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    Qi'ra is a card ability, which easily trumps the rules, so still no problem.
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    L'ulo is love. L'ulo is life

    Wait what? • If a red action fails, the ship does not gain a stress token. Quoted from the rules ref. Is this not actually the case? Or am I on the wrong track somewhere.
  4. At this point in the game's existence, we've seen nearly every prominent character in one form or another. But there are still some heroes and allies to look forward to, be they entirely new additions to the card pool or permutations of our favorite characters. Which are you most excited for? What stats, traits, and abilities do you hope they have? To kick off the discussion, I mocked up a bunch of custom cards. For every card idea that I'm proud of, there are 3 that are overpowered, overstuffed, or blank. Please don't withhold criticism. Frodo really deserves another non-fellowship version. While Lore would work just fine for him, Leadership seems right. The thematic inspiration for Frodo's ability is that he rises to the occasion and faces trials when others cannot (saving the sleeping hobbits from the barrow wight, carrying the One Ring, etc). Should the Quest Action just be an Action? What are some other abilities that could represent Frodo's leadership qualities? This Leadership Galadriel is inspired by her ally version, and is meant to represent her as a gift-giver. Should she be able to attack and defend? Is her attachment recursion the key to a game-breaker combo? Is the global willpower boost too good? Should it only be for your heroes? Not much to say about this random guy. I just really want a Dunedain hero that interacts with signals. I'm sure there are million more interesting ways to do that. Bard the Bowman is a Dale hero! No more of that Esgaroth nonsense! Finally the Bowman can join his descendants and benefit from Dale's item theme. He's probably way too good in a Dale deck, but I think the idea is fun. Should you also have to exhaust the attachment to trigger the ability? Elfhelm is one of my favorite heroes, so I made a friend for him. This Leadership Elrond only cares about one thing: uniting the free-peoples of Middle Earth. I want to see more of these weird one-off themes on hero cards. I know that these two abilities are insane together, especially when you add Vilya to the equation. I was waiting for Song Bilbo, but now that we have Tactics Bilbo, I'll have to settle for the next best thing: Gleowine! Our favorite skald always has a song on his lips, and his music can bolster other heroes. I can't decide on an ability for Ghan-buri-Ghan, but it should relate to locations. I imagine it should be something that complements Haldan and the location-attachment theme. I want another version of Legolas and Gimli. I'm greedy but unimaginative. What ability should I give ol' Greenleaf? Hero Radagast seems like an inevitability at this point, but I'm never sure what his stats and ability should be. Should he have the Woodman trait? Is 1 attack absurd for an Istari, or does it appropriately represent his reluctance to get involved in the war? Should he directly interact with creatures and eagles, or simply have an ability that complements the eagle theme? I don't really have a strong idea for Spirit Sam. It seems right that he'd work better the fewer characters you control. Give him a mechanic like the Strider attachment. Gamling and Lindir... I dunno. I love Gimli so much that I just threw a bunch of random abilities on him and called it a day. Obviously a real hero card wouldn't have this hodgepodge of themes. The Last Aragorn: King Elessar! His ability could be anything, but I wanted Spiritgorn to inspire men to follow him, much like Leadership Faramir. If we get a Farmer Maggot hero, then it's only a matter of time before we get Grip, Fang, and Wolf allies. There are currently no dogs in this game. This must be corrected. This Tactics Faramir is meant to represent him as a knight and defender of Osgiliath. I think the last ability might be too good, since it's essentially a much better version of Le Aragorn's ability. Would 2 resources be better, or another mechanic entirely? I want another Tactics Noldor so bad. I haven't managed to make a satisfactory Tactics Glorfindel, but boosting his stats with discards seems to make the most sense. We need an eagle hero, a playable version of To the Eyrie, and Wilyador. Why not bundle them into one card? This Saruman is stolen from several other people's ideas. Resource changing is to represent "of many colors". Scrying is just the Palantir mechanic. No characters deserve ally versions more than Merry and Pippin. Maybe Merry should be a Spirit ally so that a Frodo and Sam deck could play them easily. This is basically just the quest version of Marty made into an ally. I imagine ally Grima should have a weaker version of ally Saruman's ability. Or maybe he can get rid of a card from staging but pulls out an enemy to replace it.
  5. Drasnighta

