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  2. i thought you needed a second weapon to have a linked quality! Linked usually means attached to something else.
  3. Fnoffen

    How do you get more Agenda cards?

    Card Results sidebar on page 8 of the Learn To Play says that you may draw agenda cards as a quest reward. When a Quest reward has the little "thumbs up in a circle" symbol is when you're allowed to draw an agenda card. Also: a player is allowed to have 4 agenda cards, not 5 (Agenda Cards section of the Rules Reference) Also also: every agenda card awards 1 influence PLUS gives you a certain set of prerequisits to gain even more (up to two extra for a total of three per card if memory serves). I know a few people have missed the "always at least one" part.
  4. DaverWattra

    Warriors rejoice

    Another lightsaber tree with no Reflect ranks??
  5. Presenting our group's first 5-player game of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition! This episode includes lots of role-playing as the Embers of Muaat, L1z1x Mindnet, Universities of Jol-Nar, and Naalu Collective grapple with the malevolent Nekro Virus.
  6. Norsehound

    My suggestion how to fix the Vic/VSD 1

    I've got a wall of victory list queued up that I want to try- three VSD-Is with E-Racks and XI7s, OEs, and 7th fleet, with Brusen and Needa on the flanking ones. Motti's in the backseat of the Tua one. They're all pushing 4x TIE Advanceds with Jonus and Dengar. One of the x1s is Zetrick The thought is to deploy wide on the board edge, close, and pummel whatever ships we encounter to death with Jonus giving the accuracy and XI7s funneling damage. If I need a bid, I'd drop Brunsen and Needa for Skilled first officers and revert Zetrick. I expect my opponent to focus on one of them to start with (probably needa) then outrun the other two by flying through the gap. If I'm up against a second player with two ISDs and a ton of fighters.... I don't know what I would do. It's that kind of matchup that I don't know how to prepare for except to take a bigger bid by finding things to cut. But if that's the case, what kind of bid should I **always** plan for if I want to make all comers VSD lists?
  7. If you had a single bladed lightsaber that had the linked quality, then it could have the linked quality. I'm not aware of one offhand, other than using a one handed lightsaber with Saber Swarm.
  8. Frimmel

    Sole reason Solo flopped

    Are you trying to be funny with that? Because that's not funny. Are you seriously advocating for murdering kids in their sleep before they've done wrong? That is appalling.
  9. @Darzil if you ACTUALLY reread that question NO ONE EVER actually states that it can be used with one single bladed lightsaber.. PLUS I did ask a second question so both are valid
  10. MandalorianMoose

    Hive of Scum and Villany - [MAFIA]

    So I suckered out and bought the overpriced WiFi....
  11. (Printed) Saw's also have those symbols, and some cards have different text than in the previews. They changed some stuff after printing Wave 14.
  12. Tlfj200

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Just trying to catch up. Why though? Is there something we're trying to stop? Doesn't low agility like the feature to cap damage at 1?
  13. I was pretty dismissive of Maze at the start but I guess setting up I Can Swim is good. If you already have your ICS target dishonored, you can maze a second target. Whether it goes off or not you can still play ICS. If it goes off you probably win the conflict as well. It will probably get better with more dial mechanics. If there’s a « when you and your opponent have the same number on the dial », then the mind games are on. I know there’s also Misinformation that’s a counter swarm but it’s even harder to setup. I guess it would go better in a lower cost concflict deck if you go heavy Dynasty and play ICS rather than AFWTD? Not sure what I would slot out for this though. I guess Scorpion pack will shuffle things a bit more
  14. Ishi Tonu

    Unicorn with new cycle

    I don't think you should skip the FGG because of this very reason. Being able to cash in immediately on that extra fate with I am Ready instead of riding the board advantage is a very good option to have when you have a potential for 3 attacks on a turn.
  15. GrimmyV

    Double Check Saw's T-65

    No damage, that’s a modified Droid-wing, cut out all that life support crap and you get a super fast a maneuverable monster!
  16. it is obviously 2 different question.. 1- asking about saber swarm 2- asking about just the linked quality without the saber swarm talent Thank you for answering question 1 it is much appreciated.. what about question 2?
  17. ok, and a pre-move Launch of a bomblet is normal and doesn't force a card discard right?
  18. Same answer as when you asked last week :
  19. If you click on Find Events on the Gen Con site and either search by company using Fantasy Flight Games or search using Star Wars Destiny as the search term. Then click on the event and it will display if it is sponsored by FFG.
  20. Brunas

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Hmm, I'm lost on why homing missiles just doing a damage is a problem - here's a better question than I've been asking, what are you expecting as costs for current proton torps and homing missiles?
  21. Stasy

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    I have to second that having a local leader is huge in smaller markets. I tried to be that and had minimal success. Then I got a job that became so time consuming and was helping my family when I wasn't working OT and I couldn't do what was required to maintain it. I'm unfortunately in a place where there isn't much interest or people soured on X Wing AND Armada never gained traction and some who were interested sold off. It happens. I've accepted it.
  22. Are these two different questions or the same question asked in two different ways? The answer is yes: Saber Swarm gives a single-bladed lightsaber the Linked quality.
  23. Zenferno

    Pokémon, a simple version?

    Upgrades to Pokemon could just reduce difficulty to use various table options (akin to getting a better focus).
  24. hmmm.. stuff that got rushed out the door has a different layout from stuff connected to the actual launch. I think they have mase up their minds, but unfortunately they did so after Wave 14 was at the printer.
  25. Undeadguy

    My suggestion how to fix the Vic/VSD 1

    There's not a whole lot you can do with either Vic to make it on par with the standard build. I tired. Most builds relied on jankiness and objectives, so they were unreliable. Others die to quickly, and others struggle with getting in position. JJ on a Vic II with Tua/ECM/LS/DC/GT/QBS is near perfection. For what it's worth, I did win a SC last July with a squadronless Vic fleet. We just stopped reporting to the forums because the community died.
  26. Lemmiwinks86

    How many rerolls?

    Here's the rule you need, RRG page 13: "A unit can reroll the same die multiple times by spending multiple aim tokens; however, each die can only be rerolled once per aim token."
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