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"High Level Games"

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Posted 09 July 2014 - 10:40 PM

Hey everyone, I was planning on starting a new campaign geared for higher leveled PC's. What's a good starting point experience wise? How would you handle Infamy and Corruption? I'm going with the assumption that my group will probably play humans and traitor marines, so how would I go about giving the human players a little more of a fighting chance?

#2 Calgor Grim

Calgor Grim


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Posted 10 July 2014 - 01:50 AM

See I had this issue, I was trying to work out similar things myself. I would consider high level as anything around 8000+ XP. This can allow a truly massive amount of skills and talents gained by the player but not a lot to make them all powerful yet. That seems to be around the 15000 mark when you start running out of reasonable things to spend it on, although I did make a majorly high NPC with around 22,000xp and he bloody hurts!


I had to try and work out how much someone could have around that apotheosis/end game mark so I guessed players would gain roughly 4-7 corruption points for each 1000xp so again around that amount of experience they might have approximately 40 corruption points with a slower infamy gain of perhaps 3-5 for the same margin. This is going on the assumption that Infamy is slower to acquire than corruption meaning that they would also have another 24 points of infamy.


I applied gifts of the gods, exp and alignment costs as they leveled so again each 1000xp they spent through I added more corruption/infamy and continued spending the starting XP, gifts as aligned at the time,


So how to give your human players an edge, consider that human characters can get more gifts of the gods by corruption track which can give them significant augmentations. You may also want to consider giving the human some form of minion in the guise of an NPC ally or associate they have recruited. While the marine uses their brute force, the humans might have paid or acquired the use of a potent mercenary or bounty hunter to fight alongside them. You might also want to simply give the human players another XP headstart the same as how the core book starts it.


Do feel free to ignore any and all of this, it's just ramblings from a madman if it's not useful! :)

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 06:12 AM

The Infamy/Corruption is easy to know how to much give out, if you know how much XP they're getting. The guideline is +3 Infamy and +5 Corruption per 1000 additional XP.


So, now's the question how much XP you want them to start with?


If you want Advanced Archetypes to get starting XP too, you'd probably look at something like +7k XP. That means your basic archetypes get 500+7000=7500 (CSM) or 1000+7000=8000 (human) XP to play around with depending on race, and your advanced archetypes would get 7000-3600=3400 (CSM) or 7000-4600=2400 (human) XP. We're basically bringing up the AA's to the 7k additional XP mark, which gives the CSMs a bit more because the human AA's had more additional XP given to them. You may want to consider giving the human archetypes even more additional XP, if you feel like they need it to stay on an even footing with the CSM (though I personally don't think it's that needed, but I'm also an avid Psyker player, so I might be a little biased in the power department).


+7k XP would mean +21 Infamy and +35 Corruption.


As for the Corruption track, and alignment, a classic (as in used frequently on PBP forums) method is to check alignment at 1500 spent XP (simulating this is where you reach 10 Corruption), and then check it again at 3000, 4500, 6000, 7500 (would in most cases mean 4 corruption track passes, which kind of aligns with their starting corruption) etc. It's a little arbitrary, but it beats not being able to align at all until after you've spent all XP (meaning you had no chance to buy advances for true/opposed costs).


As for equipment, I'd probably give them +3 additional -10 aquisitions, as well as a -20 one. Maybe even a -30 one, if you're feeling really generous (and want them to be able to start with rare equipment)

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