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Salem NH Casual Play and League

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Posted 15 March 2014 - 03:59 PM

When: Tuesdays between 5pm - 10pm

Where: Myriad Games in Salem, NH


We are now averaging around 7-8 players for casual gaming, and we would like to expand upon this until we have several other players showing up and playing Netrunner in the evenings.


There are a couple Game Night Kits that we have available and we are as a group deciding some of the ways that we might use them in the coming weeks.  The current goal right now is to play casually until the start of April.  Then one of the first Game Kits will probably be used over the course of a small four week league where people would be rewarded for games played, wins, runner and corp identities used in the league, etc.


With prizes being split up amongst players, but overall to just enjoy the game and play against a suite of different people and have a good time.


Those in the are looking for some casual game play are more than welcome to join us on Tuesdays for some games and potentially grow this into a decent group of individuals that we can keep getting kits for and playing an occasional draft here or there.

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 03:37 PM

Update for the Casual / Fun League that we are running with one of the kits available.


Netrunner Shuffle League Overview -

Friendly League Designed to Promote Interactions and Variety


  • The league will go on for four weeks.  The week will start on a Tuesday and the next week will start on Tuesday morning.  This alleviates the need to change the sheets outside the normal meeting hours of casual Tuesday.

  • League entry for the entirety of the month is $5

  • Each individual will be awarded alternate art cards just for joining the league and participating, so there is something for everyone regardless of how you do.

  • Additional prizes include a deck box, play mat and alternate art cards (which we may have extras of to hand out as well from the league.

  • Week 1 is April 15th-21st

  • Week 2 is April 22nd-28th

  • Week 3 is April 29th-May 5th

  • Week 4 is May 6th-12th

  • After the 4th week has completed, we will hand out any rewards from the top places in the league.  This will occur on May 13th.

  • Updates will be provided each week as well as any discussions within the Myriad Games Netrunner Google Group.  You can request an invitation to the Google Group from your e-mail account you want associated with the group.  It is here that we will discuss upcoming events, questions and provide feedback.  It is also a good place to discuss who might be coming on any given week as a roll-call.


League Rules


  • Players must agree that they are playing a league match before they start, and both players must be part of the league for the match to count as part of the league.

  • Players shall play a complete match, which is playing both the runner and the corporation against the same person.

  • Only two games each week count towards the league once you have decided to play one at the beginning of the match. However, continue to play other people in the league when you are done if they still need games. Your outcome however if you are maxed out will not count. Just theirs will count. And keep playing casual games after your two games played as well. We are all here to play Netrunner afterall.

  • Each time that you lose a game as a runner or you lose a game as a corporation you are awarded 1 Prestige Point (so a loss as runner and a loss as corp would award 2 Prestige Points).

  • Each time that you win a game as a runner or you win a game as a corporation you are awarded 2 Prestige Points (so a win as runner and a loss as corp would award 3 Prestige points, or 4 if you won both).


  • In order to promote individuals to play against as many others as they can and get friendly interactions going between each other:

    • Players are awarded 1 Prestige Point for each new player they play against throughout the course of the league (so everyone gets one the first person they play, and another for each other they play over the four weeks).

  • In order to promote individuals to mix things up and try different identities that are out there:

    • Players are awarded 1 Prestige Point for each new runner identity they use and 1 Prestige Point for each new corporation identity they use throughout the course of the league (so everyone gets two points their first game; one for the corporation and one for the runner but can build up several points for changing things up).

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Posted 01 June 2014 - 07:36 PM

The league has come to a close, with 14 people participating.  Casual play will continue on Tuesdays, and hopefully we will see even more showing up over time during the afterwork hours.  Glad to even demo and bring in new players if there is an interest or you are just starting out.