    Paint Setup for Beginners

    I’m glad they’re useful posts ! Really, absolutely, start simple and cheap - over investing is always going to be an issue. I think I stated my reasons for GW paints, and if you’re going to grab Nuln anyway, you’re already there 🙂 just get a hang of the absolute basics - make sure you enjoy it - before jumping into more 🙂
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    Free Techniques vs Titles requirements

    Quite true... Tho' it's only 180-200 to max out the rings. Won't quite get you through 5th rank, due to the halving. Actually, doing the math with the halving... assuming no skill raises... and requiring training before going up so excess is lost at each rank 20/24/32/44/60 Free: 3@2, 2@1 R1: 2@1→2 = 12, 6 towards rank R1: 3@2→3 = 27, 15 towards rank, total 21 — rank-up R2: 2@2→3 = 18, 10 towards rank, total 10 R2: 3@3→4 = 36, 18 towards rank, total 28 — rank up R3: 2@3→4 = 24, 12 towards rank, total 12 R3: 3@4→5 = 45, 24 towards rank, total 36 — rank-up R4: 2@4→5 = 30, 16 towards rank, total 16 About Rank 4.4... It's cheaper than I felt. Helps to do the math. Add a few techniques, instead, and it goes up to middle of rank 5 for capping out attributes.
  8. LTuser

