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Knight Class Ship

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#1 Sliprunner



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Posted 23 July 2014 - 07:21 PM

So taking an attempt to make a vessel of my own, as I couldn't find one in Age of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire that fit what I wanted. Though I have a feeling this might be a tad bit out of whack power wise.




Length: 200 Meters / Width:53.75 Meters / Height:53.8 Meters (Including wings, 22 meters without)

Hull Type/Class: Frigate / Knight

Manufacturer: Rendili StarDrive

Silhouette 5 / Speed 2 / Handling -2

Defenses:  2 fore,  1 Port/Starboard/Aft / Armor 5

Trauma Threshold, 50. / Strain Threshold, 20

Hull Type: Frigate

Hyperdrive: Primary, Class 2. Backup, Class 12

Navicomputer: yes

Sensor Range: Medium

Ship Complement: one Pilot, one Copilot, one Astronavigator, Four Engineers, One Comm/Sensors operator, 12 Gunners. 20-30 Deck hands, 2-4 Officers (42-54 total crew)

Encumbrance Capacity: 600

Passenger Capacity: 8

Consumables: Six Months

Price: Normally not for sale, (3,500,000 Credits/7)

Customization Hard points: 3


8x Pulsed Light Turbolasers. (Damage 9, Crit 3, Range Medium, Breach 2)

2 Front/Port, Fire Arc (Front, Portt)/2 Front/Starboard, Fire Arc (Front, Starboard)

2 Aft/Port, Fire Arc (Port, Aft)/2 Aft/Starboard, Fire Arc (Starboard, Aft)


4x Twin Heavy Lasers. (Damage 6, Crit 3, Range Medium, Linked 1)

2 Dorsal/Ventral, Fire Arc (All)


Pulse Turbolasers

The Knight class mounts Turbolasers modified for rapid pulse firing; the result of this allows the Turbolaser batteries to noticeably rate of fire at the cost of reduced power. The weapon system lacks the same punch normally found from a "Linked" Turbolaser battery, the system is temperamental and prone to overheat. 4 Threat or 1 Dispair may be spent to Overheat the weapon, rendering it disabled until end of encounter. Replacement of the Turbolasers looses this trait, however pending GM word, it may be possible to arrange a deal with Rendili to enable the trait on new/replacement turbolasers.



The Knight class is a limited series vessel, Produced by Rendili StarDrive for an Empire weapons development compitition. In an effort to reduce costs and facilitate faster production, the Knight class incorporated a number of older systems already under mass production to reduce retooling required. While this had drawbacks for the ship, it was deemed an acceptable loss. When the compitition was canceled, Rendili, rather then simply discard the Knight class, continued to produce a small number of the vessels. In total 500 were produced and sold to private militaries. Currently Rendili is awaiting field reports to decide on if the line should be continued or not.


Edit: 7/25. Changed turbolaser arcs, realized all 8 could target frontal instead of just 4!

4 Port, Fire Arc (Front, Port, Aft)/4 Starboard, Fire Arc (Front, Starboard, Aft) was previous

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#2 Satchmo72



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Posted 23 July 2014 - 09:36 PM

Looks fun.  Couple of thoughts.  You need a backup hyperdrive for a ship this size.  I also think that the CR90 at 150 meters in length is at the large end of the spectrum for 5 silhouette. Would reducing the overall length degrade your concept any?

#3 Sliprunner



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Posted 23 July 2014 - 09:55 PM

I was going off the fact the Vigil class was 255 meters, and Silhoutte 5, While lancer was 250 meters and also Silhoutte 5, so I figured this would still fit within that. The only Silhoutte 6 ship I had for reference, was 300 meters. so I figured it fit as silhoutte 5. Reducing length wouldn't degrate concept though, the ship just might look a bit odd (Short and fat!)

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#4 korjik



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Posted 23 July 2014 - 09:59 PM

So it is approximately a Marauder without the fighters. I dont see any balance problems. I only have two nitpicks. First, the crew is way too small. Even a CR90 needs at least 30, and when you get up to the 200+ meter size the crew is likely to be upwards of 100 or more. Second, I would not make a blanket 'The Turbolasers may not be replaced.' If the players decide they want to replace them, make it a hard and expensive adventure to do so, dont just say no.

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#5 Satchmo72



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Posted 23 July 2014 - 10:07 PM

I believe that I was looking for something similar to what you are looking for.  I was not over joyed with the gunships offered in AoR.  Nor do I like the majority of the light freighters as they are to fragile.  I ran across this which is already established within the setting.  Not my work but I like it:



#6 RogueCorona



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Posted 23 July 2014 - 11:50 PM

Nice ship though I agree it needs a much larger crew for its size, more passenger and higher Encumbrance Capacity plus a backup hyperdrive.


I was kind of hoping for more sil 6 ships in AOR and didn't really have a problem with the sil 5s myself 

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#7 Sliprunner



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Posted 24 July 2014 - 07:53 AM

Alright, updated it with a larger crew, a few more passangers (not alot, this wasn't designed to carry passangers), more encumbrance and a backup hyperdrive. Changed the wording on the turbolasers that replacing them causes it to loose the trait, though saying GM's can allow something to happen to apply the modification to new turbolasers. Main reason I had it like that was because the trait came from the turbolasers, not the ship, though it was the combonation of the two that made it possible.

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