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  2. OK, the 2nd line item changes have been made. Changes i did were; A) Shifted Delta, Gamma and Falcon around, so the tie advances are NOW in Delta, showing up in round 3. The Aggressors are now in Falcon squad, showing up in round 4, Gamma squad is still showing in round 5. B) Shifting it to where Gamma's Delta squad, are now Tie interceptors, vice defenders. C) Shifting Gamma's starting location, to where they come in on ANY of the 4 corners, not just the same 2 everyone else does.. Roll 1d4. On a 1, its the NW corner, on a 2 its the NE corner, on a 3 its the SE corner, and on a 4 its the SW corner..
  3. TIE Fighers are actually pretty large, hefty fighters, relatively speaking. And the cockpits are certainly pressurized, it's old EU nonsense that they were not pressurized and were exposed to space (that or otherwise Poe, Finn, and the cast of Rebels would have died several times over from flying TIEs without flight suits). Though, it's an interesting question as to whether a pressurized hull would be more or less prone to catastrophic failure when damaged...
  4. Oh and BTW, thank you everyone who's been posting lists! I'm thinking about trying some rebel salad and scum stuff in particular.
  5. Also, could you explain this answer a bit, as I wasn't clear on how that answered my question about doing a Transfer action when you have no more command counters in reinforcements. As I understand it, you can't move ships out of an already activated system. But my question was in regards to an unactivated system when you want to do a Transfer action - you have to have a counter from the Command section *and* one from reinforcements to make this work, right? So if you don't have a counter in reinforcements because everything is on the player sheet, doesn't that mean you can't perform a transfer action?
  6. I am not familiar with additional material aside from the movies, but as it stands we’d have to pull heavily from sources outside of the movies to make a viable faction. They definitely have lots of commander/operative choices, but not much else. Their was very little footage of the regular troops doing much in the movies IIRC. I can’t even remember them aside from the salt scene in TLJ. Lets hope the next movie gives us some good stuff for our games.
  7. I played the four gunboats list today. First game was pretty casual and I did well, but the 2nd game was against Luke and double-tap Ion Y-Wings, and I got thrashed. I straight-up did not have a good time with that one. So much so that I think maybe I need to fly something else. I don't want to spend a whole tournament feeling that useless. 😕 Which means I need to move closer toward proven fleets. (unless it's actually a solid fleet and I just need practice... but putting practice into a bad fleet isn't a great path so I need to figure out if it's worth pursuing at all) I feel like trying one of the Republic lists next. I liked my old list that had Tucker with Prockets, two ARC-170s, and Obi-Wan. It flew pretty well at the time, and a lot of that has dropped in price since. But the other republic lists may work better, like @Blail Blerg's Wollffe list. Thoughts? Here's my old list updated for new points. Tucker is a fun "they see it coming, they know better, but they don't see it coming" addition, and the rest feel like a solid team of bulk with an ace Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan Kenobi (47) Delta-7B (19) Ship total: 66 Half Points: 33 Threshold: 3 "Tucker" (29) Proton Rockets (7) Munitions Failsafe (1) Ship total: 37 Half Points: 19 Threshold: 3 104th Battalion Pilot (42) Seventh Fleet Gunner (9) Ship total: 51 Half Points: 26 Threshold: 5 104th Battalion Pilot (42) Clone Commander Cody (3) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 5 Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Republic&d=v8ZsZ200Z278XWW201WY319X102W108Y341XWW227WWY341XWW225WW&sn=Junk Republic 2&obs=
  8. I think the biggest issue is that you can't really figure out how to follow a character thread through series. Smaller heroes get relaunched every couple years and end up with a dozen #1s. There is usually some sort of event that intrudes and throws everything into chaos, making it harder to read a single story. They don't write for new readers. They build massive stories with dozens of tie-ins, etc.
  9. I do wonder if they'll make this a natural continuation of the story, or if it'll be a major retcon.
  10. So in regards to #4, he takes it from his player sheet - are you sure about this? I couldn't find anything that mentioned this one way or another. I guess the next question would be, if he can only take it from Strategy Allocation, then what if player has no more counters in Strategy Allocation - does he take from one of the other two piles?
  11. It takes practice and a refined setup to get good videos of minature painting/building. They should have hired Sorastro. I use the tamiya extra thin for parts i want to weld together and not have a visible seam. I use the lock tight brush on glue for affixing to bases or places where i do not want a weld. The super glue is good for parts you are not 100% sure on too. You can break it apart easire than the plastic glue.
