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  2. Something = errata? Looks like you solved your own problem.
  3. Just let it go man. You gonna trigger him, and he spoils everything ever.
  4. Mechanichally, they're fine. My problem is that they don't really gel with the (highly subjective) Star Wars feeling. I don't think they're broken, balance-wise, but it makes the game more akin to classic dungeon crawling where you tank a few hits, chug a potion and you're fine to face a new encounter. Which is fine, but it doesn't feel like star wars to me. Then again, I bet there's a lot of people that like that kind of game play and prefer their Star Wars RPG to be the kind of RPG they like first, and flavored Star Wars second. But me? I'm a narrativistic simulationist at heart.
  5. Yep. A Partisan livery U-Wing + X-Wing pack would be ideal.
  6. I find this highly convincing.
  7. Duble bladed swords are bull they are truley bull there is nothing cool about them they are just silly they are inpractical, There is nor reason why they should exists. And I hate pod racing!
  8. What exactly is the problem here? Is someone complaining about reading Battlefront 2 spoilers in a thread about Battlefront 2?
  9. I like the broken horn better too
  10. Kylo and his I'll Show You The Dark Side condition still trigger, it's still resolved. You deal that particular damage card, and the condition goes away. Kylo will need to choose a new damage card from the deck when assigning the condition the next time. Moff Jerjerod just doesn't care that Kylo did his business. At least, he doesn't so long as he has crew to sacrifice. Chewbacca (pilot or crew) works the same way, as would Integrated Astromech. You receive the chosen damage card, but it's then either flipped face down or discarded without Blinded Pilot preventing an attack. ISYTDS "worked" it just didn't really accomplish anything. This is different from, say, Zeb Orrelios defending. Odds are Zeb has enough evades to cancel enough crit results. If so, he never suffers a critical damage, and the condition never triggers. The chosen damage card stays on ISYTDS, and if Kylo moves ISYTDS to another ship the same damage card will be moved over.
  11. @theBitterFig FAA on Jess was not as useful, but she got focused down pretty quickly. For a 1 point astromech, I think it’s a no-brainer really. I put plasma torpedos on Poe with leftover points. M9-G8 on Jess might have been more useful, but I did manage to blast off 5 shields from Nym with them, which was glorious. If I were to tweak this list, maybe I’d put M9-G8 on Jess, drop Plasma from Poe, and then either keep Primed Thrusters on her and a bid or put pattern analyzer on her.
  12. Asked for core set for Christmas shortly after the TableTop video came out. Got 2. Over the next three years, played occasionally with my brother or a cousin over the next 3 years, all the while reading the forums, watching battle reports and Worlds' videos. I have read the rules and FAQ's several times. Played myself on the kitchen table many many times. Had about 50 ships and 10 games under my belt. Finally found a FLGS and went about 4-4 in a couple tournaments but then moved an hour away. Continued to play myself, practicing judging distance and angles, getting more ships. Then early this year finally found a FLGS in my new area. Went 13-8 in league play and then 6-1 to win the end of season tournament. Then went 3-1 to take 2nd in a pre-season tournament and 5-3 in league play leading up to this Sunday's end of season tournament. I must admit my 27-13 record at this place is a big surprise to me. There are several players who have much more experience including a couple people who have made cuts at regionals. I do not like using "meta" lists and try to fly things that may use a "piece of meta" for example, won the tournament with Attanni Kavil/4-LOM/Cobra. First of all, if you are going to play at leagues or tournaments, you have to read the rules and FAQ's front to back. But I think the biggest thing I can point to that has helped me is placing ship bases on the table with other bases and obstacles and using the maneuver templates to see which maneuvers you can pull without hitting anything. I have used this to pull some seemingly miraculous maneuvers or hilarious blocks.
  13. As I said, it makes no sense.
  14. Toryn is a beast, she is probably the best officer upgrade in the game because of all the circumstances she is good in. Blue Flack becomes amazing you get the consistency of black dice at medium range, most all fighters get more consistent damage output, and she can help you with ship to ship combat as well. Shes the whole package deal.
  15. Either would be an awesome addition, the Purgatory class would be to long but it does have landing ships that are shuttles would I feel be similar to the U-wing in how they work so that could be the 2 person shuttle. Really they should just fix the Hwk-290 and make it a 2 person shuttle.
