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  2. Unfortunately there's no written rule that I can find that says that abilities have to finish resolving even if a player reaches 40 mid-ability. It just says the mission ends as soon as a player hits 40. There might be a Todd email response floating around somewhere that I don't know about, but the only ones I could find dealt with mission rules where players were scoring vps or figures were being defeated simultaneously, and here there is a clear order of operations in which the Dying Lunge /Parting Shot player's figure would be defeated after the other player's figure. I'm surprised I couldn't find this question being asked through a google search since this issue has hypothetically been possible since the beginning of the game with the probe droid and then again with hired guns.
  3. Ok, Sprite I understand, but isn't Dr. Pepper bottled by 7-Up?
  4. Card number 5555 5555 5555 5555. Expires 05/55. That 3 digit security code or whatever is 555. Pin is, of course, 5555.
  5. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    The sad part is that in X-Wing 2.0 there are still lots of auto-include cards and ships that just totally flounder While I agree that generally Armada is better-balanced than X-Wing, I'm not sure this is a fair metric to assess that. First of all, there are a lot more ship options and pilot options and upgrade options in X-Wing, and squads generally contain less stuff, so there's gonna be far more pressure for what can go into a tournament list and that leaves a lot of stuff out in the cold. In Armada, there are just a half-dozen ships with two variants each for each faction, less upgrade options, and squads get to include 400pts of stuff. That alone should make Armada's % of represented options higher than in X-Wing. When Armada has fifteen ships per faction we can see what % of them get used competitively... Secondly, X-Wing is a much more popular game, in the sense that there are more tournaments for X-Wing than Armada. Attendance is also typically larger, the number of rounds is higher, and due to the games being shorter and "faster-paced" there are countless recorded games with commentary out there, as well as over ten podcasts devoted to X-Wing. This amount of play and amount of analysis means that X-Wing is much closer to being a "solved" game than Armada, and as such you will see more convergence around the heavily identified 'best' archetypes, with ample net-deckers taking up the mantle of those squads as well. Armada just has fewer events, fewer games at the events that do happen, and basically no one in the community doing strategic dissection and analysis of games / video reports in the way the X-Wing community does. This makes Armada much less of a 'solved' game, and this makes it harder for players to just google the "best" lists to copy and bring. And while it's possible to find most Armada options on tables at a tournament (e.g. Leia, Garm, Konstatine, Tagge, Peltas, Victories, Z-95s, Phantoms, etc.) you typically won't find them in the top spots of the tournament. There are plenty of upgrades (especially ion cannons and turbolasers and titles) that see next to no play. Similarly, you can find all sorts of weird zany ships and lists at big X-Wing events, too, they are just usually clustering down at the bottom after a few rounds. So, I don't disagree with your conclusion, but I think your premise is a bit misleading.
  6. ...The Federation Has Spoken... Transfer 15 credits to @GhostofNobodyInParticular ...Long Live the Federation...
  7. buckero0

    Easiest faction?

    I hope the cards coming with the next couple of releases have some difference makers
  8. Da_Brown_Bomber

    Questions about the Squadron Packs?

    FFG have a history of putting some of the better upgrade cards into various expansions to encourage ppl to buy them. Ideally there would be no need to buy outside of your preferred faction to get what you need but sometimes you may have to be a pack and a ship from another faction to get exactly what you want. HWK-290 title Moldy Crow is one example of this. It only comes in the Rebel Conversion Kit. So as a scum player, I still need to buy it.
  9. Bhelliom

    Community Errata (Hopefully)

    Oh don't worry, those are all in my crosshairs! The root of the issue is that being able to put yourself in even just one or two really good spots at such a low cost is a really powerful ability! Your opponent properly identifying those spots doesn't change the fact that they then have to plan around this additional utility. If I get my way, no one will be able to enter or exit terrain outside of their own activation, and suddenly a lot of the problems the above models cause goes away. Yeah I really like the sequencing change. Makes him feel more like a dangerous wrecking ball that you've really gotta manage. I'd also like to see Fear Incarnate buffed a little bit to make that a more competitive choice. What do you see as weak options in the Uthuk lineup? To me, the 6-tray flesh rippers seem weirdly expensive.
  10. TauntaunScout

    Easiest faction?

    Slaves to fashion. I don't even any of those except the stormtroopers, which I've only so far used for loaners/demo games. You know what this game really needs? An objective/mission/condition card sea-change. I don't know what, or I'd write my own on index cards and use those.
  11. kaffis

    The Land Endures

    On the other hand, painting does build up a personal connection with your army that, I think, goes a long way to explain the passion the core players here in the forums feel for the game. The fact that every single army I saw at GenCon had significant paint on it, and many were completely painted and based, really speaks to how energized and engaged we felt by the game. I don't get that from X-Wing, and I don't get that sense from most of its players.
  12. Q10fanatic

    What ships should see changes to their upgrade bars?

