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  2. I know this doesn't change the design choice but "in universe" the cross-guard on Kylo's saber is not intended as a guard. He is trying to push to much power into the blade and the excess needs to be vented out. He is also using a cracked crystal which is why his saber throws sparks and hisses instead of being smooth and humming. He didn't know how to build a light-saber on his own but he did what he could to make it work. It is a little dumb, and certainly impractical but I like it. It gives us a good parallel for Kylo. He has more hate and anger than he can hold. That said, there is a "normal" light-saber shown in the Rebels show that has a cross guard and that one has no excuse in my mind. All that said: If you don't like it, I understand. I didn't like it at first either. But that's no reason to tell other people what they can or can't think is cool. If people like cross guard light-sabers so be it (they are canon). Nobody is telling you that you have to like them. As for a Jedi unit, I think we will just have to wait and see what FFG announces.
  3. But here’s the thing. No faction will EVER be fully fleshed out. FFG can't release everything at once. Yes they will focus on clone wars throughout the coming year, but they have likely already designed/planned the majority of the release. While YOU may not want the sequel content, there are others that do. Going by how FFG released two new factions not even a full year after Legions release, leads me to think that they are already planning new content for even more factions. Granted this may be in the early stages, but it doesn't make sense to ignore it. I'm sure if I went back, I could find many posts where people were saying it is too soon for clone wars.
  4. Well the timing specified is in the rules. After being destroyed means right before it's removed.
  5. So, people have been clamoring for the SSD since this game released. Since the very first request for an SSD, I have been saying that I thought it was just too big to fit in the game and it would either look off or be prohibitively expensive. I think my words were along the lines of “even with the sliding scale it will look too small.” When it was announced I still maintained my cautious stance of, “I don’t think it will work.” Throughout this entire time I have had a caveat, that I had faith in FFG and if they could pull it off, I would retract all of my previous statements. I finally got my SSD yesterday, and I officially retract all of my previous statements. This thing is gorgeous. Sure, it’s not in perfect scale, but it’s big enough to dwarf everything else on the table, and you can easily ignore the fact that it isn’t scaled perfectly (what in Armada is, after all) or imagine that it’s a tactical overlay on a holo-table or something, rather than a perfect representation of all the ships. I was wrong, the ship is amazing, and FFG pulled it off.
  6. Yeah Kempy isn't actually of fan of Nu5R. He's still convinced that its a pale version of O5R and the 20 year old design schtick that it represented.
  7. drainsmith


    Kind of the other way around. Genesys is generic-ified version of Star Wars. You will not find the Genesys logo on any Star Wars RPG product.
  8. I'm not sure what the issue is Vlad. Are you afraid of discussion or what? You never did tell me what your favorite issue # or storyline from Ms. Marvel was. What do you like best about Kamala Khan's run of Ms. Marvel?
  9. In fairness, auto designers don't have to worry about people going out of their way to find the unsafe features of the car. The safety is as much a function of people trying to drive safely as it is a function of the car's construction. Game developers, on the other hand, have to take into account people trying to break the game.
  10. @Alpha17 there’s this thing called Plot Armor that makes a massive difference, too. Again, I’m not arguing the mechanics specifically. I realize I don’t have a great grasp of that. I simply don’t believe you that they couldn’t make a jedi squad that is the right combination of high cost and low power. And perhaps more the point, I don’t believe that it would make them feel unflavorful.
  11. Is the whole topic of the thread is it not, to balance some ships out, to get us to that "perfect" game balance. Off course this is a never ending pursuit in an ever evolving game, but striving for it, is not silly I believe.
  12. You said this: This is not the opposite. Above you flat out said they’d ignore the existing factions. So my post was saying that they are not doing so. The 80% was from the developers themselves, one of their live streams they said the release schedule is going to be about 80/20 in favour of the clone wars content. That is likely for the coming year. So while that may have changes, it implies that they don't plan on ignoring anything. So why would it be any different sequel content? Now, the issue about the timing, I can admit I did make assumptions about what you said; but when I read what I quoted, there was no mention of timeline. Just that it “would be a terrible time for legion as a game to release new factions”. I honestly read that as a way of saying that the game doesn't need anything else, not even in a years time. Which I don't think anyone would even expect a sequel starter to come before that. But a year is a fairly long time. I fully admit that the clone wars era is the BEST era for legion - it is the only one in open warfare. That being said, while FFG is working on one faction, they are no doubt testing stuff for others. I have a feeling they will have already tested game mechanics and are just waiting to get all the info they can from lucasfilm for sequel content. It seems their relationship is growing as FFG were the first to reveal the visual appearance of the Nadiri Starhawk. FFG has also created FOUR starter sets for the Star Wars RPG, so they don't seem to have an issue with overlapping content. So, I do agree, releasing sequel factions right now would be folly, but I do think that an announcement sometime next year IS likely. To have time to design units and produce them, there is probably a lot more done for the clone wars that we are even aware of.
