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"Published under license from Skotos Tech"

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#1 Maxime



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Posted 28 November 2008 - 04:20 AM

Uhm, just noticed that (see topic title) on the back of my new DH board... just how is Skotos involved? There is no mention of the company anywhere else, except for their ad of course. I know that they have the Lovecraft Country text-based RPG, but still it doesn't make much sense.

#2 Thelric



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Posted 28 November 2008 - 01:38 PM

Companies rarely discuss the details of their licensing arrangements with the public, but a scenario like the following is reasonable: Skotos got a license from Chaosium (publisher of Call of Cthulhu, the role-playing game that AH is based on) to produce certain categories of games based on the CoC product line. This license is the basis of Skotos's online game. The categories presumably also cover AH, and so when FFG wanted to publish a new edition of AH (the first edition was published by Chaosium in the late 80's), they needed a sublicense from Skotos.