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  2. ISD Avenger

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    I can’t see it happening. While I like the Chiss, I still think it’s a bit too niche. Id personally favour the old EU Confederation led by Turr Phennir. This had Bothans, Corellians etc. But again, probably too niche & old EU as well. If anything do an ‘unaligned’ ‘faction’ that can either do a full fleet alone or join existing factions. I guess this way you could do the odd Mandolorian ship, next wave Corellian, next Zaan Consortium etc etc
  3. tall thin climber

    Darnati -- What do you intend to do with them?

    It also makes entering terrain pretty dangerous for the opposition: Firstblade will force them to exit with their back edge touching the terrain - if the Latari can set up a charge into that terrain at the same initiative from another unit then ouch.
  4. Budgernaut

    Battlelore 3th: a new hope

    Mu biggest reservation about an L5R BattleLore game is that FFG couldn't even sell enough to get 4 armies. It seems extremely unlikely that they could get all 7+ clans for L5R. Furthermore, people are so house-loyal, I bet there would be a bunch of people saying the same thing about this version as they did about BLSE: "Looks interesting! I'll wait until more factions come out before I buy in." But perhaps they could get around that by having some generic samurai and archers that every faction uses but which have different colored plastic. Then they could make specific molds for the cavalry and elite figures that are faction-specific. Of course, they don't have to follow BLSE's system, so infantry-cavalry-elite-legend could get thtown out the door.
  5. Villakarvarousku

    SSD and Objectives

    None, basically. We know that two of the four SSD variants are meant for (I believe the phrasing was) "bigger games", and that's about it as far as I know.
  6. Triangular

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    In my eyes Armada doesn't need a third faction. In other games you have factions for different play styles. In Armada each Commander grants you a different sort of flavor and mechanism. Combine this with the possibities granted in different fleet types (at least three: MSU; Fighter heavy; big ships). It's a huge difference to play Motti ISDs, Sloane Aces, Jerjerrod VSDs and Arquitens, or Thrawn allrounders, Screed MSU, ... Even if you only lean on Imperial side you have quite a range of possibilities. At it will even be more variation with Emperor and SSD in near future. I don't see Armada gaining much with a faction featuring lots of weird ships, squadrons and uniques only known to some comic book enthusiasts. (For example: If I saw it right, there are only 3 named characters including Thrawn and 1 ship for whole Chiss Fleet.) If there has to be more factions it should be ST stuff. I already wrote down my two cents about that.
  7. BigBadAndy

    Push the Limit 2.0 confirmed for Rebels only

    No offense, but FFG can use math too. There’s a reason all the cards aren’t simply mathematically costed using an algorithm and then printed with those values on them. And I wasn’t wondering about Fenn Rao but thanks for sharing. EDIT: and for the record, the OP’s assessment is WAY beyond “AP-5 is 3-4 points under costed.” It’s the suggestion that, like PTL this will be a “must have” card in your builds that everyone will fly and you’d be crazy not too if you want to be competitive, filled with hyperbole about all the amazing value. If the post was “according to my spreadsheet AP-5 is 3 points under costed,” I wouldn’t have anything to say about it.
  8. Wow... That would be huge. Missed that. Thanks.
  9. Is there gonna be a fixed TN for striking? I was hoping you could play the different archetypes of fighters (like the tough, resilient bull or the evasive, hard to hit ninja). If that is going to remain like that Im hoping school techniques bring up opportunities for that.
  10. jcshep19

    Initial Impressions with new wave

    Yeah I think she is really strong, very glass cannon, but a glass cannon who almost always shoots first. She can also be a great anti-ranged, with that init8 2-shift, she can close in to range very late, and undershoot all other archers (including raven reanimate archers) except for Kari that next round. Similarly she can shoot before a large amount of melee attackers can charge, and the fact to Bonecaster is either/or, means that init3 attack is never wasted regardless, just have to make sure you survive the first attack.
  11. @Shosur0 I expect there will be a tactical system in the core book. They released one for the beta, in an update. Looked fine-ish, but I didn’t try it.
  12. Tkalamov

    Help translating Profit Power from Rogue Trader

    So I didn't do away with the d100 in the normal sense. It was a requirement to make a check in Rogue Trader, which is obviously incompatible in Genesys. I have my notes on the Rogue Trader conversion up in the Your Settings subforum, but, as of right now, they are very shorthand and presume a great familiarity - if not owning Rogue Trader outright - for anyone to understand what's going on there lol.
  13. Necronson

    What's the best house, and why is it Logos?