  13. I like this a lot, but I'm not 100% sold on Braylen. I don't see him benefiting from Lando as much as other pilots, and he's lacking a means to deal with his stress. If you self stress for double mods one turn, then you're locked out of a red maneuver next turn, and basically locked into a blue if you want a focus token. I think Ten Numb is more self-sufficient, and pairs better with Lando. Ten can take a lock with his action, then use Lando's action to focus into red barrel roll for the stress. With the points you save on Braylen, you can take Jyn Erso on Lando so that Ten's spare focus becomes an evade, which should help make him as if not more consistent than Braylen. And so long as you get the dice to burn that focus, Ten can 2k or 1 tallon next turn. Dropping Trick Shot on Lando also gives you the points for FCS and Elusive on Ten. At that point, he's basically Braylen but with an extra evade token and the potential to keep using all the red on that dial. The defensive re-roll also slightly improves your odds of getting to burn that stress you just generated with the red maneuver.
  14. I understand that that interpretation could be the correct one, but my logic (that may be wrong) is this: Rules state among other dots: • A unit that is withdrawing cannot perform any other actions, including free actions, and cannot use any of its own abilities or keywords while withdrawing. • A withdraw is considered a move action. As I understand, the turn will go: 1. Start of unit activation 2. Perform Rally 3. Use all of that unit's actions to perform a withdraw (speed-1 move action) 4. End of unit's activation, you already ended the withdraw (move) so you can use the Coordinated Bombardment abbility
  15. The Clone Wars core set isn't even officially released yet, and I've already moved on to an alt model for Obi-Wan. My paint job isn't the greatest, and I unfortunately have had some bad popcorning with my latest can of white primer, but he turned out OK. Unlike the alt models for the Generic Imperial officers, I'll probably use the official/alt at a 50/50 basis.
  16. Right, but again... why does that matter? It’s not like there’s any degree of competition involved that needs to be kept fair.
  17. I don't think Finn is really representative of the average First Order stormtrooper, as far as I know he's the only defector ever. It does seem to me that First Order stormtroopers seem more heavily indoctrinated given training since childhood, so courage 2 would seem appropriate to me and a way to differentiate them from Imperial stormtroopers.
  18. This year FFG had a 2 months release schedule: The Ghost of Framsburg: February 7th, Mount Gundabad: April 4th, The Fate of Wilderland: June 6th, A Shadow in the East: August 2nd. This is not counting both PoD scenarios from June 28th. So I expect the next AP in the first week of October, probably on the 3rd.
  19. If squeal factions has to happen (which I don't want), then at least let's see fully fleshed out clone wars factions first. Considering ffg fully fleshed out galactic civil war factions before releasing clone wars at all, I think that is the path they will take for clone wars as well.
  20. The hawk and the falcon, aka my rebel birds need a Wingate or 2. I am really committed to Lando but thebrest of the lis is flexible. Any suggestions Jan Ors (43) Ship total: 43 Half Points: 22 Threshold: 3 Lando Calrissian (80) Nien Nunb (5) Ship total: 85 Half Points: 43 Threshold: 7 Corran Horn (66) Crack Shot (1) Fire-Control System (2) R4 Astromech (2) Ship total: 71 Half Points: 36 Threshold: 3 Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0: https://raithos.github.io/?f=Rebel Alliance&d=v8ZsZ200Z46XWWWWWY43XWWW52WWWWY21X116W113WW5W&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  21. Exactly! Attack is thoroughly detailed where as bombing is not, which allows infinite bombs when released outside of the System Phase. Hopefully FFG is paying attention to this thread so they can errata the cards going into the Fully Loaded pack.
  22. I mostly agree with you. Not totally underwhelming. But if you feel liking jumping to another faction, you can get something more competitively effective for the same or even less points - like everything in Scum. But Scyks look good on the table and aren't totally boring to fly, so I'll keep feeding other folks' egos. And hope that someday FFG gets the costing right. Unfortunately for me, I've turned my local meta into anti-Guri experts.
  23. Love this work. Is the tank airbrushed? The subtle changes in color gradient are amazing.
  24. I play the game at a decent level, having attended GenCon every year the LCG has been there and Worlds for the last two years, and the vast majority of players are there to have fun. I took hard loses in the top four of Worlds 2017 and the top 16 at GenCon this year, and smiled through them - no need to make my opponent feel bad for beating me! Gaming is a shared social experience. Most people remember that and contribute to the experience even on the highest competitive stage.
  25. This whole thread is completely political, and should never have been started. If FFG had announced they were joining it might have worked, but otherwise it comes across as pushing a particular political agenda. Be no different than if I started a thread about using game companies to support gun rights.
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