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  2. Store champs round 2!
  3. Waitin' for that papercraft model.
  4. All still work in progress. In the state they are now, those little boxes at the back of the wings are used as subtle numbering. Those panels in blue I tried, did not like and removed. Instead I put dark grey on the large panel in the middle of each wing. Now I am experimenting with having a good canopy color so that it's not just blue like the engines. There are also some yellow/black warning stripes around the engine on top and the open panel on the right wing.
  5. It will also be interesting to see if someone counter claims.
  6. Interesting... Can you explain why you investigated Nippy last night? I didn't really see much to go on to cause an investigation.
  7. Wow. As I know I'm innocent, I have no idea how you got that result, nor indeed if you are telling the truth. It's still a bizarre theory, just now with stuff added that make it really odd.
  8. I AM aware of that, however, since these ships are really big and Have at least one pilot, two gunners and likely another crew, it makes sense. Add in a named crew member, Paige Tico and her Technician sister Rose, it makes sense to have a crew slot. By the above reasoning, if gunners aren't crew, why do we have a crew card called Gunner? Also, the Luke Skywalker crew card, which is him in the Millennium Falcon's Gunwell.
  9. I'm probably going to regret saying that.
  10. About that... well, I guess it's time to call it out. I am Imperial Security Bureau Loyalty Officer Thor Tur-u, in layman's terms, a cop. I'll probably get murdered or lynched for saying this, but I investigated ForceGhost and he's as scummy as they come. This hopefully explains my bizarre theory earlier.
  11. Hey, fair. I guess it makes no sense to oust who the cop may be if we don't know who the possible scum may be, since we wouldn't know what we're looking for. If this leads to my demise, I'll take my medicine.
  12. I guess this means the star wars game 1 week + 1 day from now is canceled :D. Not that it matters. For my son'so fifth birthday I am going to get him a mace windu (electromagnetic wind) lightssaber from ultra sabers
  13. It could definitely work but you would build characters differently and difficulties would have to be reducee to make it fair, it will result in , perhaps, a lot more triumphs.
  14. That is why TIE's need this:
  15. What's a Legendary NPC?
  16. Thats fine, but I've said similar things about moodswing.
  17. Gunners arnt crew. They're too busy gunning to do crew things, just like pilots. See any ship with a turret or non-firespray alt arc.
  18. Yeah I mean, I'm sure the scum already were working under the assumption we have a cop, for the reasons I already elucidated. Who knows, maybe they thought Cninja was trying to extend the voting period to gain insight into an investigation target. No reason to let them know who it is unless that person has an investigation confirmed scum to share with the class. Cal, that looks a lot like role fishing and brought you up a few notches on my list.
  19. So I'm seeing a bit of suspicion going my way, and I figure it's time to lay out the cards behind my previous strange theories: 1. Originally, I suspected Truthi because of how much banter he was putting out, but then I realized he's always like that. 2. Then I began to suspect Toad, but wanted to give him a chance to explain, so I waited before joining the vote. Case in point: Hopefully this clears my position on Toad and Truthiness up.
  20. I did a version with Dash, and like you guys said, it struggled, even though I had Vectored Thrusters in Wullff. The Lone Wolf reroll isn't enough help for offense or defense. I'm tabling the idea for now.
  21. My first thought, while not strictly cannon, was perhaps a distant land based cousin to the Mynock. Though I did just look up on Wookieepedia and it indicates a few varieties live on planets. So it would make sense for them to be near the ship and possibly engine room. Mynock stats in EotE CRB p413 *Edit: they are also Minons
  22. TLT is another 7pts. We were talking about an unguided rockets build. A more expensive, less durable Ywing isn't great. A HWK is still bad with a +1 primary and better dial 2.5/3/3/2 already happens at 21pts in the tie advanced. Those don't see play, either would this. 3/3/3/1 is also 22pts of alpha with a shield upgrade. Not really viable either. Out of faction gets just as close and just as No matter what load out you pick there are similar ships in faction (or out for TLT) that do pretty much the exact same thing and usually better. The empire doesn't have very many "Imperial only" upgrades that break either and NO unique slots to help.
  23. Congrats, now the next two years you can get to teach him to walk and talk, followed by 15 trying to get him to sit down and shut up, followed by a few years of wondering where they are and what they are up to.
  24. So probably dumb to announce that? I was just trying to do the meta thing, since you said we have a cop, probably, anyone claiming cop would have to be the actual cop, so we'd have another known town. I guess not smart cause scum could lynch the cop at night, unless we had some sort of way to protect? I was just trying to see who else was verified town, but if that's dumb then we can look at other ways to cure this infection.
  25. Yep, starting business. Although, there is an upgrade on the homestead for a landing pad, so I guess the business could use that upgrade as well.
  26. Eh, as much as I want to punch someone, Kamoa wouldn't leave her side. Feel free to do whatever you want, he'll just take last action slot.
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