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6 players

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#1 Banemus



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 01:45 AM

alright guys, I found a group consisting of 1 gm ( me ) and 6 players.


Is warhammer 3th edition a good game to do with 6? Or might another rpg be better for this.


I have only done the demo a few times and the turn order is quite slow but this is mainly because no one knows the rules! I think it would speed up a lot if people understand the rules better and can easily make there dicepools. But still, 6 players, doable or not?

#2 JA_42



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 02:03 AM

Since beginning, I play (as a GM) with 4-6 players...

our firsts sessions was... bit long, but now, it's totally perfect... just think about a point, adventures are write for 3 players, so I adjust some details (as number of opponents).

#3 Ralzar



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 05:30 AM

WFRP might be too fiddely for 6 players. But then, I think 6 players are too many no matter the RPG.

#4 Banemus



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 05:35 AM

I do plan on not using the character/enemies standups. So the fiddly part drops a bit.

#5 thePREdiger



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 05:55 AM

I usually run with 6 players.


In combat situations I encourage them to ready their dice pools in advance and, if possible, call for their actions simultaneously when they are engaging different targets.

Helps to reduce downtimes withing the combat loop.


(tho it gets harder on higher lvls since the number of dices available is limited)

#6 neilgfoster



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 07:38 AM

If you have a limited number of dice, I wrote a dice roller that works on most smartphones/tablets:



WFRP3E Ruleset for Fantasy Grounds 2: http://www.theforbid...oleplay-v3.html

WFRP3E Google Hangout Dice Roller: http://www.theforbid...oleplay-v3.html

WFRP3E Character Sheet: http://www.theforbid...oleplay-v3.html


#7 GMmL



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 09:10 AM

4 is my sweet spot. With that said, and against my better judgement, I just added a 5th to my current group. I've just barely got the bits for it, but I think it'll work fine.

#8 k7e9



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 09:56 AM

6 can work well, I've GMd with 6 players for WFRP and it worked allright.

When everyone knows the rules the turns will go faster.


In combat I found that using a fixed intiative order is better for large groups. It takes a while for 6 players to agree on who gets the next turn and it's harder to prepare dice pools when you might be first, last or anywhere in between during the turn.


As with any RPG 6 players can mean a lot of "downtime" for the players, while waiting for the others. But that's an issue that all large RPG-groups deal with, regardless of gaming system.

#9 thejondifool



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Posted 29 August 2014 - 11:38 AM

I think the key with a large number of players is to engage the other players in the diceroll. I normally reward the really funny, crazy or consequent or even good roleplaying interpretations of boons, banes, chaos stars and sigmar comets with fortune dices. Often I ask the group to interpretate an unusual diceroll. When the players get the hang of it, their creativity add to the story unfolding in a way I as a GM hardly can match on my own, and it frees my to focus  on running the adventure in the larger scale.

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