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Posted 16 August 2009 - 04:22 AM

 I don't see how FFG could have kept everybody happy here.

SoE was already in the works at BI, if I recall, so it was logical to get it out.

Career compendium maybe had some writing done already also, who knows ? With corresponding expenses pending.

So in order not to lose money, they had to publish CC also.

Now when they started planning v3, they could have disclosed the project, but then they would have been swamped with fanmail wanting more info.

And FFG isn't a very large company. So if you want your head clear, you better not disclose at all. Unless you have some money to hire somebody to take care of the fans.

Personally, I would have liked a preview, a designer interview, something ! Just so we'd know something is in the works when no new products were announced for v2 for so long. But that's disclosing.

Also, as a company, I guess FFG wanted to make sure the new approach to RPG rules (ie the dice) would be novelty and unique at GenCon. So better keep your mouth shut until then. Now that GenCon is past and that the disclosure is done, we may expect more info from FFG.

This said, FFG are not too intense on web based marketing, I think. They have all these mini-sites that are really just store windows, and the blog and news that do provide some info, but spread these over so many games, that doesn't make the flow for any one game very intense. Lastly, they rarely come on the forums at all.

I say that is good management. Posting and responding to customers up close can be a real time waster. The FFG website knows what it is first and foremost, a store. It's not there to cater for a "community". I respect that. The community has to cater for itself and the WFRP community is a vibrant one.

I don't understand why people get angry against FFG because in the end, I think they took sound business decisions and if they wrote a great game, that's what we expect of a games company. That's the most important aspect. And we cannot discuss yet, because we know nothing of the true nature of WFRP v3.

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