    Star Wars episode IX

    Who's to say Ep 9 won't be a send off for Chewie?
  9. 5th Running: Went again with 3 X-wings, Gruff and Squeaky of the normals, and Basher, one of my 2 ships from my reg campaign to give a higher PS than 3 in the mix. Of course this made him Squad leader.. I went Back to the YT-1300 for this mission running, and was trying out the 'shifting of the activation' of the YT to round 6, vice normally in round 5. Well, things didn't go out well for me with that.. Two of the X-wings, Gruff and Squeaky faced “north”, while Bash faced south. The Fighters showed up in 'spot' 1, while the bomber Gold-2 started in spot 8. R1, the rebels all planned a 3 hard maneuver, hoping they'd get in close enough to give protect actions to the YT (however they were JUST outside the range 1 needed to do so. BOO HISS). Bash hoped to engage the Ties with his outmaneuver EPT, and reduce their chance of evading him. The fighters all came straight on with a 5 straight. No targets in range, so they take an Evade. The bomber does a 4 straight. He Target locks the YT. All the rebs move, with having any shots or capacity to give the YT an evade.. Gold-2 launches his Plasma torpedo, and strips ALL 4 shields off the freighter (OUCH, bad start). R2, Gruff plans a 3 straight, so can avoid bumping into the YT, Squeaky plans a 4 straight, so does Bash. The Tie fighters both come straight again doing a 3 straight, then both Barrel roll to try and get out of Bash's fire arc by placing an asteroid in the way. Gold 2 gets a 3 straight, and winds up too close to the YT to use his proton torp, but still target locks him anyway (why not, it's free for AI ships who have the TL action). Gruff moves next, and uses his action to give an Evade to the YT. Then Squeaky does his 4 straight and also gives it an evade. Then comes Bash. He Target locks Green-1 of the fighters. His Proton torp shot fails to connect, so munitions failsafe kicks in and saves him the loss of the ordinance. Squeaky shoos his main guns at the bomber savaging it for 3 hull damage. The bomber shoots next, and thanks to the evade tokens from both Squeaky and Gruff, gets no hits. Gruff shoots him and misses. Then the Turrets get off their shots, and also miss. Both fighters shoot Bash and get real lucky stripping off both shields. R3, Bash plans a 1 bank to the left, hoping to get into the side arc of the fighters.. and I boobooed with my eyeballing of the maneuver as I thought i'd clear the asteroid near the ties.. Alas not to be. Squeaky plans a 2 hard to the right, wanting to get in on the 'bashing some tie fighters' action. While Gruff plans a 4k. The Ties both do a 5 straight, putting the shield generator of the base right in their faces.. So both take a focus. Gold-2 Tries a 2 bank to his left, but fails to finish as he bumps into the YT. When Gruff moves behind the bomber, his shot winds up failing to connect, with 4 straight focuses on his dice (man what a fluke).. Pity his K-turn didn't give him an action, otherwise his focus would have spelled doom to the bomber. Bash does wind up running onto the asteroid, but luckily rolls only a focus so takes no damage. However, this means he has no shot or action. Gold-2 shoots at Turret-1 giving it 2 hull damage. Squeaky's shot kills tie fighter Red-1 dealing it 3 straight crits! (ouch that gotta hurt). Green-1 strips off all 3 shields from the base shield generator. Both turrets miss the bomber again. R4, Silver-3's bomber shows up on token 4, right down in the top right corner. Bash plans a 2 hard to the left, Squeaky also plans a 2 hard, to the right, hoping to keep in Green-1's side. Gruff does a 1 bank to the left, taking him to the side of the YT, so he can clear his stress. Green-1 rolls a 4k, putting him right on top of one of the turrets. So neither can shoot him, he's too bloody close. Gold-2 does a 1 bank around the YT, and focuses as he has no shot, while Silver-3 gets a 4 straight, and target locks the YT. The rebels al move, with Squeaky giving the YT a “Protect” for hs action (he has no one in arc to shoot thanks to the 4k of the fighter). Basher shoots gold-2 but rolls nada for hits, even with spending his TL. Silver-3 fires his proton torp dealing 3 hits to it, but this drops to only 2 damage due to the evade token from Squeaky. Green-1 shoots gruff but misses. Gruff also misses his shot on Silver-3. Turret 1 has no shot (both gold-2 and green-1 are too close) but turret 2 does have a shot, giving Gold-2 his 4th hull damage. R5, Gruff plans a 2 hard to the right, a 3 hard for squeaky and bash does a 3 hard to his left. Green-1 does a 3 straight, while gold 2 has a 2 hard around the YT. He has no shot. Silver-3 moves and re-Tl's the YT. Both Bash and squeaky TL him, while Gruff gives the YT another protect action. Bash fires his proton torp again, at Silver 3 and does 1 measly hull damage. However it takes 3 MORE after Squeaky fires... Silver-3 fires his plasma torp into the freighter, giving it a 3rd hull damage (would have been a 3rd AND 4th if not for the protect action of Gruff). Green-1 takes off a shield from Squeaky. While Gruff misses Gold-2. Both turrets shoot and kill Gold-2. R6, the YT now activates and plans a 3 bank, his best turn he can do (thinking on it, a 2 hard may have been better in hind sight).. The Tie aggressor shows up on Tab 3, while the Lambda would have shown up on the same tab, but it's occupied.. A re-roll had it showing up on tab 6 instead. Squeaky plans a 1 bank to regen his lost shield, while Gruff plans a 2 hard, and Bash a 4k. Green-1 does a 3 hard to it's left, taking it closer to the fight. The YT moves and takes a focus. Silver-3 does a 2 straight and TL's gruff. The Lambda does a 2 straight and Tls the YT, while the aggressor does a 3 straight and TL's the YT as well. The rebels move, with Gruff and Squeaky locking the bomber, while Bash Can't act after his 4k. Tries a shot on Green-1 as everyone else was out of arc, but the range 3 shot misses, but it did force him to spend his focus. Squeaky shoots and kills Silver-3. The lambda shoots and misses, thanks to there being an obstacle in his path. The Aggressor though strips another shield off of Squeaky and ionizes him. Gruff pays him back stripping his lone shield off and giving him 2 hull damage. Green-1 shoots an does 1 hull to squeaky.. The YT strips 2 shields off the Lambda with a lucky shot. The turrets shoot the aggressor but miss. R7, the YT plans a 3 bank, but this time trying to get into the Lambda's face, hoping it's maneuver causes it to bump the YT thus hopefully being unable to shoot. THIS WAS A BIG MISTAKE!.. With Squeak being ioned, he can only do a 1 straight, while Bash does a 2 straight to clear his stress, and Gruff does a 3 hard. Tie Green-1 does a 3 hard away from the engagement, the YT moves. The aaggressor does a 2 hard, bumping into Squeaky, who can't complete his 1 forward move. This causes Bash to rear-end squeaky giving Bash a hull damage as he is now on an asteroid. The 3 hard of Bash also causes him to bump into the aggressor.. The Lambda rolls a 1, so does a 'hard Stop' action. Can't take a focus/target lock, but still gets off a shot. This KILLS the YT, thus making a mission fail.. Bash has no shot as he's on an asteroid, while Gruff and Squeaky can't shoot as the aggressor was bumped by both and he's the only thing in their arc. Green-1 has no shot... Mission ends with a fail. Not sure if it was the moving the YT to Activating in R6 that caused this, or POOR planning of what to do. Will do a 6th running with 3 Y-wings, running everything else the same tomorrow to test it out, with the YT doing a 2 hard to start with, followed by 4 straights to get it as far away from the engagements as possible..
  10. JJ48