    I'd like a Mod slot added to the Fang. Add some variety to the build.
  13. Ok, Sprite I understand, but isn't Dr. Pepper bottled by 7-Up?
  14. Ok, Sprite I understand, but isn't Dr. Pepper bottled by 7-Up?
  15. Abwehrschlacht

    A 3D Printed Tower

    I while ago I bought myself a 3D printed tower off EBay, it's designed for use in Legion and after a bit of work sanding, I managed to get it looking OK. There's more photos on my blog (including a crashed Speederbike objective marker). Have a look here: https://www.stormofsteelwargaming.com/2019/01/legion-terrain.html
  16. meffo


    only one damage card can be on the ISYTDS condition card at a time, yes. that damage card stays there until it's dealt to a ship that the ISYTDS condition is assigned to when the ship suffers a critical damage (from any source, a proton bomb, flying over debris and rolling a crit, being hit with a critical damage from an attack etc.). the ISYTDS condition can be assigned to other ships before the effect on it is resolved, by using kylos pilot ability or from the action on the kylo crew card. in that case, if there is a damage card on the ISYTDS condition card, that damage card follows along with the ISYTDS condition. it seems like you understand how it works.
  17. sappidus

    Time mechanic - Fords of Isen

    I've been wondering about this recently, so I got around to asking [spoiler: no, you do not carry over the progress]…
  18. Church14

    Community Errata (Hopefully)

    I don’t want to nerf into oblivion various Uthuk cards. I want to try incremental changes to see what the effect is. I would also like the data that we don’t have about what types of armies win in each faction. To make a point. Players have suggested to ban (or have in tourneys?) Insatiable Hunger. Jukey and I tested the sequencing change. The way I play Ravos - with him attacking like a wrecking ball to the kidney and largely operating solo - ends with him taking 2-3 more wounds a game. This forces me to play him closer to the main army if I don’t want him a lot more fragile. That makes it easier (though not easy) for opponents to get archer shots on him or to get him in engagement face to face and kill him. Very small change, very significant difference. Uthuk seem to also cause some NPE that seems above and beyond just effectiveness. When they win big it seems like the losing side felt it never had a chance. That’s a concern to me as well. One I’m less confident in addressing.
  19. Sort of. Stuff like X-Wings, Y-Wings, etc were generally made by third parties and either secretly sent to the Rebellion or outright commandeered. Stuff like the Nebulon B Frigates were even stolen and modified Imperial tech. It's not like they were living in the Stone Age, but they also didn't have the dedicated Military Industrial Complex that the Empire had. Nor was what they had simply scrap, it just came from a more varied array of sources. There was really high quality stuff, like Mon Cal cruisers, but there were also some more "improvised" weaponry as well (for instance, IIRC the Rebels used modified CIS stuff like the hailfire droids). I guess I wouldn't see a large Rebel offensive using one of these speeders, but a small cell might modify one for a mission. If anything, this almost feels to me more like an IA thing than Legion.
  20. sappidus

    Unofficial Official Rulings thread

    AFAIK your most recent major ruling on progress placement during quest resolution is the following: "So from now on, the active location must be fully explored before placing any progress on the current quest. That means you will resolve any effects that trigger as a result of the active location being explored before placing any progress on the quest." What if the current quest changes as a result of exploring the active location? e.g., Quest 1B of The Withered Heath has 6 progress, no Dragon Sign in the victory display but the active location is guarding a Dragon Sign. I successfully quest with a margin of 1 progress above what it takes to explore the active location. If I'm reading it right, your ruling above indicates that I should place the progress that explores the active location—leaving 1 pending—which frees up the Dragon Sign, which goes to the victory display as a constant effect, which lets the constant effect of quest 1B fire, which advances the current quest to quest card 2. I still have 1 progress pending. Do I place it on quest 2B? Or was it "assigned" to quest 1B, which is no longer around, therefore losing me that progress? Thanks!
  21. I see no reason to fear them, as they have said the Jawas have hitherto been friends of the Imperium, and if they were to Betray us in the Near future we have sufficient forces and fortification to repel their assaults
  22. My character's stuff goes bye bye when they're locked up. The Empire isn't going to spend time and resources storing people's personal crap. In regards to using what they seize, they blow up terrestrial worlds so I'll take 'Who doesn't have a recycle program, for 2000 Alex?'.......
  23. Hello there, I recenlty completed my collection with buying the whole F&D line and now own all of the FFG Star Wars Books. But I haven't had time to thoroughly read through them all yet. Since I'm prepping a new Campaign, I wanted to compile a condensed summary for me and my players. My Question is now, is there a reference somewhere on what Rules are where? I know in EotE, Special Modification has Crafting Rules, Hyperspace Travel is in Fly Casual and Investigations in No Disintegrations. In AoR, Fully Operational has Expanded Mechanics and Shipcrafting, Cyphers and Masks has Covert Ops, Desperate Allies got Social Encounters, Forged in Battle has Fortification Rules, Lead by Example Mass Combat and Stay on Target has Beast Riding. 1. Have I missed some in my old Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion Books? 2. What Rules are there in the F&D Books? If this has been asked / compiled somewhere before, I haven't found it. But I'd be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction if it has. Cheers
  24. Scurrg Bomber and Lancer both need a Gunner slot.
  25. Caimheul1313

    New vehicles!

    Fair enough on the exhaust, but we'll see. It would make since thematically since loading a rocket launcher on a moving landspeeder shouldn't be much easier than loading a grenade launcher. I doubt crew would add a wound, because that would probably be marked on the card as reminder text, and I don't see anything like that when I zoom in. Again, it's possible, but probably unlikely.
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