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  2. I think it's one thing to get that distance, but another thing to accurately place that grenade within that distance (Long). A grenade generally has a lethal range of 5m so not only are you talking about throwing it at those ranges while in a firefight, but also getting it to land right where it needs to. A wookiee or some other non human may be able to do it, or if it is a human character what led to the character having this ability to unnaturally fling projectiles at that distance? If they can throw things with that kind of velocity then you should probably let them kill other characters at short range due to the velocities and the weight of the projectile. A MLB pitch has a velocity of 45 m/sec A low velocity Grenade launcher is 269 m/sec If you get hit by that grenade launcher in the face and the grenade doesn't explode you are still likely dead. With no body armor the round itself will penetrate the body and even though it won't detonate it will have to be surgically removed. As for the Rule of Cool, that is kind of a nothing statement because the subjectivity of "cool" is really different to everyone. If you like something a certain way, then I feel that is enough reason to do it. Often (and I know you may not be doing this) it is proffered as some kind of RPG law. One final thing. As the GM you represent the physics of the game world and the players will be determining their physical capabilities somewhat based on how you represent the reality of the game world in your descriptions and rulings. It's your game so of course I agree that you can do anything that you want, but I would say that maybe having things behave realistically where you can, will give the game world a sense of verisimilitude that will make your players find it easier to estimate what they can and cannot do without setting up precedents that you now may have to apply equally (such as lethally tossing rocks). I'd like to know who wrote that talent and why they put it in the game. It feels like a balancing effort in order to make grenade specialists keep up with gun guys. Guns and Grenades and Melee are different though, and I wish they had recognized this. Players can easily act in such a way that they maximize their arena of combat without the rules arbitrarily making everything valid in all situations.
  3. Hi Faration, My two cents, just run to Koronus Expanse and never to return to Calixis avoiding inquisition at all cost because the only official way forward is to get to Black Ship and go through soul binding!) In my opinion inquisition while is not an examplory organisation doesn't deal with "fake" papers for the money like imperial bureaucracy might. What I see is maybe some inquisitor having a debt to you can vouch for you, but still inquisition is not an hierarchical organisation - what one inquisitor agree on other can sentence you to death for. So it is not the solution, not the guranteed and solid for sure. What I can suggest is to get a blank into the team and have it with you all the time so no psyker could understand that you are psy active. Other option is you can hope that your warrant will defend you, but when it will be known that you are possibly an unregistered psyker you will be the target of inquisition each second, anywhere outside of your fortress, your ship and your army and the only hope is to provide to inquisition something rea-a-a-lll-yyyy valuable, not the money of course - better some services which are based on you being alive. Kind Regards.
  4. I would modify Linked to some sort of "massed fire," and rule that they can only hit each target once. Make them dangerous to the whole group, but they can't focus-fire multiple hits to one PC.
  5. I really want to believe that, but a lot has been indicating otherwise, and the LOTR-related announcements at the same time is probably just a coincidence. Fingers crossed, though - but from what i have heard, playtesters have not received new material to test for a while. If we get something new, it's gonna be a loooong time from now, and this break could not be the best for the playerbase.
  6. did we all collectively forget Worlds 2018? control 👏 shouldn't 👏 be 👏 good 👏
  7. RO-0K nodded, The plan is acceptable. it said, slinging it's blaster across it's chest, put on a thread bare poncho over it's head and pulling up the hood to mask it's features. It glanced up at Bestin. I trust you are sufficiently healed to cause maximum chaos if the situation requires?
  8. Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger Roger dnks.
  9. Hmm, off the top of my head 🤔 - A Holocron buried deep within the Ruins. Perhaps with a gatekeeper of sorts to defend it or a puzzle to unlock it - A hidden box filled with interesting cyclindrical parts used for some kind of crafting? What could those be? - A Lightsaber Crytal, a unique sapphire gem stone. - Ancient books filled with Jedi Lore - Hyperspace routes to planets like Ilum or Tython.
  10. So this is my typical print settings for Imperial Terrain items. Some items I'll add a brim to, because I've had a few items pull off the print bed.
  11. From everything I can see, the landscape and architecture is all pretty dark. Personally I'd do a range of light cool grays to black. If I had to do a pop of color, I'd choose a smokey blue. I'm sure there's some other cool ideas out there too.
  12. See that is one reason I find the sequels so hard to review fairly!! The prequels are some of the worse big budget movies you will ever find. Like for real AotC should be on MST3K for the romance alone. So for Disney has done a lot of mistakes with the franchise, but I can't help but still see it as a step up from what we were getting from Lucas (Mando being amazing for example). And I would like to think Disney have learned their lesson for any future movies........ It feels a lot of the worse fan outcry from TLJ did start during TFA, it just took a while to blow up. The hatred for Rey was real from the start, but I would say YouTube hate click algorithm was not really a thing back then (could be wrong and just missed it for years). TLJ was very divisive to a lot of fans and the haters (for a lack of a better word) jumped on that to really blow everything up. Nowadays it feels like people make their living off of Star Wars hate (top 10 ways the sequels KILLED your childhood!!!! lol). Which again makes the sequels once again so hard to review. I have a lot of problems with these movies (still enjoy them a lot) and would love to criticize them a lot more, but the hate around some aspects sort of feel dirty or to push an agenda.
