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Power fist questions

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#1 Jeriko



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Posted 29 June 2014 - 09:44 PM

Now It would be pretty rare for an acolyte to actually get one of these, iv personally never seen it, but in the rare case of it happening, I have a few questions regarding it.


1.Could you attach pistols to it. Marneus calgar has bolt guns on his, and im not talking that powerful. I was thinking more along the lines of using forearm weapon wounding to attach las pistols to one. Would this be achievable?


2. Other then bonus S in combat, what other tests would be modified by the bonus S?


3. How long would it take to put one on/ take on off.

#2 ColArana



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Posted 29 June 2014 - 11:42 PM

1. I doubt it. Calgar's Power Fists are special. They're ancient artifacts IIRC, that can't be replicated.


2. I imagine that would depend on the GM. Personally I always figured it was just greater impact force, though perhaps, if you want to assume it for general strength, could apply to lifting and throwing something with your hands.


3. In terms of combat terms, it seems like it functions like any other weapon to my knowledge, with no special rules on equipping it. So half-action apparently? Which seems weird, but I guess FFG didn't want to bother to write up a special rule just for the Power Fist.

#3 darkforce



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Posted 30 June 2014 - 12:26 AM

1. See ColArana... if your GM is nice, it might be compatible with a forearm-weapon mount, since it states the hand is still considered free for carrying stuff. 


2. I'd say none, since the Power Fist is just a huge, oversized glove around your hand projecting a power-field and, as far as I am concerned, has no Servo-Augmentation or anything the like. Then again, I usually give it a pretty big bonus towards "smashing through stuff" and "scaring people to death" (Read: Intimidate)


3. RAW Half Action, but honestly: f___ RAW, I'd say it should take at least two minutes (12 Rounds) to Equip it using the proper rites to awaken the war-spirit of the fist, after all it's Archeotech and has to be treated with respect. Unequipping is faster, I'd say that'd be possible as a half-action with some sort of "purge-mechanism", but good luck getting that thing to work again without a Tech-Priest.

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