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  2. SteveB86

    My legion painting.

    It's been a while but I have finally finished painting my snowtroopers, I wanted to move away from the normal white/off white look. This is what they look like. Feel free to comment and leave feed back. Next on my painting list is the scout troopers. http://imgur.com/gallery/PxsYwuN
  3. Hi Guys. Thanks for Your answers Bob lied
  4. GhostofNobodyInParticular

    [MAFIA] And then there were. . .? - DAY 1

    Hammer! You all decide that surely it must be the one who claimed to be thinking. What Senator has time to think? Thus the unfortunate thinker is ganged up on and bored to death by mind-numbing reports. His brain can't handle the mindlessness of it all and dies. @clontroper5 has been lynched. He was a town-aligned PGO. Players: @LTD @clontroper5 - (6) Bertie Wooster , Matt3412, PodRacer, EbonHawk, Bertie Wooster, LTD, Caldias, Jabba @The Jabbawookie @Caldias @Bertie Wooster - (2) clontroper5, LTD @PodRacer @EbonHawk @Matt3412 @Madaghmire - (0) PodRacer @Constantine Valdor 6 to hammer. Night has begun. It will end in 26 hours, because I won't be around at the proper end of night or before.
  5. Okapi

    taking down aces

    Just one Punisher helps a lot, but yeah, Seismics are great. All the tokens and agility in the world doesn't help against automatic damage, and forcing the aces to fly around exploding rocks makes them so much more predictable. Ordnance is also generally good if you can keep them at R3. It's true that any shot can be dodged, but if you bring 2-3 ordnance carriers and slowroll them, flying them slightly fanned out, you should be able to catch approaching aces. Hit them once, then speed up and block or go past. Most arc-dodging aces are hesistant to k/sloop/troll, and if they're only turning and maybe boosting, you can get away and grab a lock for the next pass. I don't have all that much experience running all I1-2, but I tend not to bid at all, even if I bring I5s. In that case it's better to just expect that you have to move first, and practice that. Also, use pilots and upgrades that don't mind shooting first and ideally get some sort of bonus out of it. Examples of this are Juke, Tractor Beam, Shadow Caster title, Whisper, Turr Phennir and to a certain extent Vermeil. There are also abilites that work better at low I, such as Magva Yarro, Leebo (you can run these to together, BTW) and Valen Rudor. These are not bad! I've more than one example of Rudor rolling himself (or someone else with Squad Leader) out of the way of their second ace after taking a hit from the first, and hitting back at range 1 since I now suddenly have arc. Also, you can surround aces. Soontir can dodge one TIE Fighter, and he can dodge four of them in tight formation. He cannot dodge for of them coming at him from all four sides.
  6. AramoroA

    2.0 debris damage

    It's worth noting you do not take a face up damage, you suffer a critical damage which you can just take on your shields.
  7. Vontoothskie

    Astromechs - what are they good for?

    lol, your advice is excellent for real ground wars, but doesnt consider a 3'x3' 2d plane as the battlefield. lines of retreat and falling back are both tactics used by armies with supply lines who can dig in to fortifications or regroup with reserves. In dogfights those concepts dont exist. you can only run if your plane is faster AND you still risk getting lit up by the enemy who can essentially fire at will through your tail. **** in ww2 the bombers wouldnt even try to run once fighters intercepted, theyd stay in formation and try to finish the mission because they knew a B17 couldnt escape a Bf-109, and prayed friendly fighters could save them. the othe Boelke edicts actually contradict running in X-wing its doubly true, as your opponent can just follow you until the board edge forces you to turn back into their volley. in my experience the only time running works reliably in x-wing is if your pursuers have crap dials and you dont. occasionally you can bluff somebody, its just such a coin toss though. when disadvantaged youre generally better off knife fighting and hoping your opponent screws up, or making a random movement theyre less likely to predict in the hopes of overshooting their arcs and coming in at a better angle
  8. This is where it's interesting Mockingbird is saying that Oicunn ignores all restrictions that prevent him from attacking at Range 0, together with your reasoning that prevents Ryhmer from attacking at Range 0, means that Oicunn can attack anyone at range 0 in or out of arc. (Note he does NOT say attack range 0, just range 0 which is different) because he's ignoring all the rules about who he can attack including his weapon range. OR he cannot attack a target at range 0 because his weapon does not include 0 as a range he can attack at.
  9. Stewart777

    A Couple Questions

    How do you guys deal with Hummerhorns? Their stats are just fine to deal with, but the text reads: 5 damage will outright kill some heroes in one go. Do you buff up with armour or the like? You could also attack them in the staging area I guess.
  10. General Zodd

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    I think that was intentional. Especially with the locations from Midnight Masks as well, Threads of Fate felt like coming home. More familiar game mechanics, familiar locations, familiar encounter card sets! The fact that we had stumbled out of the jungle after two punishing scenarios, particularly the second, then had a more relaxed time, also getting the best resolution and completing all the agendas, then heading back into the jungle, we actually felt like our characters must have done. That sinking feeling when you realise you have to go back out there... So, I thought the relative difficulties was all part of the narrative structure, personally.
  11. AramoroA

    Rotate turret

    It's one of the big reasons Dengar is trash in this edition, and all Jump Masters for that matter.
  12. Captain Lackwit

    Poll - what is your playstyle?

