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  2. Hepitude

    Painting The Forces of Hepitude

    It's hard to believe, but I think I actually have a completed army of Daqan. I might eventually get another few golems, but I'm really happy with my army building options at this point. With my huge backlog of Waiqar it's nice to have one army complete. Here are my final two trays of scouts. I've given them the same colors as other units in my Daqan army, but tried to stick to the earth-tone uniforms. I'll post the odds and ends of the Daqan army while I work on Wraiths and then take a group picture of my full Daqan force.
  3. Force Majeure

    Showcase: Range Rulers & Templates

    If you've been to any Store Championships this season, you've likely caught a glimpse of the prizes awarded to the top spots. There are two colors of range rulers, translucent Yellow with black lettering, and frosted/cloudy orange. Of these, I was fortunate enough to place well enough to earn a set of range rulers, the orange ones. For someone who loses a lot of games--like a lot!--I was more than happy to win more than two games. Unfortunately, the choice of colors this season was healthy pee and cloudy pee, (forgive my crass description). Having said that, I decided I could make a small tweak that would improve the look of my set because quite honestly, they were just too ugly. So here's my now improved set:
  4. Range rulers and movement templates can be a very personal expression of who a player is. So let's show off a little! Just a note though: Please don't use this showcase to push your product. This thread is meant mainly for the end user--the players. Thanks!
  5. GuacCousteau

    Lore over Direct Game Design

    Oh my god how obtuse are you trying to be? Of course I don't think the game should be dogfighting ships only. The game isn't about only doing things from the movies. Obviously. It's perfectly plausible that in some event not shown in the movies, an Imperial Lambda class shuttle was involved in a battle with Rebel fighters, and that it used its onboard systems to support its escorts. It's not the fact it's a shuttle I was questioning, I'm talking specifically about the Tydirium. The whole reason the Rebels had it was to avoid a fight. Why would you want it to play out its movie role? And if you don't want to play it's movie role, what scenario makes it fun? Obviously I can't. I literally said just that. Well... could you elaborate? That's kinda what I was asking for.
  6. CommanderDave

    Dual ISD

    I like that Needa TRC setup on the Cymoon. It really helps to make the non-Vader Cymoon viable.
  7. Golan Trevize

    List of Revealed Tyrants of Lothal Components

    I haven't seen the 4 figures. I actually didn't know there were 4 of them. I just read about someone saying we could get 2 elite and 1 regular, but I thought that 2 regulars and 1 elite was more "conventional".
  8. That Blasted Samophlange

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Actually, though we can’t guarantee it, it is VERY likely that one or more of the racers will join Kazudo in the resistance. The reasin is based on past examples of stories in star wars. Kazudo will make friends with some, earn the respect of others so when the First Order truly strikes, they can rise up and resist them. As the show is named Resistance, there is a very good chance this will happen. Not 100% I admit, but I would say about 90% likely. It is a show aimed at kids (as star wars should be) and therefore will show the main characters being heroic and doing what is right. Will there be twists, likely. Yeager could be the hidden villian.
  9. Markspinner

    1st Rotation Timeframe

    Do we have an exact date of when the Awakenings cycle will be rotated out? I believe it’s 1st Quarter 2019 but was wondering of a more specific timeframe.
  10. GuacCousteau

    Should they have made Yoda and Obi-Wan crew for 2.0?

    Start of engagement would probably do. But you could make it super useful if you said it was immediately after rolling dice. Rolled all eyes and locked instead of focus? Just discard the lock and spend two Force. Kinda like 1e Han crew. Yeah, agreed. Ghost Obi-Wan makes most sense when paired with IA, as it should be. "Oh, that guy I locked dodged me, but I can shoot at this guy instead. All I have to do is discard my lock with Obi-Wan so I have Force points to use on both firing the torp and modifying one eye."
  11. SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks

    Is the B-WIng cockpit upside down...?

    In real space, there is no down. But in THAT galaxy, far, far away... there IS a down. From the first moment of the first Star Wars film this has been codified, in that ALL SPACECRAFT fly relative to the same plane. For some reason, that is never explained in the lore, it is preferable for space ships which have artificial gravity and inertial dampeners and light speed to all fly aligned to the same horizon. Another bit of evidence - you don't have any need for a gyroscopic cockpit unless the is a DOWN for the pilot to care about.
  12. deraforia

    Core book Schools

    Scorpion have two very different shugenja families already though. Is that weird? Yes, but that's the setting we have. That said I wouldn't be opposed to doing five schools, at least for the Crab and Unicorn. Poor Kaiu and Moto deserve core schools, too. Also, Kaito are Shugenja lite, to the point where Kosori has the keyword in the LCG anyway. That said, I expect four schools per clan, and I expect to not see Yogo, Kaiu, and Moto schools until a sourcebook. If we're lucky it will be Emerald Empire. Otherwise we might have to wait for whatever clan books they give us.
  13. >kkj

