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WFRP 3rd Edition is Dead, Long Live WFRP

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#1 UniversalHead



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Posted 30 August 2014 - 12:32 AM

WFRP players may enjoy this article (and the accompanying reference material); my tribute to the history of WFRP and experiences with all three editions:



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#2 Yepesnopes



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Posted 30 August 2014 - 01:52 AM

It is a nice reading. Your experience is very familiar to me. My group and I went though a very similar path.




The Book of the Asur - High Elf fan supplement

The Dark Side - Witches, Warlocks, Dark Magic and more

Secrets of the Anvil - Advanced Dwarf careers and runes

Dice statistics calculator for SW EotE

#3 Eradico Pravus

Eradico Pravus


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Posted 30 August 2014 - 07:43 AM

Great resources as always and I really enjoyed your WFRP reminiscence. Thanks so much for your efforts!

#4 valvorik



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Posted 30 August 2014 - 12:40 PM

Great resources to use, thanks for creating and posting.


For Morrslieb card, I have created a deck of different and varying strength Morrsliebs to use in my own game (the one from Edge of Night being one of harsher ones).


Personally, and for my group, we have never found the WFRP3 system hard to get hang of except for the party sheet being "off" (nice idea badly executed, oft forgotten).  The real need all editions, particularly the "fluff compatible" 2nd and 3rd, have being more source material on various parts of / aspects of world being very true.