  13. They have been listed as both in leaks, the original ones were titled 'Fleet Expansion Pack', with the more recent ones on Lion Rampant's site listed as 'Fleet Starter'
  14. But then it makes now sense for a new player to get since there is no maneuver tool or ruler. Personally: I will probably get both starter sets to get the other 2 maneuver tools since and rules. Giving a nice base for these new factions.
  15. People in here need to seriously look at themselves if they think a 2/2/4/1 ship with a good dial and a linked action isn’t worth 26 points.
  16. They're not listed as starter sets. They are "expansion packs." So I suspect they will be more like the X-Wing Clone Wars boxes (a large box with several ships) and less like a new Core Set. They might come with (new) obstacles, maybe at a stretch faction-specific damage decks, but probably nothing more.
  17. Nice idea. I haven't updated my rulebook because I put it on my google drive before the epic battles expansion
  18. Welcome to the club. This is a bit out of date (first addition). I’ll get around to updating it to second some day.
  19. This week we take a look at your favorite tank that barely fits in your deployment zone. https://thefifthtrooper.com/unit-guide-aat-battle-tank/
  20. I think they are already comfortable with the idea that anyone starting one of the new factions will buy a starter, regardless of if they need a maneuver tool etc. Besides, they would have to put any unique cards from the core boxes into those expansions to completely remove ANY need to buy the starters from old players, which I don't imagine them doing. If the first wave was Starter with Ship 1 and Ship 2, Commander A and Commander B, and maybe Titles X, Y, and Z, and then Ship 1 Expansion(with Commander A and Title X), and Ship 2 Expansion(with Commander B and Titles Y and Z), they could cover all players who want to get the same stuff, but not get duplicate tools, but the cost of that is having very little diversity in stuff from the jump. I think it is more likely, and also my own personal preference that they just say 'If you want to start Republic, get the starter, whether you are an old player or not'. This allows them to quickly get more variety into the new factions, and I think enough of a majority of old players would not have an issue with this.
  21. I'm not sure how I feel about this weapon being short range rather than engaged. I've always seen it as a defensive option, but with it going out to short, I can see tons of offensive use with no penalty. There is a lot going on with this sort of weapon, which runs the risk of being overloaded (by which I mean a lot to remember at one time for both GM and player, which tends to get overlooked a lot in favor of simpler/straightforward equipment). So, lets trim the fat a bit to get to the core purpose. As shown in Rebels, it appears to primarily be a tool for two purposes. A) Put distance between two melee fighters to allow one to gain the upper hand temporarily or B) to put distance between the two fighters so one can use ranged weapons effectively. In comparison with the rest of the tools, I would personally say Slow Firing 2 would be the lowest I would go. Having 8t at Slow Firing 1 encourages spamming it in tandem with Concussive to prevent any sort of melee fighter of standing a chance without having the Hard Headed talent. SF 2 would allow the melee fighter against this to have a chance at counter play while still having it be a real threat, but I would up it to 3 personally just to allow a wider gap between uses. As for the actual disengagement mechanics, its gonna be tricky no matter what. I like what you've done for the most part and think that's probably the closest generally you can get without further playtesting. Here is my personal take: Repulsor Blast: (Custom) Vambrace Attachment: (Ranged [Light]; Damage - ; Critical - ; Range [Engaged]; Concussive 1, Disorient 3, Knockdown, Slow-Firing 3. 650/8. Spend 2 Advantage on Ranged [Light] to allow user to disengage from target as an incidental. This effect can also be triggered by spending 3 Threat from a melee attack targeting the user. A Triumph/Despair can also be used to activate Knockdown. On a completely unrelated note, for the actual vambraces, I might suggest including a special rule for Sunder where damaging the vambrace also damages all attached weapons one step.
  22. Today
  23. Drop Poe to 65 and...I think I'm onboard! Board state changes every turn at my whim! Poe Dameron (68) Heroic (1) R4 Astromech (2) Integrated S-Foils (0) Blue Squadron Rookie (42) BB Astromech (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Tractor Beam (3) Blue Squadron Rookie (42) BB Astromech (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Tractor Beam (3) Blue Squadron Rookie (42) BB Astromech (1) Integrated S-Foils (0) Tractor Beam (3) Total: 209 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  24. I'm not arguing whether or not any director could have made it profitable, I'm arguing that other directors could have made it LESS profitable. As far as some studios are concerned though, the combination of Abrams and Star Wars is what led to those profits, not just it being Star Wars. Kind of how directors that make a the most profit with solo superhero films often get tagged to direct to team up films.
  25. Unlikely, they didn't mention anything L5R related on their FFG Live. I guess any information coming forward is going to be from EDGE.
  26. Nah. They're probably right where they should be. Tie/FO might be a point too cheap, with their superior dial. Raising them in price to lower cannons also nerfs any other hardpoint option for them, as well as nerfing no-upgrade ones. Nobody's really playing 8 scyks either, if you were going to, you should just play Ocho instead, flat out better.
  27. Last I heard, John wasn't too keen on the idea of coming back to the role. I believe his exact words were "you aren't gonna Disney+ me." That was awhile ago though, so I guess he could be coming back. It would be nice to see him again. He's a pretty good actor, and with more to do or just more focus on his character I'd be intrigued enough to watch.
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