    Pitlord/Pitdemon I don't remember puts a restriction on yourself to only be able to activate Dis aslong as he's on the board. (Restringuntus?) another Dis creature can block an opponents house from being activated aslong as he's on the board. Lot's of fun stuff in that Dis pile. I also like the demon that restricts the opponent to only play two cards a turn aslong as he's out.
  14. Meh... I can learn to accept custom dice but I really really hate range bands. It's confusing and, if your combat is mainly "narrative" (not using minis, not caring much about positions/movement), you can make that up and its not important at all ("the goblins will take... umm... 2 turns to get to you guys"). Didnt like them in the Fantasy RPG 3rd Edition and certainly not going to use them here. Despite most of my combat scenes while dming L5R would be called "narrative" (I dont pull out minis) when there's a lot of people involved I like tactical combat for clarity. So I guess I will have to tweak the rules. Probably will set a standard walk/run pace in spaces/squares/hexes that will be modified by your stance and will have to convert all ranges for weapons/spells I guess. Wish they had given us a tactical movement system as an alternative. It leaves a bad taste when I get a new system and I start having to tweak it from the start.
  15. Good to have the whole group in the same place, finally
  16. Anler watches what appears to be a very chaotic firefight on the ground as the gunship comes in for a landing. As they touch down he stands ready in the doorway. If there is a firefight down there someone might get the bright idea to take a pot shot at the incoming gunship, so he keeps his unlit lightsaber in his hand, bracing himself with his other hand. The gunship shudders as it touches down and Anler immediately jumps down on the ground. "Cyclones, move out. Let's go find out what's going on down here," he says, a little annoyed that Akua didn't respond to his questions. Perhaps the forces down here have their hands full. He does see the other Padawan and a group of clones, one of them managing to gun down what appeared to be a rampaging utility droid. He runs towards Akua, not waiting for the squad to debark. "Commander," he says, using the title most Padawans are given when in command of clone troopers. "What is going on here, and how should we deploy our battalion to maximum effect?"
  17. lbwoodard

    Help translating Profit Power from Rogue Trader

    While I have no familiarity with WH40K (to my great shame), I am familiar enough with Genesys to know that the core system still requires a d100 to roll for critical injuries, which are on a scale of 1-151 (pg.115 of the GCRB). So I guess my question is, why do you want to get rid of the d100? Are you just trying to minimize how often the d100 comes out, or do you already have an alternate system for determining crits? Again, I'm not familiar with WH40K and I'm not at your table, but it seems like you'd wind up having to perform a more complicated set of operations to arrive at your result, slowing down gameplay, decreasing enjoyment at the table.
  18. Today
  19. Soulless

    Monster cards

    Yeah that might be something to try out, like we sometimes do with gates keeping them facedown until someone goes through them
  20. sidescroller

    Printer Friendly?

    @HappyDaze Ooh great! Gotta cut the pages apart, but that's no problem. Sounds like a great solution.
  21. Bakura83