    ARC 170 Design

    The ARC 170 is easily my favourite starfighter in Star Wars so i came up with a squadron card for it for Armada. @M0N0LITH was so kind to create the actual card for me. The ARC 170 was more sturdy than the X-Wing and heavily shielded and armored so i gave it 6 hull. It was however more conceived as a elite fighter as compared to the X-Wing which served as the standard fighter of the rebellion. It required 3 crew and was overall more build for lonely reconaissence missions (hence the name "Aggressive ReConaissance") and as a heavy punch unit in a larger fighter wing compliment. This combined with the fact that it needed 3 crew to operate justifies in my opinion my designchoice to make it stronger than the X-Wing despite being developed decades before the X-Wing. The design worked great for the republic which needed a heavy fighter to compliment its other, lighter and massproduced fighters like the V-Wing and V-19 Torrent. After the rise of the empire the ARC 170 was just too specialized in its elite role and too expensive to operate with its need for 3 crew and a astromech to be useful for both the rebellion and the empire, thats why the design was eventually replaced by more costefficient single-pilot craft like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter despite being a capable and strong fighter. At least thats the way i see it, because tech in star wars doesnt seem to age significantly. I gave the ARC Bomber with a red dice because it has 6 Torpedos just like the X-Wing and also gave it the same speed. Counter 1 for its dual rear turrets obviously and the single red die in its Antisquadron Armament stands for its 2 heavy lasercannons that were capable of punching through the hull of ships bigger than the ARC 170. So it has a slightly decreased chance of damaging enemy squads as compared to the X-Wing but a higher overall potential damage output which fits the ship IMO. Some people gave the ARC 170 "Heavy" like@DiabloAzul for example, but i think the ARC is really more of a multirole fighter than a sluggish bomber. What do you guys think?
  14. When playing progression style with my Beorn's Path decks past the first cycle, I'd just add interesting cards and let it bloat, then thin it down to 50 when I lost a quest. Playing with the new cards was a good way to see what cards I used, and which cards I really wished I had drawn something else. When we're talking about decks closer to 50 (like 51-55 cards), the difference is really quite minimal -- you might see a 3x card you mulligan for once for every 9 or 10 attempts at a quest, if I remember the math correct. The dramatic difference in particular cards showing up as you move from 3x to 2x to 1x. So don't cut copies of a card you think you *really* want to see just to get down to 50.
  15. Herowannabe

    Alternate R2-D2 or Whistler Astromech upgrade.

    I like it soldier
  16. Turtlewing

    Should they have made Yoda and Obi-Wan crew for 2.0?

    Probably also needs a timing window specified but I'm lazy. Force Talent was the other slot I considered but, while it's marginally more thematic it's also more limited and I feel like ghost Obi-Wan should be able to latch onto basilica anything with force points. Also I think instinctive aim is supposed to be the talent that emulates the same sequence.
  17. Darth Meanie

    Lore over Direct Game Design

    Based on what you just said, why the **** is the ship in the game at all? It NEVER EVER got into any dogfight in any scene ever. It's an armored limousine. If we are going to limit this game to "dogfight only" then a whole lot of other ships need to get tossed. Like basically anything labeled "shuttle." And if you honestly can't think of a way to use such a ship, well, sorry about that. I have written up a number of scenarios where it would fit in nicely.
  18. Wow, this thread at the end of page two? The end times must be close! 🤣
  19. HolySorcerer

    Tie Punisher 2.0 Discussion Thread

  20. Bohemian73

    Folly’s Gambit- Terrain

    nice effect with the waterfall
  21. GuacCousteau

    Should they have made Yoda and Obi-Wan crew for 2.0?

    But that's.... literally what Instinctive Aim does? You can only equip IA to Force sensitive pilots anyway, because they're the only ones who get the slot and its wording is "While you perform a special attack, you may spend one Force token to ignore the focus or lock requirement."
  22. Animewarsdude

    Lore over Direct Game Design

    Not to mention buying expansions just for upgrades to stay competitive. I don't like that practice, but I bet people competing in official events if they couldn't get the upgrades another way ended up buying more. Well, let me ask would you prefer the game to just let the Rebels fly every single ship from the Republic and Imperial factions? The show Rebels shows them steal tons of different ties and the like. But, in lore they did steal it so it makes sense then, right? Or, have it so that Scum can be used by every single faction since they could have paid for their services. Lore is important but the factions do need to play differently and have distinct feels to them.
  23. DodgingArcs

    Tie Punisher 2.0 Discussion Thread

    That’s probably why there are so many medium bases in the imperial conversion kit.
  24. Ccwebb

    Dagobah Dave's Trench Run: Strategy

    This is an A-mazing thread. THANK YOU!
  25. ManInTheBox

    Point for Point what is the best upgrade?

    Another vote for Bright Hope. 2 points that has kept a crucial support flotilla alive far longer than it should have done and makes it almost immune to single dice bombers.
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