    Replacement dials & cards (outside of the Conversion Kit)

    Would you please cite your source? Preferably a link to an article or video where this claim was made?
  11. JJ48

    After episode ix

    I've got it! So, Episode 9 will begin where 8 left off. The Resistance is fleeing, with the First Order right behind them. Things are going wrong, people are dying off, and things look really bleak. Then, as things look absolutely hopeless, the scene fades and the voices get less and less distinct. Then a light comes on, and we see Bob Newhart turn to Digital Suzanne Pleshette and say, "Honey, wake up. You won’t believe the dream I just had." After revealing that the entire Star Wars series was nothing but another of Bob's dreams, the remaining hour and a half of the film basically becomes The Bob Newhart Show: The Movie.
  12. TheSpitfired

    So RUDE to quit games ???!!???

    I want this thread to cease, but One Stood against Many has resolved and it’s my turn. I choose DIScussion. KFMixer, your whole problem with this quit without conceding issue is that it causes people to be rude and whine about people who quit, am I seeing that right? Rudeness is the primary issue. So how are you justified in being rude to everyone who disagrees with you? Isn’t that a double standard? Why are you allowed to be rude (yes you have been) when others aren’t? Isn’t it possible that your further rudeness to many who have answered you is provactive and is clearly not going to help us all find an amicable solution? If your objection is rudeness than I submit that your continued reliance on it isn’t beneficial to this discussion. Also, because your previous replies have led me to believe you will respond in a hostile manner, I’ll let you know that I don’t play online and I have not had anyone quit a game unannounced on me. So the basis you’ve used to combat all other replies will not suffice for me. In short, I have elusive. Also, just to help enlighten you on a misunderstanding, Palp’s use of “/s” is short for the word “sarcasm” and is not an abbreviation for pardoned French. That is the end of my turn; I draw back up to six. Check.
  13. Fnoffen

    Google Play App not available

  14. Alino

    My Hoth Imperial army

    Nice! I really like those e-webs. I've yet to get mine for my imperials, mostly because I don't play imperials (I have a Rebel force and an Imperial force with 2x - 3x of each unit, and 6x stormtroopers / rebel troopers respectively. They're just painted to tabletop standard cause I don't really give a **** about painting forces for only newer players to use.) Anyways, I think you could do it using extra Veers models, but i'd be slightly concerned over how you'd make them differ appearance wise when using Veers.
  15. Alino

    Clone Wars Daydreaming Thread

    Since this is a Skirmish game, I'd like to see 'Clone Commando' as an Operative choice. ALBEIT I can see them being a squad considering in this 'skirmish' game you're facing opponents like Darth Sidious and Vader
  16. RStan

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I approve of this message...
  17. Captain Lackwit


    OH GOD, FINCH DALLOW. MY MAN. RZ-2 A-wing - •Tallissan Lintra - 48 •Tallissan Lintra - Deadly Approach (35) Heroic (1) Juke (4) Primed Thrusters (8) RZ-2 A-wing - •L’ulo L’ampar - 51 •L’ulo L’ampar - Luminous Mentor (38) Heroic (1) Juke (4) Primed Thrusters (8) MG-100 StarFortress - •Finch Dallow - 96 •Finch Dallow - Cobalt Hammer (70) Trajectory Simulator (3) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) •Paige Tico (7) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Total: 195/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder So lemme' just say, while the list can PROOOOBABLY be improved, I really liked this one. Finch could put a bomb almost anywhere he so desired on top of having a really strong gunner crew that afforded me a looooot of action economy and firing arc repositioning / double tapping if/when necessary. Tallie's ability is not amazing or easy to use, but moving at I5 I could choose if I wanted her or L'ulo to move/fire before the other which was really powerful, especially at that initiative. I can't imagine NOT running Primed Thrusters on A-Wings, either. They're too **** good- Ferrosphere has its upsides but ****, I think I'd prefer PT on X-Wings, too. It'd almost be worth running PT on Poe. I have all the time I want to evade into a Juke, then boost or rotate to reposition and change my foe's result to a focus. That's very powerful, and I don't see myself dropping PT+Juke any time soon. Heroic, however, really isn't triggering often. Extremely good insurance, but I may experiment with something else. But Finch, the Starfortress itself, is definitely here to stay in my list and collection. It's a very powerful force multiplier that will get focused down but is able to dish out plenty of pain applied correctly.
  18. Dayham

