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  2. RStan

    How do you knock out triple Up's?

    Tune into OCX livecast tonight at 830 central where we will have this discussion with Tyler Tippett!
  3. Jo Jo

    EA abandoning battlefront 2

    More like players have abandoned Battlefront 2, especially on PC.
  4. Church14

    Community Errata (Hopefully)

    Something better: Lets start with data and adjust. I’m looking at getting anTI4 style community data project going. After a 100 or so games are recorded, we will see what archetypes are pulling ahead and what needs fixing. In the meantime, let’s start with a small number of suggestions. 1) Resequence Insatiable Hunger to end of end phase instead of start of end phase. 2) Make Scuttling Horror exhaust to shift. I’m not inclined to do any more without some data. I think a lot of issues are perception more than actual. If you want a suggestion tested, Jukey and I can probably try it
  5. thepopemobile100

    New vehicles!

    Let me make myself clear right now so there isn't confusion later. I am not trying to be critical over what you have said here, but I will refute some of your points made. Firstly the T-47 is pretty bad and almost no one here will dispute that from a gameplay perspective. Between commandos and scouts yeah I tend to agree with that when using the full team for the same reason I love fleet troopers, but it is unusual to see them being ran that way as they mostly get used in the two person strike team and when they have the sniper in them then I'd say the commandos are better since they might be able to add an extra black die every once in a while. Otherwise the performance of the strike teams are nearly identical. Between the two turrets a month or two ago I believed that too, but after using the FD cannon I backpedaled hard. It is a great area denial tool that can shut down a solid portion of the field Gandalf style. The E-web has a tendency to die in games I've seen without getting a shot off if it is trying to advance down the field. I haven't used the wookies and no imperial player has the royal guards yet so I really can't give any evidence to the contrary. I have heard great things from both units though if that helps at all. With the tank and landspeeder I really don't think these two should be compared in a vacuum as they are not going to play remotely similarly. A better comparison in my opinion is the landspeeder to bikes and the tank to the AT-ST. The landspeeder is a slightly slower pair of bikes with better defense and much better offence. We don't know how much pain the landspeeder can put out but I imagine the the rotary gun will likely be similar to the AT-RT one and that is stellar in my eyes. Even with all the damage upgrades, I really don't think it's going to break 150 pts and I'm very confident that it will put out more damage than the tank. Speaking of AT-RT, and I don't mean to sound like a broken record, if armor is giving you trouble in your area I really do recommend two laser cannon AT-RTs. They work great when they gang up on imperial armor.
  6. Where are you seeing this? FFG shows “Awaiting reprint”
  7. Caimheul1313

    New vehicles!

    Yeah, but unlike some of the more recent stuff, that was established by Lucas in the prequel trilogy, specifically The Phantom Menace. Same movie that gave us an unnecessary scientific explaination for the Force /end rant. Back on topic, I think unlike the other Rebel options, the X-34 is more versatile. By which I mean decently effective at engaging a variety of targets. The crew options allow for a RPS-6 rocket launcher, giving the X-34 Impact 2 at range 2-4, and A-300, for suppressing/plinking away at infantry. For front weapons, the M-45 repeating ion blaster provides Impact 1 and Ion 1, combined with the rocket launcher means decent chance of getting a wound through for Ion. Hopefully, unlike other Ion weapons, it isn't a refresh since it's on a vehicle. The Mark II medium repeating blaster cannon looks to be just a normal blaster, so I'm assuming it will have a handful of attack dice. Unlike (in my opinion) other currently released Rebel units, you can build an X-34 with primary goal of killing infantry, but still able to fire Impact 2 rockets at a vehicle, or primarily to take on Armor, but still have a few shots to throw at a nearby infantry unit. That's a kind of unit flexibility I feel the Rebels have been lacking, while the Empire has had it since day 1 with DLT Stormtroopers and AT-ST.
  8. Alpha17

    Deep Space Nine

    I don't think Vader would be as forgiving of Quark as Odo was.
  9. deDios

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    Nearest known active armada community is 5-6 hours (8 in bad weather last time). Also have to make a border crossing every time, but I'm getting used to the sour look of the officer when when we say our business in their country is playing with plastic space ships. Next closest tournament is 8 hours drive. Flying is expensive in our neck of the woods, but we've debated a 1000mile round trip on the railroad tracks. Good news is we are just recently having enough locals to do 4 or 6 person informal 'tournaments' for bragging rights. Are we all crazy?
  10. crx3800

    Wich glue do you use?

    I used to use school glue for sand. After a while many of my minis started losing sand in my case quite often. Not enough to be noticed off the base itself, but enough to be noticed in the bottom of the bag. I've used CA instead or primed the model after putting some basing material on it. But then you have to paint the basing and it becomes this whole thing......
  11. crx3800

    Pre-order dilemma... how many officers to order?!

    To be fair, we usually get a preview/announcement and then a release day article (or really close to release day) for each unit. considering we got the vehicles this Monday, I'm expecting the personnel preview next Monday or so. Sure, it isn't a great turn around for upcoming major events, but the team that covers the FFG front page is not that connected to the individual games.
  12. The listed date would mean they hit shelves tomorrow, so, we'll know before too long.
  13. MasterShake2

    Easiest faction?

    The faction you're playing against. NOTE: This does not preclude the faction you're playing, just assume the other player is playing somehting "cheesy" and WAAC and you're good to go. For Example: I may be playing Rebels, but Luke AND Leia? That's too OP, so I'll just handicap myself.
  14. Grouvy

    Vassal Team Tournament!!!

    I'm in with these 2 guys! PEW PEW!
  15. This triggers me so hard. 😑
  16. TauntaunScout

    Easiest faction?

    Assuming you don't have an established playstyle, they are the same to me. Imperials are probably the easiest to paint in my opinion, but rebels are still pretty easy to paint. But I mean c'mon. Vader and an AT-ST could probably be painted to tabletop standard in... 30 minutes? And represent half an army build. I think I drybrush my tabletop quality stormtrooper squads in around 30 minute each, too. As far as money and time go, Imps are probably easiest. But for either faction, two core sets and a small collection of $12 characters will get you a fun army. The above times don't include assembly, because everyone has to do that.
  17. TauntaunScout

    New vehicles!

    It also really reminds me of the Libyans from Back to the Future. However $50 is a bit of a shock. Apparently this thing has a lot of pieces like the AT-ST. $50 MSRP means I'll be very slow to incorporate this into my collection, particularly slow to incorporate more than one of them. It's getting into that realm of "What else can I get for $50?: Oh, I can get several times as much fun from a miniatures competitor, or by investing in my other hobby."
  18. kaffis

    Alternate terrain rules ideas

    You could make the rule so you either touch between the center connectors, or you touch on two different trays.
  19. I've done the prison break start. They grabbed enough on their way over the wall that they never noticed or cared.
  20. Frimmel

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    I think ion weapons will be a much better "just in case" inclusion in lists than seismic charges.
  21. Which on a related note highlights the benefit of painting squads to make them easily distinguishable. Even a dip coat will work.
  22. I like option 1 because it fits the "down on your luck" themes of EotE.
  23. ztiesman

    Triple As and Poe?

    That does look good too, but I really get alot out of L'ulos ability. I was able to get 3 to 4 shots with him and rarely ever got shot back.
  24. kaosoe

    Lightsaber Colours

    Hmmm... Black, White, or Pink.... I can't decide.
  25. I’m still looking if anyone knows
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