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  2. Nice. That works well too RoV
  3. Absolutely - always. The more you can give the GM to work with, the more rewarding the game will be. I've got a list of 50 questions around here somewhere that I usually try and fill out as a player, and love to get from the others when GMing.
  4. While I agree I'd like to see variety. This is a very slippery slope. Of course, it should matter if they are OP. The X-Wing should not get a free pass because it is "iconic". "Iconic" means nothing when it comes to the game design. Now, this isn't to say the X-Wing doesn't need help, I think it does but it should be a carefully balanced and considered due to the fact that I don't want you to take an X-Wing and it automatically be a good list. Now this might be me assuming a lot, but whenever I see threads about 'fixing' the X-Wing it is usually because people are considering the films and how 'iconic' the ship is. This should not matter...this should not matter in the slightest, it should not matter the game is called "X-Wing" and the actual X-Wing is not very good. The X-Wing should not be a god ship that you can just take and automatically do very well it needs to be balanced. If we were to start basing game mechanics around the idea of "Iconic" and fluff, well then we best start making sure Luke, Han, Lando, Chewbacca etc get extra text that says "When defending, during the compare results step you may add three evade results".
  5. Yep. Tested mine, and was sorely tempted to keep the "loaded" ones, the "hot" ones, but kept only the dice that presented a fair balance of results. Tested 4 complete sets of dice, and kept only 7 reds and 5 greens. Then, one day, during a game against a regular opponent, he mistakenly picked up three of my greens and jumbled them into his pile, then again with four of my reds before I realized what he'd done. And guess what? I'm back to rolling crap. Absolute. Utter. Crap.
  6. ventress jabba is one that I have been toying with it can win but it has a hard time against Epalp
  7. Once a player in my role playing campaign brought a d6 which was visibly distorted, did not even looked like a cube. I tried it and rolled 6 like 9 out of 10 times. In the system we played, projectile weapons used exploding dice for the damage rolls. The guy was trying to convince me that there was nothing wrong with that dice. I told him that he could use it in the game, but I will use the same dice against him. He decided to get another one...
  8. Dude, thats the F*cking point! You can do anything with the toilet seat, but the frame is so under-costed over powered that it still kicks ***! You cant go wrong with the stupid things
  9. Yesterday
  10. I hope my comic store gets my copy in on Thursday. Normally, I pick the new books up the Friday of release, but my wife just joined a softball league, and their first game is this Friday. No time to get to the store then to her game.
  11. I'd say something like Expert Handling or Black One. Something that helps against all these Target Locks or in general supports you actually using the barrel roll action.
  12. Wait what???? So when being attacked by a cannon or missle or torpedo at range 3....the defender does not get the extra green dice? What about if its obstructed? if this is true it seems very stupid... i get why the attacker wouldnt get a bonus red...but why penalize the defender at all.
  13. With these reservations, and the amount of reservations, I believe we should reserve very high expectations for the population of the reservations.
  14. I wasn't trying to nit-pick, but more so highlight not everything is Mindlink, especially since so the forums (broadly) are acting as if it's all Mindlink lists out there, and there are truly other competitive lists out there. I feel really disheartened that so many are disheartened. For instance, I'm really unsure why Gerry's fair ship rebel (jess, Rex, Biggs, and braylen stress bot) hasn't been more popular - it's an incredibly good and powerful list.
  15. My biggest concern isn't access to the core set early. It is if there are only 8 koteis world wide am I going to be unable to support my clan and play in tourneys because i don't have a ticket bot working for me?
  16. I might make GenCon if I can figure out lodging.
  17. No, you do not interlock trays between any units. The connectors only ever connect trays for the same unit.
  18. FFG almost looks like Nintendo, making their fanbase fight for scarce items. That "they only want to sell core sets" thing is no joke. I still wasn't able to buy my Dunwich Legacy box, it's like they don't want my money!
  19. The patron from before takes a pot shot up at S'zish. Shooting S'zish: 2eP+1eA+2eD 1 success, 4 advantage The attack hits true and does 7 points of damage. The blast hits S'zish in the chest and causes you to add a setback to your next action(2 advantage). He then ducks inside the container out of sight of the party (maneuver) and frantically presses the call button waiting for the doors to open (2 advantage).
  20. It doesn't need to, because if it just changed your command to a Squadron command it would be worded identically to Wing Commander.
  21. It´ s not a balance the game thread, only ideas for how a new upgrade could be implemented that helps (small) barrel rolling ships. The idea of the upgrade being a counterpoint to autothrusters, not much else....
  22. Luke has to take Deadeye. Literally the only time he flew an X-Wing in combat, all he did was stay alive (using Biggs and Integrated Astromech for most of that) and then launch a 4-crit Proton Torpedo without first taking a Target Lock.
  23. I think you mean JMO9K (JankMaster Over 9,000)
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