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  2. X-wing titles might be an interesting approach honestly.. especially as they would probably be easier to source from legends than the full fighters are. like say, T-65BR Recon-X which could replace the torpedo slot with a Systems one. would allow some very interesting builds. other options could be taken for X-wing upgrades too.. like say Missile Refit as a torpedo type that swaps the Torpedo slot for a missile slot (it is one of the options in the Legends setting material, but is never seen. such a card could even be "T-65, T-70 X-wing only" since the T-70 is supposed to be able to do it as well)
  3. Blount. The dude never fails to hit Miranda. I hate her. So that must mean she's good. Tycho. I mean come on, the dude is impossible to hunt down. Fel. He hasn't joined yet, but he will. Rey+Finn. I know I know. But it's so much fun in the turn around Falcon.
  4. I'm prepping for a new AoR campaign starting around Easter at the moment, and I'm incorporating music from the original and prequel trilogies, TFA, Seasons 1 & 2 of Rebels, The Clone Wars, and even a sprinkling of stuff from "The Old Republic". I love using those other sources, because while they "feel" like Star Wars, they're not as immediately recognisable to my players.
  5. A hunch didn't murder three Jedi Masters in front of his eyes and confirm himself as the person who had orchestrated the deaths of millions. And whether Windu had proof or not doesn't change Palpatine's status.
  6. See, this is why you don't shave with a chainknife.
  7. ditto
  8. It's been great everyone. Even though I feel I got started late, about a year or so before the ItmeJP stuff that made Dark Heresy super popular, the materials and games have always had a lot of heart and hard work put into them. Thanks to everyone involved. I know i've still got a few DH2 games in me though.
  9. "Pink five"....hehehehehehehehehe
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  12. Sure, but Windu didn't actually have any proof of that. We know it's true, but Windu just had a hunch.
  13. Here’s my write up for the Manhattan, KS regional last Saturday – February 18th. First off, big thanks to Justin for running the tourney and to Goblin Games for hosting us! I'm going to post this in three chunks (2 Chapters and an Appendix) so you can pick up wherever you want and come back easily – because this thing got looong! Each of these will be their own separate comment on this thread. My list and tourney through cut to top 8 Elimination games and Final – with a few impressions I had about the day. Appendix - Top 8 lists Leading up to the tourney we expected somewhere between 8-10 people. We knew six of us from Salina/McPherson play group were going. But we got there and had a surprising turnout of 16 players! I took two of my high school students with me, and we had the three other people from our local play group in McPherson. Here’s a quick overview of the tournament lists with a couple interesting stats: 9 Mercenary teams – Only 1 Rancor. There were no Banthas 5 Rebel teams – 4 had Jedi Lukes 2 Imperial teams – 1 list w/Terro/2x Dewback with Blaise/E Jets, and the other a Grand Inquisitor list ----------------------------------------------------------------- My list for the day was an 8 Activation Mercenary List I got most of the idea from my friend Matt (we’ll hear more about him later). We play together, and in a recent casual tourney he ran a similar list to beat me. I liked it but decided to tweak the activations and then we both talked a lot about how the command cards should change. We ended up with identical activation teams for this regional but our command cards differed in two places. He used to run smuggled supplies for a wombo combo with Vinto – that plus one surge for the whole round was usable on 3 attacks in a Vinto activation (with draw!), then you could also order a hit with Jabba, and use change of plans from E Weequays to bring Vinto back for another two attacks. Potentially 6 surges from one card (plus the others sure) is pretty sick when it happens but we both ended up thinking it was pumping too much into Vinto and liked the utility of the list we ended up with better. So here’s my version of the list: Jabba Gideon 3P0 2x E Weequays Vinto Greedo Hired Guns Black Market Temporary Alliance Command Cards: 3 – Assassinate 3 – On The Lam (we both dropped Squad Swarm and Smuggled Supplies to make room for this two days before the tournament – was a great decision!) 2 – Tools for the Job 2 – Heightened Reflexes 1 – Change Of Plans 1 – Strength In Numbers 1 – Negation 1 – Draw! 1 – Tough Luck 0 – Celebration 0 – To the Limit (Matt had Toxic Dart) 0 – Take Initiative 0 – Stimulants 0 – Planning 0 – Opportunistic (Matt had Element of Surprise) ----------------------------------------------------------------- First Match – Versus David - To Your Stations (ISB Headquarters) David was running a rebel list with Jedi Luke, Obi, E Alliance Rangers, Gideon, 3P0, R2, and Balance of the Force. He was a great opponent. David had initiative but allowed me to set up in the Jabba Nook on the stair side deployment. David moved up his Obi wan to stand in the hallway by the two stations so he could keep me from interacting with them. So I gave up on those first round and did more to get guys focused and ready for round 2. I did run my hired gun over to the single station in the “safe spot” behind the impassable terrain. But last activation, David double moved Jedi Luke and slaughtered the Hired Gun to take control of all three stations end of round 1. 