1

He was playing xianghua, so I went for Aggro as quick as I could luckily I hit him with a mid 7 for 11 dmg turn 2 soon after another mid for 11 for game.

Game 2

He gets a better start were I keep drawing attacks he keeps drawing foundations allowing him to get a defence out so I couldn't touch him.

Game 3

Very similar to game 2 but I get a few good hits in early but not enough to kill, he then throws 4 attacks at me in one turn, not much I can do about that.

After the pre release had finished we all bough the last of the boosters, and then Me, Joe, Ricky and Alex began working on our new decks.

Alex - Yun Seung Joe - Xianghua Ricky - Mitsurugi and Me - Amy

After testing Amy yesterday against Xianghua and Mitsurugi I can safely say that she is AMAZING.


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Posted 10 December 2009 - 01:31 AM

I'm not going to post up a report, partly because most of it is already on here and partly because I didn't write anything down so it's all just a blur now anyway. Suffice to say I went in really wanting to build Taki, and now I can't NOT build Yun-Seong. He's just too good.

If anything got me back in the mood for UFS it's this prerelease...