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You know what would be cool?..

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#41 Sinamil



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Posted 13 May 2014 - 11:45 PM

Come to think of it, it could even be neutral, as the Elves dabbled in all spheres of influence.

#42 Rapier



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Posted 14 May 2014 - 01:00 AM

I doubt they go back to Outlands any time soon (at least I hope).  I was thinking something with 0/0/0/1 that could have a passive benefit upon entering or leaving play. Reducing threat or card draw would probably be difficult to balance, but maybe adding a statistic (1 or 1 or 1) to another character.  Would fit perfectly with the other Silvan cards.  FFG, please make this happen as I am awful at custom cards.


I like the idea, the issue is that being an ally is better than being an event for anything you'd play in the planning phase. Having an extra person to take hits in the combat step is always useful. (You'd need to look at 0 cost events for comparable power - and all of them involve paying in another way except stand together). 

So realistically to get a 0 cost ally you're going to need an ally that exhausts another ally as it comes into play (that being part of the cost) and it would have to also have poor stats.

It also needs to be worse than 2/0/0/1 Forced: if a character leaves play discard [this card] from play. Since Silvan refugee is cost 1.

However something like:


[This card]
Cost 0







Forced: When [this card] is put into play, exhaust one character you control.

Now normally this would be pretty poor (you're wasting the turn of of your allies or heroes that will almost certainly be better used with it's own stats) It would have limited use outside of Celeborn, but with him it's pretty good. (Similar themed cards could chain together round after round).

Another option would be something similar with the rule changed to:

Forced: After [this card] exhausts , at the end of the phase remove it from play. This would effectively be 0 cost for a 1 time defence or 1 willpower (better with Celeborn, and it works two times with Galadriel). This is similar to Escort from Edoras (Which is cost 2 for 4 willpower or 1 defence).

Both versions would be cheap ways to pay for certain card effects though, so it may be that it's still not feasible to reduce an ally to cost 0, for other balance reasons that aren't immediately occurring to me. They open up some potentially interesting things though - both versions would make horn of Gondor actually make resources (instead of really being an offset to the cost of allies as it is now).

I like your idea of making them neutral. They could be called Traveler to Valinor (neutral because they're losing their ties to the world of men). I think the second version is more likely as Edoras sets a precedent for it although both may be okay.

#43 DurinIII



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Posted 14 May 2014 - 05:14 AM

Just make a 0 cost ally with stats 0,0,0,1 and give it no ability. Make it Leadership sphere and Silvan. That would combo amazingly with Celeborn.