    I love using nimble fighters effectively just as much as I love using ion cannons to give my nimble pretties a chance to mess up somebody's day!
  13. Depends on what the rebel player decide. If you put all attachments to a single group that has high health, the heroes can just weather attacks from that group, and potentially getting them Stunned to reduce their efficiency. Also, by the time you afford all of that (if you ever do), the rebels will have very good weapons to deal with them as well.
  14. Archangelspiv

    taking down aces

    I thought these words would never ever enter the forum... but.... triple Punishers flinging bombs, blowing up asteroids and launching Torpedoes. I dont think 3 aces can kill a Punisher in one turn, but it does sadden me that the meta is starting to form and it isn't great. It hearkens back to the days of Triple JM5K's.
  15. It is my understanding that the Pierce 2 from Internal Rot cannot be applied to an attack that hexes a monster for the first time. This is different from the ability of the Shadow Soul. The triggering condition of Internal Rot is "Each of your attacks [...] targeting a hexed monster]. Targeting happens in step 1 of the attack ("Declare target"). Hexes are applied in step 4 (Enfeebling Hex) or step 3 (Plague Cloud) or outside of an attack (Viral Hex). Thus, Pierce 2 is not applied to monsters without a hex token even if those monsters are hexed in later steps of the attack. The triggering condition of the Shadow Soul's ability is "Each time a monster [...] suffers [Heart] from an attack ...". Suffering damage happens in step 5 of the attack ("Deal damage"). If the Shadow Soul is placed with Soul Bound as soon as the attack is confirmed to not miss, this happens in step 2 (Roll dice), step 3 (Check range) and in rare chases (monsters with Shadow or special quest rules) in step 4 (Spend surges). In all these cases this is before step 5. Thus, the condition is fulfilled when the ability is activated and the Shadow Soul's ability affects the attack in which it is placed.
  16. Quarrel

    taking down aces

    How are people welcoming our new Initiative 5-6 15-pt bid overlords? Specifically, what, other than joining them, is beating them? What looks unfruitful: Blocking. The prevalence of Advanced Sensors, cloaking, coordinate, and Supernatural Reflexes makes blocking much harder in 2e -- possibly harder even if you know their dial than it was in 1e without that knowledge. Stress control. Because it no longer exists. Ion control. Because the solution to being unable to push damage through won't be found in a weapon that needs to push two damage through. Bombs/Mines. These are harder to land with the new timing unless you're the last ship and getting chased -- and dropping a mine in 2e requires giving your opponent an extra round to kill you. Missiles/Torpedoes. If they're dodging your primaries, they're dodging these too. What may have potential: Turrets/rear arcs -- to an extent. Only five ships can make a strength 3 attack backward (six, if you count Kavil), though, and they're spread across four factions. A single 2 die rear attack won't scratch a Defender, and aces have too much range control to let you ever get a Range 1 shot on them. 5+ ship lists. Ships that can cover a contiguous 180° arc. Jamming -- but only versus tokening up, which is only half the battle. Tractoring -- but it's hard to leverage. You'll do more scaring than tractoring, and if you can't capitalize on that, you won't win with it. Rigged Cargo Chute.
  17. A few questions about duels (don't have my book yet). 1. How many iaijutsu techniques are there (there were 2 in beta iirc correctly : horizontal and vertical cuts). 2. Does every bushi have access to them? 3. Do you guys see design space for more iaijutsu strikes?
  18. Sorry for this as I know everyone probably has much less free time than me, but is this game actually happening?
  19. Here you go. "As cadets they had additional duties aside from their training." and "They mopped the floors. They emptied the trash." As for the officer material, which you also for some odd reason contested, there are plenty passages that really single him out. Not only his leadership, but also his skill as soldier. He is the best of an already exemplary class. Edit: and the clip where he says he worked sanitation. edit 2: and from the visual dictionary "As part of his training rotation, FN-2187 also logged many hours on sanitation detail, dirty work that nonetheless needed doing. " Why was that necessary?
  20. Today
  21. RaevenKS

    RaevenKS work !

    I'm not dead ! Just wanted to wait a long time to have enough choice for my armies ! So, next work will be Han Solo and Commando Rebels ! And their sniper Enjoy !
  22. Datacrave

    Brobots 2.0

    One idea if you wanted to try bombs again. Could replace juke with elusive and or go to seismic (70) IG-88A (4) Juke (2) IG-2000 (3) Trajectory Simulator (5) Proton Bombs (4) Ablative Plating Points 88 (70) IG-88C (4) Juke (2) IG-2000 (3) Trajectory Simulator (4) Ablative Plating (5) Proton Bombs Points 88 (22) L3-37 (2) Tactical Officer Points 24 Total points: 200
  23. yeah, its a shame too. more templates would make different ships more unique.
  24. LTD

    [MAFIA] And then there were. . .? - DAY 1

    (In case it’s not clear to players (new page, etc) I’m pretty sure that’s a hammer. No more posting until our GM arrives) @GhostofNobodyInParticular
  25. Da_Brown_Bomber

    How good is Asajj Ventress?

    I feel ur pain. Are you are referring to the power level of 2.0 or just the cost of ships? or gameplay in general?
  26. The Jabbawookie

    [MAFIA] And then there were. . .? - DAY 1

    Sorry Clon. The timer ends at 5AM here, and I’m not leaving this up to fate. There’s nobody better to kill. ##vote Clontroper5
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