11-0. Ouch. Beginning of round 2, David tried to take initiative but I had negation. So I shot Luke with some focused Equays, Luke ran next to them to get line of sight on Vinto, who On The Lam’d to get away, and Luke settled for attacking Greedo with his second attack – Greedo survived. I then brought my other two unfocused Equays in to shoot luke – got 2 through and 2 through, played Assassinate to kill Luke! Things are looking up (and I learned later I killed him with SOS in his hand!). But then his E Rangers killed Vinto with a long shot, and then Greedo, but Greedo took one down with him. David moved someone up to re- control the two stations. End of round he controls 2 and me 1. 28-21 David. Last round, I tried to play take initiative and got negated…He plays call the vanguard, comes in and snipes my focused Equay and kills him. Obi came in with first activation and killed another Equay. At that point, I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a way I could wipe just the right people out – took out 3P0 and Celebrated for 7 points but that ended up being the last of what I could take out. David finished it off killing 3P0 and holding one station still to put him at 41 points. 40-28 – Good job David! So I started the day off with a loss and needing to win the next three to guarantee a cut to top 8. No pressure at all. Good news/spoiler, David ended up being undefeated in Swiss and thus the top seed. So that helped me and makes me feel a little better! I’m 0-1, but both of my students won their games so that was encouraging! Second Match – Versus Brad – Reconnaissance (ISB Headquarters) Brad was running Jabba, Boba Fett w/Prey on the Weak, E Trandoshans, Hired Guns, Greedo, Black Market, and Devious Scheme? Brad is from our local playgroup. He’s a great guy and loves playing Boba – and boy it's hard to take down the Fett! So I decided to ignore him and kill everyone else first. Pretty sure I opened my door early with Hired Guns, and then when he opened his I shot his Greedo with some Equays, killed him and celebrated for 9 points. He fired back at an Equay who survived. Then I moved up with the other Equays to shoot at the E Trandos before they could cover the distance. Damaged one pretty bad, so he ran behind cover at his terminal. The other came closer, but I brought Vinto in and finished him off while also taking out a Hired Gun. So Brad brings Boba into the fight in the middle of my guys. Kills an Equay. End of round we drop the cams – mine for 2 and his for 5. He black markets for a point. I reveal Assassinate and don’t spend the vp and put it back on top of the deck. Turn 2 Boba slides through my guys to shoot at Vinto. It’s looking like a really big attack, so I play On the Lam and get out of dodge. Vinto’s only taken damage from walking by Boba once in each round (forgot that was a thing but better than dying). Boba then uses the rest of his movement to get out of the middle of my team. Vinto takes his turn to run up to the Hired Gun and Trando on the terminal and finish them both off. At this point I’ve taken out everyone but the Fett and Jabba, but I moved up my full set of Equays to shoot at Boba, then play change of plans to exhaust the single Equay and bring the duo back. Attacked again, tough lucked a Boba defense die and assassinated him. In the end, I just had too many activations for Boba to deal with and was able to get those E Trandos before they could really hurt me. If I’d have lost some of my firepower I don’t know if I could have taken Boba out. 40-11 – Good game and Brad was a great sport. At this point I’m sitting 1-1. One student is now 2-0 the other is 1-1. Things are looking up! We all get a 30 minute break to get ready for the next round. At this point, I'm asking around how people are doing and trying to figure out how many 2-2's will make the cut. And I find out there are 5 2-0 players when there should only be 4. We found out there was an accidental recording of Matt as losing his first game when he won and is actually 2-0. So they fixed the pairings up as much as possible, and we moved on. At least we found the mistake before it went on any further. Third Match – Versus Donovan – Lair of the Dianoga (Coruscant Landfill) Donovan was running the Grand Inquisitor with E Jets, royal guards, E storm troopers, 3x Officers, and Zillo. This is the first time I've played Donovan and he's from our play group. He's relatively new to the game, but he's already won a game today, so I don't know what to expect. He got iniative and set up in the outside deployment. First round, he opens the door and shoots at the Dianoga with his stormtroopers. Does a few points of damage. We position most of our guys in the hallway and the doors are open. He's got an officer, guard, officer sandwhich, and I bring up some weequays to shoot at his royal guard. Near the end of the round, he brings up the GI. I injured him a little, and then move Greedo