    The Case For or Against a 3rd Faction

    Only want a scum faction if it’s going to be limited to small/medium ships, I don’t want to see scum flying massive 10,000+ crew monstrosities that take whole planets worth of infrastructure to build and maintain. Plus I think adding a 3rd faction that plays very differently would be a nice addition. Small, fast, agile, and a few glass cannons that can hit well above their size but die horribly if they make a manoeuvre mistake. Second choice would be republic/seperatists both as two new factions, preferably added in such a way that any fleet could play against any other fleet at least competetively if not exactly lore-compatible. My third choice is nothing rather than anything from the new movies. They are creatively bankrupt cesspools in terms of ship design.
  22. Did you ever have the Clerks debate about Luke killing the civilian workers on the Death Star?
  23. Alrighty, I don't like to complain about stuff without proposing an alternative, and I finally had some time to sit down and think of something. I ... think it works, but please poke holes, if you care to and find them. It's long, but it's much simpler than a huge wall of text implies. Here are the design goals: It can be used with or without a map or tokens It keeps ranges consistent--it doesn't "forget" information; when a character changes position, you know their current range from everyone else--no need to estimate, eyeball it, etc. It uses the same range values as range bands, so it can be used consistently with the beginner game (and beta)--no need to overhaul the whole system Basic idea: this system divides the combat space into narrative Zones, like Fate, but measures ranges using the same values as normal. Ranges 0-2 are contained in 1 Zone. Range 3 is an adjacent Zone. Range 4 is beyond range 3. Zones at Range 4 or 5 might be so far away that you don't want to track all the zones in between, which is fine. Moving to different Ranges ends up taking roughly the same number of movements as the normal Range Band system (or, as many as the normal Range Band system intended) For simplicity, let's say zones are organized into a square grid. They don't have to be. They can be funky shapes. But a square grid will make it easy to explain. Zone group = any set of Zones that are continuous/adjacent to each other. If Zone A is adjacent to Zone B, and Zone B is adjacent to Zone C, then they comprise Zone Group ABC. Ranges 0-2 = one Zone: By default, everyone in a Zone is Range 2 away from each other, unless they move closer Movement is the same: Any time you could move a range band, you could move one range closer or farther away from another character. Example: Lion is at range 2 from Crane (default), and uses their free move to move to range 1 of Crane and strike. Transitive property of ranges 0-2: everyone who is of equal range from you is equal of range from each other. This rule helps keep ranges consistent and helps prevent the system from "forgetting" ranges between characters. Everyone at Range 2 of you is at Range 2 of each other Everyone at Range 1 of you is at Range 1 of each other. Everyone at Range 0 of you is at Range 0 of each other. Range 3 = adjacent or diagonal zones: everyone who is a zone adjacent to or diagonal from yours is at Range 3 Movement is the same: When you are Range 2 away from everyone in your zone, you can move one range into an adjacent or diagonal zone. Example: Dragon is at Range 0 from Lion. He uses his free move to get away from the lion. He is now at Range 1 from the lion. He uses the maneuver action and makes his Fitness check, so he moves to Range 2 from the Lion, and he can now move into an adjacent zone (and will be range 2 away from everyone there). Range 4 = consecutive zone beyond Range 3, and most distant/disconnected zones: Range 4 within Zone Group: any Zones in your Zone Group that are not adjacent or diagonal from your zone are at Range 4. In other words, if there's one (or more) Zones between your zone and another Zone, it is at Range 4. (In the example Zone Group ABC above, Zone A is Range 4 from Zone Group C). Movement is the same. Example: Unicorn is at Range 0 from Crane. Unicorn uses their free movement to get away from Crane, and is now at Range 1 from Crane. Unicorn uses the maneuver action, and makes the Fitness check with 4 successes; Unicorn moves to Range 2 of the Crane, then into an adjacent/diagonal Zone, and then into a Zone adjacent/diagonal from that one. Disconnected/Distant Zones: Range Band 4 is big, so Range 4 is where we start using narrative distances. You might say one Zone is Range 4 from another without identifying all the Zones in between. Example: say the party is ambushed by a group of bandits. Some start in an adjacent zone, but some are archers, and they're a ways down the road. Instead of figuring out how many zones are between the players and the archers, just note the general direction and that the archers' Zone is Range 4 from the players' zone Transitive property of Range 4 for disconnected Zones and Zone groups: if one Zone in a Zone Group is Range 4 away from a Zone in a different range group, then all Zones in each group are Range 4 away from all Zones in the other group. Example: in the above bandit scenario, the archers' Zone is Range 4 away from the players' Zone, which means it's also Range 4 away from the close bandits' zone, because it is adjacent to the players' zone. Movement is similar, not the same: if you are in a Zone on the edge of your Zone Group, and you want to move to a distant/disconnected zone that is at Range 4, just move one Range (as if you were moving adjacent). Example: In the above scenario, Dragon wants to head straight for the archers, which is disconnected from his Zone Group. He uses his free action to move into the adjacent Zone with the bandits. He then takes the maneuver action, making his Fitness check with 6 successes (meaning he can move Ranges 3 more times). Since the bandits' zone was on the edge of the Zone Group, he can cross the fuzzy narrative distance into the archers' Zone. He then moves into Range 1 of one of the bandits, and then closes into Range 0. He's ready for some serious punching. Here, the dragon made the same number of movements as moving across Range Bands from Range 4 to Range 0. Example, continued: one of the bandits who started close to the players wants to pursue the Dragon. He's wielding a spear, and he's already on an edge Zone, so he can simply use his free move to go to the archers' zone, followed by a Strike action agains the Dragon. This example shows that characters in edge Zones get to move towards an enemy at Range 4 with one less movement than in the normal rules. Range 5 = bigger Range 4: Range 5 works pretty much the same as Range 4, but might encompass more Zone Groups. I don't recommend placing Zones farther apart than Range 5. I mean I guess you can if you hate yourself. Probably takes more bookkeeping. Moving to Range 5: Range 5 is so big that stuff is really spread out. To move to a Zone that is Range 5 away from a Zone at the edge of your Zone Group, it requires moving two ranges (instead of one, like for Range 4). Example: A Lion wants charge a bandit Scout who's standing quite far away, at Range 5. It's just the two of them in the scene, so each Zone Group is only 1 zone (so they're both in edge Zones). The Lion must use his free move and the maneuver action to enter the Zone of the bandit. Transitive property of Range 5 for disconnected Zones and Zone groups: Similar to the Transitive property of Range 4, if one Zone in a Zone Group is Range 5 away from a Zone in a different range group, then all Zones in each group are Range 5 away from all Zones in the other group. An example of Zone Layout. Ranges are given from the perspective of the zone marked "[0-2]". [3] [3] [3] [3] [0-2] [3] [3] [3] [3] [4] [4] [4] [4]
  24. Golan Trevize

