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Common Lore (AAT)

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#21 darkforce



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Posted 13 May 2014 - 01:52 AM

As for the various grim fates that befall most Psykers, I would treat such information as being potentially subversive, and thus Forbidden Lore.


Hmmm... probably. I'd also like to think that due to the negative propaganda-campaigns the Imperium (especially the ecclesiarchy) runs against psykers (burn the witch, abhor the witch etc etc) most people are actually glad the psykers are being carried out of their sight... Common Lore: Psykers would probably also include the awareness of there being Psykers who are not witches-to-be-burned, thus unless you have a person of authority with you (or at least act the way you are the PoA) it'd soon result in a witch-hunt or everyone simply running from the witch, should they be too open about that.

Another way to keep spammy psykers in check (say that five times very fast!), which has doubtlessly been used quite often though :)


On the other hand, I'd probably also add the CL to some point in the career of the Arbitrator (as they have to know about the mark of sanctioning) and the Imperial Guardsmen (Probably the Sergeant-Path, as psykers are relatively frequently used in the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum)

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Posted 13 May 2014 - 02:53 AM

Well, in my option there is some things about psykers that everybody know.

Everybody know that Arbitrator should be obeyed. You can know nothing about his exact position in Adeptus Arbitres, tell is his credentials true or is his actions legal definitely, but you know that Arbitrator should be obeyed.

Same, if somebody goes to you, show you something looks like big "I" with skull and orders you something by the name of Holy Inquisition, you don't need to have, for example, FL (Inquisition) to know that this order must be obeyed at once.


So everybody in Imperium knows that if witch shows you tattoo and says that he (she) is sanctioned, that means you should tolerate (and maybe respect) him. But to know what definitely this tattoo means (I believe that this brand contains a lot of information to somebody who can read it), what means his symbols, etc. - one need to have CL (AAT).

About Imperial Guardsmen and Arbitrator... to be honest I used CL (Machine Cult) as basic guideline. After all, it means something about how this rank accessed to info about main Imperial institutions. But I believe there is one more good guideline - "if somebody can take FL (Psykers), he can take CL (AAT) for same cost".


Also I believe that there is some kind of overlapping for Lores. Arbitrator can know something about brands and his duties about witch by CL (Arbitres) and SL (Judgement), and somebody another - by CL (AAT), maybe with different modifiers.

And, after all, IG working with Adeptus Mechanicus as fequent as with AAT (and maybe even more), but they don't know anything about their way by default. I believe this is a place where another homerule, about access to CL skills, activates.

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