up to focused shoot him. I rolled 8 damage to his Dodge (he was standing next to a royal guard so it was infinity+1). Oh well. End of round 0-0 but he left his stormies too close to the dianoga and they all took 2 damage. I snuck in to take control of the hall terminal and maybe the far terminal too (he might have been contesting. Second round, GI moves up and plays force lightning to stun and damage an Equay, Vinto, Greedo and 3P0! Forgot about that card. GI runs behind his line of guys. I'm left to shoot what I can and end of round I've taken out an officer, royal guard, and E Jet in the hall and he's taken out my hired gun in the hall. Donovan learned his lesson on the dianoga and left him behind to bring his stormies back towards the hall. End round 2 I'm up 13-2. Round 3 he's got the initiative and runs up the GI to focused lightsaber throw at Vinto, plays Hunt Them Down to make the huge attack. I decide it's time to play On The Lam and end the attack. So he runs back and I advance. I hunt down the GI and play celebration for 14 points. And then move Vinto up to pump some damage into the stormtroopers killing 2 with Vinto and all three before the round. Tagged one more officer to finish. I win 40-2. This is the first time I think Donovan played the Dianoga mission so I have confidence he's going to come back with a vengeance next time we play! But he's a super guy to play with! Now I'm sitting at 2-1 and at least know there's a shot for me to make top 8. My 2-0 student lost and my 1-1 won, so we're all sitting at 2-1. Pairings are announced and the bad news hits – I have to play Karson, one of my students. Fourth Match – Versus Karson – One Man's Trash (Coruscant Landfill) Karson is running a 2x Elite Alliance Rangers, E Echo, Gideon, 3P0, Balance of the Force, Rebel High Command list. We've played each other a bunch in practice and while I've won the majority, I don't like playing his list – the games are very easy to swing one way or the other. He deployed in the outside zone. He starts off by destroying the door to the trash with a set of Rangers. And runs an echo in with some extra movement points from Gideon to bring back some trash to score that round. I think the doors are all open by the end of the round, all his snipers are going around the top/corner of the outside area. I have Greedo on my side of the corner focused. End of round he scores the box and had killed a Hired Gun – 6-0 him. Second round I was able to take Greedo up and one shot an Alliance Ranger, he put 5 damage on Greedo though. He ends up killing Greedo next, and I'm able to do some damage. I snipe that ranger to finish him off with an Equay. I move the rest of my guys up the straight hallway versus his Echo's and a ranger, but I run Vinto in to get Gideon and 3P0, with Draw! and an Assassinate in there, while pinging damage all around. That Echo was left with a couple damage after it was over. He gets a Hired Gun in there. End of round 2 – Black Market shows me On the Lam – this time I discard it for 3 vp. 20-12. Round three, I'm finally feeling like I have the upper hand since I've thinned the rangers without losing my Equays/Vinto. So we trade back and forth in the hallway and his Echo's soak up some damage. But I kill a Ranger over there with Vinto, while pinging some more damage. He's decided his only hope is to score trash with three of his Rangers in the far terminal and has moved over there previous turn and now is picking them up and sitting next to the terminals. So I go with one set of Equays to kill one ranger and then change of plans to set those Equays back up and kill another one. I'm up to 35 points now and run up to put the final damage on an Echo to win. This game was a lot closer than the final score – damage was everywhere and if I'd ignored the trash rangers it'd have been 25-24 me and gone to another round – but that change of plans and a timely stimulants helped my plan to take them out. So I won it 40-12. At the end of Swiss – I've managed to pull off 3 straight wins and I know I'm guaranteed into top 8. But both students are now 2-2 so it's not looking great for our team overall. They read off the standings Dave (my first round opponent) is in first with 4-0 and Matt has managed to win all his games to be 4-0 with the same list I'm running. Pretty sure Brystrom from the boards here got 3rd seating. I get placed 5th. Karson gets 7th and Corban pulls off the 8th spot! So all three of us made the cut and Matt's undefeated! Read the next comment for elimination rounds and my impressions for the day. The comment after that will be an appendix of the top 8 lists. Thanks for reading!
  14. Hyperdrive Z-95s seem to be plot-expedient. The fighters were described as being easily modified which, in my opinion, just provided justification for slapping on a hyperdrive when needed. Additionally, they carried little room for cargo and expendables, which meant that even with a hyperdrive, they were only capable of short jumps anyway. I'd be more concerned about the Z-95 being so fragile... these things are only slightly sturdier than a TIE fighter! There are sturdier options, not least of which is the trusty Y-Wing. I'm a little fuzzy on the ship timelines, but I'm sure there are others that would fit the bill.