  12. I'd imagine you would want pattern analyzer on her if you are planning on doing a lot of red maneuvers.
  13. @RandiQuade after you decide if you want to use the darkside pips you still.need to post in the ic thread.
  14. I would side with you. If “all of their credits” is allowed to be 0, then there is no difference between that and choosing not to place credits. Is there more than one card that invokes this? The only one I found requires both players to put in 5000 credits. So the opponent would have to have exactly 5000 to start with to not have any credits to put in on step 2.
  15. And I guess your missing my real point, which is if anyone here really believed in that last paragraph they wouldn't be here supporting little plastic toys aimed at adults no matter how sustainable it is, because sustainable and recycleable is not zero impact, no matter which way you slice it.
  16. Awesome, thank you! I've fixed problems, reworded the trigger language, and I can't believe I forgot Krassis!
  17. An undo button has been requested by numerous people for the mansions and imperial assault apps(and I’m sure descent as well) since those products first came out. I don’t understand why it wasn’t baked into this game. It’s not like they didn’t know this is one of the most requested features across most if not all of their app assisted games. It truly is baffling.
  18. I think holding onto this grammar idealism is futile in the age of twitter and the internet generally. Embrace it, and you’ll have fewer/less moments of sadness!
  19. Legion has 5 categories : Command, Elite, Core, Support, Heavy. and they are following the same pattern as the original Core release. That means very soon, we will get an Operative for both sides, an emplaced weapon for both sides, an Elite Trooper and an Elite Melee. The Elite melee for the Seppies is, as I've stated, obvious. The Magnaguard...I'm just curious what your alternative to a Republic melee unit would be? Wookies are out; at least right now. FF isn't going to double up on the same unit as another army. At least not this early; I fully expect Wookies to make it into the Republic later, but there are other criteria to meet first. The Republic doesn't really have any other melee focused units like the Imp guard or Magnas...other than the Jedi. The Senate Guard? No, they use guns, the Gungan infantry is a Core at best. The ARCS and Commandos are range focused...You might argue the Riot police on Coreuscant, but they look more Core as well. A unit of 3 Jedi, with RR, Pierce1, 1 Force Power, 2 Health, and Red armor would be tougher than the other melee units. Add deflect in isn't a problem either. The unit will likely cost 150p instead of 100 when upgraded. Add in Training like "Tenacity" and they get stronger. Add a personal with Double bladed saber to add Impact to the group. Or a "Special leader" ,like the Pathfinders or Death troopers have, which adds another special rule. The unit would be more effective that the Wookies or Imp Guard and still mortal...like this guy... We all remember what happened to him...(I tried a gif, but it was too much) Not going to lie...if they make a Jedi unit...I hope he's in it...(or at least a head to make him). Besides, I see you argument that the unit might not feel "Jedi', but there will be plenty of Jedi Leaders and Operatives to do that. Just give it time. And in the meantime please let us hope for a Jedi unit so I can watch this scene happen on my table...again and again.( I will always remove him first 😈)
  20. “Maybe we get your girlfriend in on the action.” Krydil says looking at Zara with a grin “Send Corsec an anonymous tip about the Blues. After they crack down on them we go in and get the bike!” He says thinking it was a good idea.
  21. But they aren't Stormtroopers... they are First Order troopers... totally different. And the First Order is totally different to the Empire... And Jakku is nothing like Tatooine, so it should probably have more desert tiles, 'cause we don't have enough of those... Seriously though, I'd totally be up for ImpAss 2.0 with some ST stuff. I guess we'd have 4 factions for skirmish then? Hmm. Would you rather have the stormtroopers come pre-painted? I would. Only 'cause I suck at painting... Does anyone ever modify the X-wing paint jobs? Or the ships themselves? I've seen some cool mods of IA figures.
  22. I always thought people portrayed the SSD way slimmer than it actually is, especially when you consider the rear shot of the engines in Empire.
  23. I agree the camera positioning could really use some improvement - but hey, we did get some laughs out of the event and Alex was semi forthcoming with some new ideas they'd like to do! He seems to really want Enfys Nest!
  24. I guess I’m the only one that thought the Enterprise rising from the water was cool? (I really don’t care what antics they do in alternate timelines as long as it’s cool 😎)
  25. To build on what Crabbok (love your channel btw) said, are there any plans for a huge based ship for the Rebels? ( the Viscount would be a perfect candidate in my opinion). Also, any plans for a scum esque faction that would use a mix of ships from both factions? Thanks, TooTall
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