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  2. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    The yelling is its own kind of happy. No worries
  3. HIE adds some competition for leading shots on the larger ships, and some CR90B are gonna love it. General Draven's presence will weaken A-wing spam somewhat and makes Dengar no longer an auto-include. This one card makes the MC30 much more multi-role than it currently is, IMO. EWS looks rather attractive on a CR90A flagship, and harmonizes with rather than replaces Jaina's Light. But the thing I like best about this wave is the way that the most interesting upgrades compete so strongly with others. You can't just staple in the new cards and suddenly generate awesomeness where there was none before it. Something else will have to be given up.
  4. Scum Sheathipede-Shuttle

    Just because a ship could be used by other factions, it doesn't have to be. If the rebels have an "iconic" ship of a certain type, we shouldn't just force another faction in, just because we can.
  5. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    And then there is the kid with Corran Horn.
  6. Scum GR-75 conversion kit.

    Gabe does a lot of interesting things. He should get to work on this forum.
  7. Scum GR-75 conversion kit.

    It's remains a solid conversion kit. The release of the C-ROC didn't change that. Like I said, I plan to convert at least one, possibly two, GR-75s for Scum capital ship variety. OK, most likely two. When I play, I play big.
  8. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    My bad for the yelling
  9. When you mean Miranda, why not say Miranda?

    What are you talking about? Not efficient? It has the same stats as the lambda which is considered a really good deal for the stats, if not for the horrendous dial. The scurrg has a (much) better dial and a better upgrade bar. That ship is ridiculously efficient in it's points.
  10. Burdened

    Could work. I might actually make it so you get one less movement per item above the limit. I might also have the S SPECIAL tile grant one extra inventory slot due to incresed strength. Maybe also have P allow you to Scout from one space away, E allow you to recover 1 extra HP per Rest, C allow you to have one extra companion, I allow you to gain 33% extra XP rounded down, A give one extra movement per Move and L grant one reroll.
  11. I'm less optimistic that we'll see more related to Rebels. The show is about to end, and I'm not sure there will be a huge appetite for the range in the long term. Its different for something like Rogue One - those characters are much more ingrained in the mainstream, and have much wider appeal. I also wonder a little about the sculpts - There's a risk that something like Ezra or Zeb would look too cartoony against classic SW sculpts. I love Rebels as much as anyone else, but, sadly, with the overall trajectory IA is taking, I'm not sure we'll ever seen the range finished.
  12. I don’t get why peeps don’t like Tie Punishers

    TIE Interdictor - Title - Punisher Only - May equip two additional mods. All equipped upgrades have their cost reduced by 1 to a min of 0. Hardened Shields - Punisher Only - Mod - After you are dealt damage, reduce that damage by 1 to a min of 1.
  13. Hello, New content from wave 7 had been added, I think everything is there ! bye
  14. So, release date game....

    Kinda like the progress bar on most software? Or the Time-Left indicator. It's just there to give you hope.
  15. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    This week it sure seems to be. Where’s the Denver stream so we can complain about twitch commentary?
  16. Spade Squadron Redux OOC

    @Rakaydos well I spent two strain to get the extra maneuver which allows me too use an action. I'm just roleplaying my character in that he would want to be the center of attention and would strain himself to do so. If you don't want that I can always redo the post.
  17. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    Not to mention Andrew Bunn with his beloved Parattani.
  18. Ahh.. thanks, I'd forgotten about that. Still, at least this shows Disney isn't opposed to EVERYTHING introduced in the prequel era.
  19. FFG not welcoming to new players.

    There are, and always have been, cheap ways of getting into the game competitively. I've been recommending top-tier lists with minimal investment to new players for years. There were brobots, certain versions of Palp Aces (ebaying Palpatine), etc. Today, there's Auzituck lists and Dash/Miranda. I actually strongly disagree with your initial post and think FFG has done an excellent job of making the game competitively accessible to new players.
  20. Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Is this the forum's happy place?
  21. Possible spoiler for next rebel release

    Too bad he wasn't a little short for a Stormtrooper....
  22. Well, thankfully Boba’s already useful to me in campaign and the ap, so I’m actually considering bespin first cause the tiles look like a fun twist for indoors, and the enemies add some nice variety. It also adds in Bossk and Lando so... we’ll see
  23. General Sorin / Grand Admiral Thrawn: Sorin arrived this week, so spent this afternoon painting him up in the style of Grand Admiral Thrawn in ground assault gear (ala "Rebels - Zero Hour Part 2"). So I now have an early career (Elite officer) and Grand Admiral version of Thrawn . Decided to go or light grey body armour and dark grey helmet (instead of white) as it feels a bit more interesting than just white all over. Still need to varnish and then gloss the google visor, but wanted to snap a pic before I pack him up for tonight game (picking up RtoH in a couple of hours, first IA campaign game since - checks - November! game on!).
  24. Kuat & Cymoon for me, especially Kuat. A pimped Kuat with hardened bulkeads and jerjerrod is pure awesomeness. Also love strategic adviser
  25. What's the most exciting thing about the new wave for you?

    I'm excited that this wave is getting me to get invested in this game. So excited!
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