  15. My vote is for soveriegn
  16. It doesn't matter that he's the chancellor. He's a traitor. There is no doubt. But if we're assuming Laws: it stands to reason that Palpatine swore a legally binding oath to uphold the laws and protect the Republic. Breaking it legally ended his tenure. Boom, no more chancellor.
  17. New Rebel Veterans box will come out before wave 11, with two T-65s. Like the Imperial Aces Interceptors, they'll be different paints, matched by titles in the box in this case. One will be able to make use of the generic "Blue Squadron" title upgrade, which will come in multiples and offer the fabled X-wing Fix. The other will be a unique title "Pink Five". As for Wave 11, my thoughts are- Imperials will get either the Sentinel-class or TIE Reaper. Rebels will get....something? Maybe a sheathipede that can dock with the VCX by using the "Phantom 2" title? Scum will get either H-6 Scurrg or YT-2000 "Otana"; either way, yay- another large base scum.
  18. my guess (probably wrong) Imperial: Gunboat (because everyone wants it and its tied into the game that gives this game its name) TIE reaper OR Krennic's Shuttle (but it would have to be vastly different than the Lambda and Rens) Rebel: Some kind of T-65 X-wing / Y-wing expansion related to Rouge One that would bring new titles and modifications for those ships to make them viable again. There would also be new pilots (duh) with EPTs hopefully , astromechs etc. This may also include Saw's X-Wings (which look sick) or that could be a separate expansion but those X-wings MAY also be considered Scum... Scum: Starviper / Kihraxz Aces or Veterans pack with Titles / Modifications to make these ship viable again, also with new pilots (duh) Mining Guild TIE H-6 Scurrg Saw's T-65 X-wings (if they are not considered Rebel, which based on Rouge One could be the case)
  19. huge 500 point games happening this Sunday. Considering using Dormitz and dropping my raider basically in my opponent's face. Don't epic ships deploy last? Oh man!
  20. The hobby weekend at Beasts Of War is touted as 'Near the launch of the game' and boxed product will be given to participants. that is March 30-April 1. The 24th is a Friday and street dates for most product is Wednesday so my guess is the 22nd, or 29th.
  21. Wouldn't the Senate and the Courts have legal jurisdiction in the Republic? With his statement, Windu is implying that his actions are circumventing their authority by virtue of the fact that they are controlled by Palpatine. In other words, he's doing something that is, at the very least, legally questionable. Not that he doesn't have good reason—from Windu's point of view, Palpatine had twice resisted arrest by trying to kill him. And he did have a good point: Palpatine had too much political power. If he had control of the courts, like Windu suggested, then any trial might've well been a sham. Plus he's a Sith Lord, and he orchestrated the Clone Wars for his benefit, and did a bunch of other dark dark evil stuff, so from our perspective, Palpatine really deserved to die. But still, Windu is making a case for doing something that is of dubious moral and legal substance—respectively, executing an opponent (not the Jedi way), and killing the current Supreme Chancellor. Additionally, at that point, he is about to kill the sitting Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, which would make it an assassination attempt. Like I said, be didn't go there as an assassin, but he sure died (or did he?) like one.
  22. Briefly, yes. But at their first opportunity, they go back to their regular weapons and equipment. The stuff they got from the Stormtroopers just wasn’t that good/useful to them in the long run. That sounds totally reasonable to me. But for a relatively small amount of money, you could have bought equipment that was identical or even superior. So, there’s not that much benefit there.
  23. He was referring to the fact that unique crew would not rotate so Zuckuss would never leave. I can see how it would be confusing because he mentioned Manaroo in the same sentence.
  24. One thing we've looked at for "Hyperlane Raid" is to swap the 1st and 2nd player and make it a "Blockade Run." Although to be fair, in our campaign the Rebels won this battle as written and took out an Interdictor in the process.
  25. Working out the best way and proper order to use energy and cards in hand to get the best combos is the tactical side and quite fun. Finding out the damage is low because of a dice roll... The sponsor cards make room for lots of shenanigans (giving food poising to the opponent pilot) and taking buildings can become a bit deal as you choose positioning for taking vs positioning for attack / defense. Giga Robo does the customizing to pilot + mech = combos better but I can see GKR having a better tournament / League organized play aspect. In the game universe these are teams in competition with a fan base and a sponsor base. League play with player costs, sponsorship bonuses, and maintenance costs could make for all kinds of fun. A deck for shenanigans between games would be cool.
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