  16. A repaint essentially means a specific, targeted fix pack. So the question really should be what ships are most likely to see fixes? There are a few logical contenders. The rebels have the best candidates. Despite the brilliant combo of Flight Assist Astromech and Integrated Astromech, there are still lots of reasons to reissue the T-65. There are lots of cool characters from both the new canon and the old EU who could go in, and people will buy T-65 product. I'm also going to disagree with the initial statement and say that a handful of large ships do seem like good candidates for a repaint/reissue - and best candidate is the U-Wing. Like the T-65, we have characters that we could definitely see in the ship (Saw, Two-Tubes and, of course, K-2SO), and we also have repaints from Rebels that could be brought in. The other factions are trickier. The TIE Swarm could do with a boost, and we just got red striped TIE Fighters, so the classic TIE/ln is a possibility, as is the TIE Striker (though I'm not sure how it'd be repainted given it's lack of alternative depictions). Scum's three best choices have all recently been done, so the only guess I have might be... Maybe the Z-95? Just because it's been flown so much in the lots the chances of their being decent characters to put in it seems high, plus an EPT generic Headhunter in either faction would be cool.
  17. Most likely: Blue Squadron X-wing for Rebels Inferno Squadron TIE for Imperials Millennium Falcon (Solo film repaint) for Scum What I'd like to see: Partisan X-wing for Rebels Inferno Squadron TIE for Imperials Broken Horn C-ROC (with top engine removed) for Scum - also the least likely on my list
  18. Wait, who's saying Toryn doesn't help with flak? That can't be someone's real opinion, can it?
  19. I think I'll have to buy the Sheathipede for no other reason than to accomplish that Blue Ace (and thankfully the Silencer has Primed Thrusters). That hard-boost is so sweet. Flight Assist seems like such a natural fit for them. I'd been running R2-D6/Predator, and FAA/Primed seems like it could accomplish a solid amount. Less firepower if you can keep your target in arc and just focus, but stronger if you need FAA to get arc. How useful was FAA on Jess? I've enjoyed M9-G8 TLs on Poe, to up his sustain damage potential.
  20. The Defender light Corvette is more inline with the GR-75 since the Defender is 4 metres longer. The Defender is also from Knights of the Old Republic so I cannot see Disney allowing it but FFG could do something similar, as someone pointed out earlier it would be nice to have another support ship for each faction.
  21. I love the concept of this and tried something similar back in the mid-Wave 4 days, but it was lackluster due to my poor flying of it. 19 points is also a sticker shock, 6 per flotilla over the base cost, 7 for Toryn. How do you fly this to get the best use out of it? I was trying to use it in an Mc30 fleet and they usually ended up too far away from the kill zone to be benefited by the flak support.
  22. I have been thinking about the errata for a few days. At first I was shocked and dismayed. I don't like per game abilities. Having a blank text box is about my least favorite think to have happen to a character. I give tactics Eowyn a pass because having 4 willpower in that sphere is almost an ability itself. Lore Aragorn however, I never use even though you could drop your threat by double digits. But as I thought about it, I realized the thing that actually bugs me about the errata isn't that it ruined Hama and Caldara, but that it didn't really effect them in the way it was supposed to. Caldar hasn't been slowed at all from up ending the game balance on turn 2 with Arwyn, Irahil, and another ally Sword Thaned. And a Hama deck can still shut down one third of the encounter deck for 4 turns, longer if you draw another thicket or a record. Boromir is another story, but I'm cool with that. Now I feel the errata is not that big a deal after all. I can see how the necessity of nerfing a co-op game could be argued, but waiting the game (or at least threatening to), that is just insane.
  23. I strongly recommend against running Chopper and Extra Munitions without any munitions to extra (whether actual bombs or actual torpedoes), just run R5-P9 instead. They're both 3 points. You'll have added offensive potential since you can spend the focus to attack, but no limit on the number of times the droid can used. You can get slightly countered by Carnor Jax or Hotshot Copilot, but it's probably worth it. Chopper + EM + Plasma, or Chopper + EM + Bomb Loadout + Ion seems great, since they add something besides just shields. Taking a 1-shot Seismics seems cool to me, though. There are sometimes awkwardly placed rocks you'd prefer to delete. If not, it's a shield. You don't see Seismic Torpedoes that often, I figure because there are some games you just don't feel like you need them. However, with Chopper they can also be re-purposed to a shield.
  24. Not with this topic no, with this game and ffg games in general ! I'm gonna spend my money where developpers are actually competant and cares for real about their community, where they're not just errating cards for personnal vendetta against some youtube vidéo where they saw their quest beated by 4 decks in the all game... That guy wich i'm not going to say his name anymore, don't even play his game except on some promo "covenant" videos full of mistakes. he should do like me, and forget about his game ! Then join the magic the gathering designers, there he could create tons of cards and nerf them for better reasons than what he did in this co-op game where the need was close to ZERO... Enjoy your weekend, and thanks again grace the Almighty, for the outsanding full of brain reflexion works you made here ! Hope you're gonna live a long Numenorean life so we get even more of those erratas ! Can't wait for the next ones !
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