    Help with handling an optimizer please

    It's situations like these in which fire support is called for. If the party is gonna play cheap, then so's the Empire, now that they know they're a threat. Stormtrooper patrol gone in under a second? TIE bomber. They ran from an AT-ST, because they know they're outmatched? Maybe the Empire steps up AT-ST patrols.
  19. Captain Lackwit

    After episode ix

  20. Captain Lackwit

    L'ulo is love. L'ulo is life

    No but seriously L'ulo is my new god.
  21. Captain Lackwit

    Star Wars episode IX

    I mean, I have to at least say I'm ambivalent to Porgs and Porg products, and definitely never wanted a porg plush..? That's my little sister's dealio.
  22. Underachiever599

    Castlevania Genesys!

    Borrow away! The game went really well, and everyone had a blast. As far as we could tell, all weapons worked as intended (though there were only three sessions, so your mileage may vary). I actually had a couple more enemies that I forgot to post on here: Frankenstein’s Monster: Br 5, Ag 1, In 1, Cu 1, Wi 1, Pr 1 Soak 6, Wound 20, Strain 8 Skills: Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Resilience 3 Abilities: Undead (does not need to breathe, eat, or drink and can survive underwater; immune to poisons and toxins) Undying Vigor (When Frankenstein’s Monster exceeds his wound threshold, he may immediately attempt a Resilience check with a difficulty equal to his highest Critical Injury as an out-of-turn incidental. If this check succeeds, reduce his current wounds to one below his wound threshold, and Frankenstein’s Monster continues fighting. He still receives a Critical Injury from exceeding his wound threshold as normal.) Talents: Adversary 1, Durable 2 Equipment: Fists (Brawl; Damage 5; Critical 5; Range [Engaged]; Disorient 2, Knockdown) Igor: Br 2, Ag 3, In 3, Cu 3, Wi 1, Pr 1 Soak 3, Wound 13, Strain 12 Skills: Coordination 2, Medicine 1, Stealth 2, Vigilance 2, Melee (Light) 2, Ranged 2 Abilities: Tactical Direction (may spend a maneuver to direct one friendly minion group or rival within medium range; that group or rival may immediately perform a free maneuver or add a boost die to its next check.) Talents: Adversary 1 Equipment: Dagger (Melee [Light]; Damage 4; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Accurate 1) Carmilla: Br 3, Ag 3, In 3, Cu 2, Wi 2, Pr 4 Soak: 4, Wound: 16, Strain: 14, Defense 1/1 Skills: Arcana 2, Brawl 2, Charm 3, Cool 2, Discipline 1, Knowledge (Forbidden) 3, Negotiation 1, Vigilance 2 Talents: Adversary 1, Dark Insight (use Knowledge [Forbidden] to determine spell effects) Abilities: Super Characteristics (Carmilla’s Brawn, Agility, and Intellect are treated as super-characteristics. When Carmilla rolls a triumph on any Brawn, Agility, or Intellect check, she immediately rolls an additional proficiency dice into the pool. If that dice generates another triumph, then roll an additional proficiency dice into the pool again. Carmilla still gets to resolve all of the triumphs as usual.) Blood thirst (When Carmilla damages a target using her fangs, she heals wounds equal to the wounds inflicted), The Beast Within: If Carmilla suffers strain in excess of her Strain Threshold, she is not incapacitated, but undergoes the following change as an out-of-turn incidental. She heals all strain; increases her Brawn and Agility by 1, to a Maximum of 5; and reduces her Intellect and Willpower by 1 to a minimum of 1. She deals +1 damage when making unarmed attacks, and her unarmed attacks have a Critical rating of 2. In addition, her jaws elongate into a muzzle, her ears stretch to points, her hair thickens and she grows more all over her body, she grows a tail, and her eyes become those of a cat. Sunlight Sensitivity: While exposed to sunlight, Carmilla reduces all his characteristics by 2 and halves her Wound Threshold and Strain Threshold. Undead: Does not need to breathe, eat, or drink [except blood], and can survive underwater; immune to poisons and toxins. Vampiric Magic: Carmilla reduces the difficulty of all magic skill checks one step. Spells: Carmilla can choose any magic action allowed for the Arcana skill, and may select additional spell effects, as normal. Her favored spells are: Equipment: Fangs (Brawl; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Ensnare 1, Vicious 2) Igor and Frankenstein's Monster are intended to be run together, and I let players use Advantage to notice that Frankenstein's Monster was plugged in. Unplugging him gets rid of the Undying Vigor. That might have been one of the most fun encounters of the entire mini-campaign, honestly. As for Carmilla, she's mostly just there to give the players a little taste of what Dracula will be like. I roleplayed her as creepily as I could, drawing heavily from the material that inspired her original appearance in Castlevania. Also, I fudged the rules for Dracula when I ran the game. When he used the "Spectral Defense" spell, I themed it as Dracula fading into mist. That mist was technically "engaged" to every character, as the mist filled the whole room. This allowed every character the opportunity to hit him without needing maneuvers to move around, and it also allowed Dracula to "teleport" between uses, going from engaged with one character to engaged with someone else across the room the next time the spell wears off. And using the Nemesis rules that give a single Nemesis a second turn at the end of the round allowed him to have one "attacking turn" and one "Spectral Defense" turn each round, making him a deliberately frustrating boss-fight until he used up all his strain and transformed (at which point I stopped using Spectral Defense and focused on pure offense).
  23. Animewarsdude

