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    Availability in the EU and Germany

    Yep, been thinking about that a few days now. Funny thing is, they were on 2 different orders from ages ago and I heard they were coming out together....so emailed them and asked them to merge the orders about 2 weeks ago 😀
  3. You would name someone myself?
  4. mazz0

    Point cost of Delta 7

    I don't speak French, but I'm going to guess that "postcombustion" is Afterburners, meaning Windu can spend two force token to boost and barrel roll, and still have his normal action. How many shields does a 7b normally have? I'm not sure I like how tough this thing is getting, that shield upgrade seems unthematic!
  5. LennoxPoodle

    Any new waves/material???

    I think Armada getting less stuff than Legion in general is actually right. The requirements for model variety and count are just completely different for capital ship and infantry based games. The Legion guys just don't have the amount of per unit customization we get. They make up for it by having more different units to customize on a army level. Also let's not forget that it's cheaper and faster for FFG to produce unassembled and unpainted miniatures. And X-Wing just started a new edition introducing factions in the process. Those have to brought to equal competitive levels. I guess we have to wait until those 2 get settled before getting anything new announced. It don't think that will be before Christmas and definetly not directly afterwards when no one buys anything.
  6. Zaaik

    Availability in the EU and Germany

    I had the same problem, so I emailed them and got them to split the order, I had to pay abit more for delivery but at least I'll get the game.

    Availability in the EU and Germany

    I also ordered from Chaos cards but ordered the playmat at the same time and no sign of that on their site in terms of release date yet...so my game box will be held back until both items on the order are in stock....
  8. I seem to have a small problem when it comes to making adversaries last in a fight. If you have a NPC who is not combat oriented, there is very little they can do to affect the their own chances of survival in a fight. You either need to have talents (Dodge/Sidestep) or some sort of very good armor to make it difficult for a properly combat-trained PC to dispatch them with ease. Specific example: Don't want to spoil more than needed, but for example in one of the last fights in "The Jewel of Yavin", one NPC is supposed to fight until they reach about 13 wounds. The problem is that this easily happends in the first two seconds of the fight since they have no armor, little cover and no useful defensive abilities (there is Adversary, but that is nowhere near enough). And they won't be able to escape any time soon without a miracle happening. This also affects the PCs of course. Those not trained in combat have very little chance except taking cover and trying to stay out of harm's way. Does anyone have any tips for making it easier to defend? For example an "evasive action" for character fights? I have other problems with evasive action but that might be a start?
  9. LennoxPoodle

    Post TLJ Resistance Fleet

    @Truthiness I don't have access rights for the google docs link you posted, as is probably the case for everyone else here...

    Imperial Royal Guards Article Up

    I may be wrong but arnt they special forces, so max of 3? At work so cant check.
  11. ImperialEmperor

    Triple X Protons

    Correct. Thane can ruin opponent strategy with crits. Inagine Double stress in important time or hard maneuver red...sometimes can crush all strategy. Or just kill ship by Double dmg etc. main good spot is that i can fly how i want without any range restrictions like with biggs or swarm tactics. like i said i have just problem how setup. Which Xwing is best to bait(luke i think)
  12. Captain Lackwit

    RZ - 2 A - Wing Interceptor Crosssection

    Oh please. As if that thing would survive anything remotely resembling a crash.
  13. HedgehogNL

    Triple X Protons

    I flew Luke (supernatural reflexes, protons), Wedge (protons) and Thane on the Dutch Nationals. Normally I fly with Biggs. The reason I decided to swap him for Thane is so I can break formation more easily, also Thane's iniative of 5 can come in handy. His pilot skill is also awesome, especially when Luke and Wedge have just launched their missiles into the target. It's not as overpowered as it seems at first glance. It's a nice list, although it flies very different than with Biggs and astromechs. It's all about the approach, hit hard with your protons at range 3, use Thane to finish targets off. With Biggs I think I could stay enganged longer, with Thane it's better to break off and try another range 3 approach I guess.
  14. Well miniature market is selling off the first cycle for 32 bucks a box...... Maybe that just means it is rotating?
  15. ISD Avenger

    Any new waves/material???

    It’s a fair point about x wing now having 7 factions to support. Legion could easily go the same route. Doesnt seem like it leaves a whole lot of room for Armada. I don’t need armada releases at the speed those games do but 2 waves a year I don’t think is particularly unreasonable, if you intend to keep your fan base engaged & inviting to potential new players. It kinda seems like it’s only the rampant enthusiasm of existing players is keeping this ship afloat. FFGs engagement strategy (or lack of) seems very risky at best.
  16. Today
  17. Skaflok

    Bloody crossbowmen

    Another check against Latari army. move and turn and fire rune 1st round + rotate and fire rune 2nd turn obliterate most 4tray units in range. (this time it was 37point leonx rider squad. round 3 shot at 6 tray archers destroyed 3 trays . baron was decimated by aliana's flank charge at round 5 (two hits with accuracy). This list has huge potential, but is very demanding to play correctly. had some issues with rotate in proximity of terrain. Malcorne's bequest or other ways of mana manipulation by opponent can be cruel. Will keep on experimenting with this one.
  18. NairoD

    you shall not pass

    Good point. Forget Those pesky strategic mine tow
  19. NairoD

    you shall not pass

    Indeed as Emperor forseen 😆
  20. Fnoffen

    Question about transactions

    The active player, in this case the Hacan, is able to initiate deals at any point in time from the nanosecond that their turn starts up until their turn is over. However, as stated in the rules, they may only make one deal with each neighbour per turn. IIrc, there are no automatic turn-ending steps to any type of action. At least that's how I play. A player turn stretches from whenever the previous players turn is over until the player states that their turn is over. That way, everyone should have enough time to remember everything they've planned on doing. It cuts both ways, though, since if anyone were to forget to do something before stating that their turn is over: they're outta luck and have to wait until their next turn.
  21. paganeagle2001

    How will cheaters be banned?

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction via the link. If we sort out cheating before it gets a foot hold, then we keep the game as it was intended. Fun.
  22. clontroper5

    Mafia modding advice request

    Discord is pretty flexible
  23. Victarion13

    Players in Japan

    Like or live? Still, it is more near Fukuoka to Matsuyama than Fukushima XD. But I think it's my problem, I feel like everything is near in Japan, lol
  24. CapitanGuinea

    RZ - 2 A - Wing Interceptor Crosssection

    The most dire flaw in those A-wings is that they are not piloted by someone like Pash Cracken or Tycho Celchu.... A-wings are for high grade skills pilot in the same ways of ME.262 or they are more an hindrance than an advantage. Most of the best Awing Rebel Pilots were ex Tie fighters pilots trained to high speed maneuvers rigors... it was a problem for New Republic to replace them as Thrawn shown very netly, after their smobilization.
  25. As the thread started commenting on the show. Munitions failure could maybe make sense on a Kihraxz, as they have missiles, potentially several mods and no reload. However it is probably not cheap enough, esp compared to some others, if not other things go up in price, or some generics like the K go down or get discount on upgrades.
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