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NBN Deck, What And Where To Cut

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#1 asianavatar



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Posted 20 March 2014 - 09:34 AM

Below is my NBN deck that I built. I have played it a few times and it seems to work ok as a concept but I am at the point where I feel it needs to be cleaned up. However, I am lost as to what to cut, what to change out and where to go from here. Any help would be great.


Some of my concerns


-Too many cards, I would love to drop this deck down to 49, but I am lost on which cards should go

-I have a feeling I could drop some of my ICE

-There might not be enough credit generating in the deck (in general I am having issues figuring out what is enough in a corp deck)

-Not enough damage to make the scorched earth theme work. Should I just drop it all together.


56 cards

15/15 influence used

22 agenda points

Agenda (10) Operation (17) ICE (18) Upgrade (3) Asset (6)

#2 Maliseraph



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Posted 21 March 2014 - 05:04 PM

Assuming you want to stay Tag and Bag:

I would recommend dropping the Punitive Counterstrike, one on it's own is not really a threat for flatlining, especially without more 3 point agendas. I would probably trade it for another Cerebral Overwriter, or perhaps Edge of World (from Jinteki). I would also ditch PAD Campaign and grab Marked Accounts. Against anyone but Whizzard you can feel pretty good installing it naked, it is more expensive to trash, and is more likely to stick around longer because it is less efficient, paradoxically netting you more in the long term.

I would also probably remove Priority Req and add another Restructured Datapool, and remove Market Research for another Private Security Force, for more reliable Tag creation and punishment. If the Runner has no link, Restructured Datapool can become "@: The Runner spends $2", and even if they have link it's a reliable way to turn a bit advantage into a tag and resulting meat damage, which forces the runner to either play very conservatively or be reckless. Private security force is a great counter to Plascrete Carapace, letting you ablate it off for a killing Tag/Scorched Earth/PSF later.

I would remove the Shipment from SanSan, it only saves you 1 net credit for an extra action (1 action to draw + 1 action to play + 1 action extra for 2 action equivalents that would cost a total of 2 credits). I would remove 1 or both Psychographics, unless you're seeing a lot of utility from them in your local meta. I would remove Private Contracts, I don't think there's enough profit from running it. I would remove an Enigma, Yog.0 is going to make it blank and pretty much everyone runs one, but running one forces them to go grab it and install. Finally, I would remove a Project Beale. That should take you to 49 cards, and a much greater focus on Tag and Bag while still having good threats of winning on agenda if the Runner is too conservative.

Early game you want to get PSF or Restructured Datapool scored, and from then on the runner has to play carefully or you can relatively easily set up for a Tag and Bag. Score both and you are a single 2 point Agenda from winning while having a very dangerous combo in play if their hand and/or credit pool drops too low while they try to catch up.

#3 Maliseraph



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Posted 21 March 2014 - 05:08 PM

Also, I would strongly consider switching out the Matrix Analyzers for something else, unless you put in more traps or some ICE that can be advanced.