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Moral Choices

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 12:38 AM

This thread is about different moral choices that might pop up and to see what some of you think about them. This is a choice/issue that has come up in the game im currently playing.


We attack a hidden pirate base looking for a bounty target. We have reports that he has hired several Mandalorians on and has attacked ships in the area. One of the ships that was attacked and destroyed was a transport ship with 30-ish people on board. We clear the base and capture 9 people and find blaster rifles and 5 suits of fake Mandalorian armor in the base. We ended the game before we could find the target or question the 9 captives we have in detail. 


The moral question that came up is the Mandalorian in our party is enraged that they are using fake armor in what appears to be an attempt to start a war or at least make Mandalorians look bad. There is one other ship of mercs that is away at the moment and we have found no evidence that these 9 were a part of the pirate activities and the transport ship attack. At first our Mandalorian PC wanted to just flat out kill them even though they were our prisoners then he wanted to turn them over to local Mandalorian police where he said they would be killed as pirates. The issue my character raised (my char is a ruthless ex-imperial intelligence agent/operator bounty hunter who really doesnt have issue killing people as long as its a job or they are trying to kill him) they are just mercs who were doing a job they were hired on to do and we have no proof they had a hand in any of the raids or the transports destruction.


So that being said i want to see what some of you would think. Do we kill them? Do we hand them over to the Mando's to be killed as pirates? Do we transport them to a different system to be tried? Do we just release them and tell them never to come back to this system again or try to do anything like this or we hunt them down and kill them?

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 06:13 AM

A question like that is very difficult to our personal moral compasses may night align well with any of your party. There might be more to these 9 captives than what you think, you could try prodding them to see if you can turn this impasse into opportunity.


Beyond that, any other answer is based entirely on out-of-game feelings.

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