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  2. Thanks, a lot of what I am doing is going to be diorama decals scaled and put on foam core boards. I plan to post some pictures as I go. I did check out Hirst Arts and alot of their molds are really cool. I might consider them for another build.
  3. Its odd, I got an invite for this saying that I was not selected for day 1a or 1b and that I could sign up for this one. The odd thing is that I got a day 1B ticket. It worries me slightly that they appear to think I didn't get a 1b ticket? Did anyone else have this happen where they got a day 1a or 1b ticket but also got this email?
  4. Hrm. So presume nearly all cards double, but some go up by half-a-current-point, and some go down half-a-point. Looking over some lists, most two or three ship lists have around 14 ship and upgrade cards. A high card list would be something like 3xTorp Scouts, around 21, and a low list would be something like triple defenders (9-ish). Depending on how upgrades and ships broke in terms of going up or down half a point, you might see top lists changing 7 points at max (for a 14 card list), but more likely something like 4. Something like the old 4BZ would gain at most 2.5 points in current point values. If every TIE Fighter went down half a point, you'd gain like 3 points to the list, maybe 6 if Crack Shot went down too. Don't get me wrong, it'd probably mean something at the margins of balance if things like Dengar/Tel and Miranda/Nym went up in squad cost by like 4 points, and jousting swarms went down like 3, but I'm not really sure it'd be enough to really shake up the metagame. Most top squads with low ship count have wiggle room for upgrades and bids, while most efficiency swarms can't add that much with a few available points. It'd take more dramatic shifts in point values to make a noticeable difference, I think.
  5. Yes. I had a misprinted objective card in Dead of Winter, and missing meeples in Hit Z Road. Both were quickly replaced without issue.
  6. Mine had some indentations on the hero sheets as well, but luckily nothing else wrong.
  7. This has an implicit assumption that Rebel/Scum powerhouses aren't going to be affected by the next FAQ (given that x7/Palp reversal can only happen via a new FAQ). I prefer to be an optimist in that regard
  8. The rules reference is pretty clear that a skill test has a skill its testing. It's also pretty clear that you can only commit cards for the test's determined skill. Icons for other tests do not apply. Lockpicks itself tells you you're adding your agility value to the skill test so it's still an intellect test meaning the agility value is added at the step when modifiers are applied after the token gets drawn and that skill icons for agility from commited cards to not apply. The agility value gets added to your intelligence after the player windows so you could pump it with scapper if you were wendy or lola
  9. Yea, they all have the formula of: White Guys try to wipe out/exploit an indigenous culture (be it N'avi, Tree-Fairies, Bug-Alien Refugees, Samurai, etc.) and one of the White Guys ends up a part of that culture (usually initially against their will), falls in love with it, and ends up being the person who plays Savior and single-handily leads the Indigenous people to salvation against the White Guys. In Film Theory it combines elements of the "White Savior" trope with other aspects. To a lesser extent, it also characterizes films like the comedy Shanghai Noon (Owen Wilson's Roy character, who teams up with Jackie Chan and a Native American Woman to defeat his previous band of outlaws) and possibly even many films in the Gladiator genre (Roman General conquering people ends up in slavery alongside other conquered folks, leads them to victory against the Empire he previously served), such as Robin Hood (noble-born guy leads peasants against the noble-class) and Lawrence of Arabia, just to name a handful of many possible other examples. Avatar was the same story that's been told in film dozens of times, just with spiffy three-dimensional jungles, crazy battle-robots, and digital cat-people.
  10. Quadjumper. I had a pretty clear idea for this guy: something that dropped out of the guts of a Martian grease factory. Mission accomplished.
  11. That’s going to have the same issue as Expose—rolling an extra die is actually worse than being able to modify. Say you’ve got three dice and a focus. That’s .75 hits per die, so 2.25 total. Four dice, meanwhile, will be 50/50, giving you 2 hits on average. To be honest, I think that the card would be better without the last clause; when locked, roll an extra die. If you really want, make it so you can’t spend your lock.
  12. Right, what I meant by "the choice is yours" in that case is limitation of maneuvers. Your don't get three maneuvers in a round, so it's basically a dilemma for your character. As to the exact effect of the talent, I'm AFB right now. If the talent is unclear, you can paste the text here and I'll give you a ruling. I seem to remember it only works for you.
  13. My Snap of choice: (36pts) Snap w/ VI, Primed Thrusters, R5P9, Black1, Auto Thrusters When he takes damage, and is fast enough to get out of dodge and regen up then come back into the fight. -------------- Also like StressSnap (34pts) Snap w/ Wired,Primed Thrusters, R3A2,Vectored Thrusters Boosting, barrel-rolling, stress inducing T-70 with offense and defense mods.
  14. About Xizor, well...he is not bad at all. A PS9 Ace with System slot and the bank barrel rolls is kinda unique. He has an unique pattern of movements, and if only that was the Aces meta, I think I will shine. Think about it: a lot of Aces are monsters in late game, and that's why you want to kill them in early/mid game. But Xizor has an ability that protect him to that. He is an hybrid: he fly in swarm in early/mid game, and he becomes a nimble ace in late game. With the new title he becomes even less predictable (bank b-roll is awesome), and cheaper. The only real problem with him after Guns for Hire is...well, just the meta. But I think that the Adv. Slam fix will shake the meta. No more Miranda bombers, no more slam bombs on your head, aces will be safe. Nym is great, and still counter them, but is one single "fragile" ship. With Miranda out of the games, I think that Aces will becomes a thing again. Yes Xizor still suffer the TLT, and that's will be the only real flaw of him...but I still confident into a PS9 bank b-rolls. Anyway I'm curious about the shake after the Mindlink and Adv Slam faqs.
  15. It's not a proper Stars War without Nute Gunray, Elan Sleazebaggano, and Ice Cream Maker Guy all sharing a scene.
  16. Have we gotten use out of Pilot: Planetary? The only piloting I remember happening was the U-Wings and X-Wings during evac, which are space vehicles. Granted, we're about to get on speeder bikes, which may or may not lead to Piloting checks.
  17. Good idea. I will change this in one of the coming updates.
  18. I'm really not sure how that's possible in this meta. Autodamage isn't the only way to kill them and it is already out in force.
  19. Oops
  20. I noticed today that the app doesn't allow filtering down to "0" or "-" Encumbrance. You can work around this by sorting the listing by Encumbrance, but it'd be nice to be able to just display items that have no Encumbrance value.
  21. Its a common problem thats easily stepped around. Its better to get a free account with an image hosting site like Imgur. Then upload your photo there, and paste the jpeg link to the body of the message here. 1 extra step, but you dont have to resize any photos.
  22. I prefer considering Elan Sleazebaggano's name.
  23. The more dice you’re rolling, the more important modifiers are. Single-action generics slide further down the ladder and action-efficient monsters like Dengar become even worse. The concept itself is interesting, but it’s just too late in the game for something like that to be viable.
  24. Interesting. So maybe something along the lines of, for each negative point of honor Shadowlands would accumulate, they would instead have fate generation reduced by 1? So for example with current stronghold values, they would have 0 fate each round once they reach "-7 honor". For balance though, I think that would require a starting honor around 3-4. And their opponent would of course still have the option to win by honor. Maybe even have the opponent gain 2 honor for each honor they would steal from the Shadowlands player, when the Shadowlands player has no honor tokens left... or just +1 honor to account for things like draw bid and dueling bid.
  25. Unless specified otherwise, you need to be at a location before you can take an action printed on the location card.
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