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Wanted: Tattered Fates Red Cages Encounters

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#41 Gregorius21778



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Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:42 PM

[Cries in the Dark][Vault Level]
A wide corridor of bare concrete, illuminated by harsh, focus lamps creating isles of brightness in the dark. The air reeks of piss, blood and the stink of beasts. The left wall features some hooks and raks holding implements one would use to goat a beast, among them Grox-Whips, shock-poles, lashes and similar items. Along the right walls the PC will find numerous large openings, all of them shot by doors made of large iron bars featuring heavy locks. There must be more than a dozen of these cells, all of them are dark. From the third the PC bass, a low and rumbling sound will emerge as the PC pass the cell door. It is clearly the sound of a beast somewhere in the back of the cell, beyond the lights reach and hidden in the dark.


Allow the PC to pass with not much interference. Then, as they are about to reach the end of the corridor, they hear the sound of somebody sobbing. It is clearly a human sound and it comes from one of the last cells in the row. The sobbing mixes with moaning and wailing. Ask the PC for a hearing based Perception/Awareness test (+20). Take a note of their success. Tell them that it sounds like somebody utterly broken and in despair. If they have some levels success, tell them that it sounds like a woman and that they are very sure that this IS a human sound.

If they approach the cell door, they will get no reaction but the wailing and crying. Ask for difficult(-10) sight based Perception tests to see a thing.

The PC are in an area the Beasthouse uses to store some beasts for a nearby arena. The door they are in front of contains a Duskstalker. If they pass the vision based test, the PC will recognize that there is movement in the dark of the cell…and as they want to open it they will recognize that the thing moving there is to large for a human (and are thereby likely to leave it alone). If the hearing based perception test was passed with three levels of success, the PC will notice that the wailing and crying repeats itself, the same sounds and the same pauses (which is although likely to keep them from opening the door). Last but not least, an ordinary(+10) Logic test will give the PC some doubt in regard to a HUMAN being kept this area…

All in all…if the “revelation” of the successful tests are delayed, it should make for a memorable scene. The devices found against the wall might be used as clumsy arms (until the PC find something better)

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 03:56 AM

This thread is officially awesome.  I am planning to use a bunch of these tonight but I can see there are more in Gregorius' docuements… documents that are no longer up on Rapidshare or the dropbox links…

If they are still out there I would love to see them and possibly add a couple of my own…

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Posted 31 August 2013 - 03:02 AM

bump bump, does anyone have the original encounter documents? i could really use them for my up comming go at running Tattered Fates.

#44 Darth Smeg

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 06:36 AM

I have them locally, but I have no idea what happened to content on the old Darkreign.com site. I guess Gregorius will have to re-publish them somewhere. 

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 07:23 AM

we moved to www.darkreign.org, and I had to upload things manually. Totally seems I missed this one - I figured it out after seeing this thread!




this was the original content posted in 2011 by Gregarius. 

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