    Move X to attack <<Name Surname>>

    Not knowing the app strategy I can't say what's the best for the imperial rule. If my strategy is to keep everyone under fire I want to get as close as I can, sacrifice cheap units and waste rebels time. If the strategy is hit and run then I agree with you, imperial should get at guaranteed range and step back right after. Of course if looking at following instructions I can see that they would trigger the focus and I can avoid that, I avoid adjacency. However I believe I shouldn't, indeed rulebook has clear picture of this cases and it brings units adjacent. Even guards with reach gets adjacent in pictures.
  25. I never understood that part of Episode 2. If the Separatists had the plans for the Death Star, why did that schlub from Rogue One spend nearly twenty years designing it?
  26. Hi, I just noticed that the collection fields on the IA collection builder are squashed so you can’t see the numbers properly, and everything has a value of 5. There is also a “none” entry. There was a similar problem for legion awhile back but that seems to be fixed. Thanks
  27. Gokuja04

    (1e) Bring out your Jank! Store Champs Finale

    Im really trying to make saw crew work. Tried him with Rey and while i like the combo 3-4 hits doesnt cut it on some lists since your taking a damage to deal the crits. I flew against defenders and other 3 agi ships that i couldn't punch any damage through. So im thinking about taking swarm leader and making it extra janky. Problem is is that Rey and other falcon pilots don't leave room for that much else. Can use intensity zealots but not sure how great that would be. Nuking someone with 6-7 dice with a bunch of crits sounds too awesome to pass up before 2.0
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