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  2. How long is the delay between map announcement and official FFG skirmish map product release? I can’t find it on their website, but maybe they only sell it onsite when it’s announced before worlds?
  3. great videos! In your first video you gave your ATRT a standby action. You are only able to do that with trooper units.
  4. MINSTREL Career Skills: Charm, Coordination, Deception, Discipline, Knowledge (Lore), Melee (Light), Skulduggery, and Verse. Starting Gear: • A sword or a dagger and a fine cloak • A musical instrument • Traveling gear consisting of a backpack, a bedroll, a rope, flint and steel, 3 torches, and a waterskin • 1d100 silver coins The choice of career skills was quite easy. I took the CRB's Entertainer career and replaced the two IMNSHO least archetypal skills with the two (obvious ones) provided by the Bard talent. And the result looks quite perfect if I do say so myself. Also has the added benefit of more than one career choice in Terrinoth providing Skulduggery, so I'll most definitely offer it to my players. I guess you could argue for keeping Stealth on the list, but bards/minstrels are flashy and what would you remove instead? Coordination? The starting gear on the other hand... They don't have a consistent monetary value across the careers in the book at all, so I started with the Scoundrel and took a hard look at what they rate as equivalent on their lists no matter their prices. Musical instrument had to be on there, obviously, as did traveling gear. This left the need for a weapon and the desire for at least one case of "or" while after the musical instrument a sword would already have me scraping at the top of the value range, so that's where I left things.
  5. Ignore

    The native species, the Poss’nomin, have a bitter hatred of Gamorreans, who have colonized the nearby world of Pzob. Having recognized Pzob as a terrestrial planet very early in their history, it played a crucial role in their mythology. They engaged in multiple holy wars to cleanse the planet of the unworthy Gamorreans long ago. All failed, and they gave up. Though many have abandoned the desire to cleanse Pzob, their “rivalry” with Gamorreans has persisted.
  6. Opinions on Realms of Terrinoth

    I had completely forgot about this book. I was really looking forward to it but hate waiting for things so I put Genesys away (temporarily) and was focusing on my D&D game. Then today I was at the LGS and saw them on the shelf. Now I need to go to DTRPG to see if the PDF is out.
  7. Poll: What’s your favorite ship maneuver?

    I've taken to calling the bank maneuver "lazy" as in 'hes drifting lazily to the left'
  8. Blast and Sharpshooter 2

    I thought cover, as all key words, was cumulative. So you could be suppressed, in heavy cover, and in total have cover 3? I haven’t seen anywhere saying cover is capped at 2?
  9. Something a little different

    I personally think Sato works better with generic squadrons. Generalist Sato (395/400) Rebels Commander: Commander Sato Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Solar Corona, Fighter Ambush [flagship] MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) - Commander Sato (32) - Early Warning System (7) - Strategic Adviser (4) - External Racks (3) - Assault Concussion Missiles (7) - Ordnance Experts (4) = 157 total points Modified Pelta-class Assault Ship (56) - Intensify Firepower! (6) - General Draven (3) - Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) = 70 total points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) - Bright Hope (2) - Comms Net (2) - Toryn Farr (7) = 29 total points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) - Disposable Capacitors (3) - Assault Concussion Missiles (7) - Ordnance Experts (4) = 50 total points Squadrons (89/134): 1x Moldy Crow - Jan Ors (19) 2x YT-1300 (26) 4x Z-95 Headhunter Squadron (28) 1x Tycho Celchu A-Wing Squadron (16) 2 1300s with Jan can take a beating while Tycho can go where I need to add those black dice.
  10. Torpedoes

    I’ve had fun with APTs on PTL Vynder.
  11. Oh that's because I didn't code that. Oops! I did really rush talents out. I'll go through them all tonight
  12. A Web-Based Character Generator - The Genesys Emporium

    Hunter talent did not give my character career in ranged or survival, only know geo.
  13. B-Wing/E2 should be a Title

    This is like saying, "The Lambda is almost as maneuverable as the U-Wing."
  14. Gah! 50 bucks!!

    You guys are lucky, at my local store it cost me $156.65 Canadian for two of them, that’s about $68 dollars for each book. I could have picked them up online for around $50, but I wouldn’t have had it as fast and if you want to support local businesses sometime you have to pay a premium.
  15. Vacuum Rules: No, no, no, no, no!

    Like people already said, this is Genesys, not "Humans ¨& Real Problems" My point is: the PCs, even if they are humans, are uppon the average. Sometimes, they are almost the better in that scenario doing what they do.
  16. Vacuum Rules: No, no, no, no, no!

    Leia should be an NPC, but Peter Quill should be a PC, if Guardians of the Galaxy was a campaign, imo.
  17. @Vergence I suggest that you close the meeting out and lead us to your base. I don't think we want to split up after this meeting? Do we?
  18. The Next LCG

    What is most likely? I am not a business/marketing person by any means, but would guess that they are looking at a combination of general market trends, where each of the current LCGs is in it's sales/life cycle, their resources and accessible IPs, and what mix of returning/current/new players gives them the best sales.....which is a ton of words to arrive at 'I got not clue.' What would I like to see next? I really only play the Co-op LCGs and don't know if I'd want a 3rd one to keep up with right now. But, assuming that LOTR will go to the Undying Lands at some point, I'd love to see another co-op game to take it's place. If they stick to in house IPs, I'd like to see a co-op LCG in the Netrunner or Terrinoth universes. If branching into other licenses, The Witcher would be cool.
  19. People grossly underestimate how powerful sabacc can be. You can beat anything any day with QD/Inq/Sabacc or QD/Vader/Sabacc though Vader is a little harder. I would strongly suggest 2x harpoon/LRS Nus, Inquisitor, and Sabacc.
  20. PbP: Jedi Quest OOC

    That's a new level of absurdity even for you
  21. Looks like Veers arriving separately...

    ****, WotC was excellent about letting people know when their next releases were when they had the minis game. You had about 3 months when you knew the date and for the last month they had previews popping up on the site combined with pretty massive on the ground support for launch events and organized play.
  22. The Problem with Pelta

    With Sato you outshoot them at that point. For half the cost.
  23. Using Lego as terrain

    yeah its called scene a rama they have tons of stuff
  24. Dale deck

    I got an occasion to playtest with Miruvor. When I'm able to let out more attachment that stick on heroes it became really better. I put them back on the list.
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