    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots

    Bossk, he is from ESB as one of the bounty hunters Vader summoned to track down the Falcon. Sticking with his new canon self here so...During the Clone Wars he worked a bounty hunter, he worked with Aura Sing and Boba Fett to try and kill Mace Windu as revenge for Jango's death which ultimately ended in failure. He'd go on to work with Fett a few more times as part of Krayt's Claw, Fett's Bounty Hunter syndicate. After the war he went on his own to Outer Rim for work as a bounty hunter, even meeting with Ezra before the events of Rebels and helped take down a corrupt ISB officer. He failed to track down the Falcon and ended up at Jabba's Palace and went out with the others to see Luke Skywalker be fed to the Sarlac, it is unknown whether he perished there or like in Legends survived. I think one of the bigger differences between his canon and Legend counterparts are that in Legends he seemed more vicious, actively hunting wookies and skinning them and having a more adversary/harsher rivalry with Fett whereas his new canon self being shown in television and comics is aimed at a younger audience and is toned down a bit as a result. At least that is sort of my take on it. Moralo Eval, he is from Clone Wars. He was odd even at an early age, killing his mother and admitting to it since he was bored which resulted in him living life as a fugitive. While in prison he came up with a plot to kidnap Palpatine, and with a little help from Cad Bane and a surgically disguised Obi-Wan, who had been sent in to stop the plot, he was able to escape after some trial and effort which is when he bought and flew a YV-666 to escape with his group from Anakin and Ahoska, Anakin under the belief the man who Obi-wan was posing as actually killed Obi-wan as well that was Obi-wan's cover and bid to gain reputation for the mission so he had to fake his death. In the end they ended up at a contraption that Moralo Eval created to create a team to kidnap Palpatine. During the contraption's tests he disgraced himself and ended up as the getaway driver for the mission while Cad Bane was put in charge, ultimately the plan failed thanks to Obi-wan and Eval was taken back into custody. Latts Razzi, she is from Clone Wars. During the Clone Wars she was a part of Krayt's Claw and after Assaj killed one of their members they blackmailed her into filling the guy's slot on the team for a job. The job involved transporting cargo on a hover train to a wealthy official with them having to protect it from 'savages'. She and alot of the others on the team ended up getting knocked off the train with Assaj ending up finding out that their cargo was a kidnapped woman from the group attacking them whom she released before going her own way. She ended up continuing to work with the group and was approached by Quinlan Voss to find Ventress after the Jedi Order gave him orders to try and assassinate Dooku, with Boba giving up Ventress' last known whereabouts to the Jedi. She and the rest of Krayt's Claw were later seen when Ventress enlisted their help to rescue Voss after he had been captured though the mission ended up in failure with her and the other county hunters fleeing when the job started to go south.
  24. banania

    Fire in the Night released!

    Not really, it's a rehash of this article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/8/6/fire-in-the-night/ Just with a different title. I should add that the translation is often dubious, but it's not the place to talk about it Hey, and where are all the people that were waiting for Thranduil? We're actually getting him! I'm pretty excited to have and play with the new hero.
  25. rhetor

    After episode ix

    "Many Bothans died to bring us this information". - would you like to know more?
  26. LordTesla

    Women in the Game, a Poll of Sorts

    Bloody site doesnt want to work with my mobile device.....
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