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Starting Labyrinth of Ruin campaign - Lieutenant Pack choice to make

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 07:30 AM

Started the campaign yesterday and we did Ruinous Whispers which I won pretty easily and after which I choose Honor among Thieves for the next quest, which I also won but it was a very close game, very close and awesomely fun.


But in both quests the Heroes gathered a lot of gold.  In Ruinous Whispers they ended up with 125 gold collected from Search tokens plus they sold some starting equipment for an extra 50 gold.  They got some nice items out of that.


In Honor among Thieves E1, they got all the Search tokens with that damn Treasure Hunter which is an awesome class to play with and agaisnt.  The in E2 they found 3 Green Obj tokens (which are search tokens) but couldn't get out in time before I got my 12th fatigue in my play area.


After this quest they had 225g...enough to really start to fear them :P


On my part, after I won Ruinous Whispers I destroyed the Sun's Fury for the extra 1XP which I immediately converted in Threat.  During the first campaign phase I had 7 Threat Tokens which I used to buy "Summon Bol'Goreth" and "The card that gives ~: Poison to the master monster of a group".  Then during setup of Honor among Thieves I chose the spiders for my open group and replaced the master and 2 minions with Bol'Goreth.


He did he job but ultimately died.  He's pretty hard to kill and hit hard but he's gonna be the #1 target during the other quests.  After HaT I had to buy the Summon card again since he died during E1...


I also got the Infector card that gives "~: Infect the hero" plus another Infector I card that I don't recall the name.  I'm now sitting on a 1XP to buy in the second level of Infector after next quest.


Overall really fun stuff!