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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition

  1. A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - A Dance with Dragons

Take control of the great houses of Westeros in an epic struggle to claim the Iron Throne

  • 447 topics
  • 1,692 replies
Missing Pieces - last post by medic2012

Age of Conan

Conquer Hyboria alongside Conan the Cimmerian!

  • 131 topics
  • 725 replies
Will there ever be a Conan... - last post by NikToo

Age of War

Unite the clans of Japan!

  • 2 topics
  • 42 replies
Good, bad, or meh? - last post by Pandathefett


The World Changed... Crime Did Not

  • 333 topics
  • 1,833 replies
Suggestion -- Release a Sec... - last post by CommissarFeesh

Android: Mainframe

Run fast and score big in this game of futuristic cyberdomination.

  • 7 topics
  • 25 replies
That's all well and good. - last post by Julia

Arcana Revised Edition

A card game of intrigue, bribery, and coercion

  • 12 topics
  • 35 replies
Why??? - last post by MontyMoo

Arkham Horror

  1. Arkham Horror League,
  2. Fan Creations,
  3. Reference Materials

Madness and mayhem abound in this bestselling game of Lovecraftian horror

  • 4,714 topics
  • 56,192 replies
Arkham Horror Statistics Re... - last post by Julia

Aye, Dark Overlord!

A fun, fast-paced card game to prove once and for all that it wasn’t your (goblin's) fault!

  • 22 topics
  • 87 replies
Aye, Dark Overlord Print-on... - last post by biognome

BattleLore Second Edition

  1. BattleLore Scenario Builder Technical Support and Feedback Forum

A board game of intense, squad-based warfare for two players

  • 260 topics
  • 1,982 replies
Pretending to be developers... - last post by phalgast

Battles of Westeros

Recreate the most significant battles from The War of the Five Kings

  • 321 topics
  • 1,349 replies
Will there be future for Ba... - last post by Cubannecktie

Battlestar Galactica

Betrayal, sabotage, and Cylon attacks threaten humanity's last hope of survival.

  • 1,096 topics
  • 7,609 replies
How does the game play when... - last post by AMLopes

Black Gold

A board game of drilling and discovery for 2-5 prospectors

  • 12 topics
  • 29 replies
Negative movements with the... - last post by nicozinos

Blood Bound

A Game of Bluffing and Betrayal

  • 4 topics
  • 19 replies
Revealing rank due to an ab... - last post by Angus Lee

Blood Bowl: Team Manager

The season is starting. What kind of team will you build?

  • 239 topics
  • 1,306 replies
foul play. - last post by alexbobspoons

Blue Moon Legends

A card game of power and supremacy.

  • 10 topics
  • 30 replies
Use Card Sleeves or Don... - last post by Robin Graves

Cave Troll

A game of heroes, monsters, and hunting for treasure

  • 6 topics
  • 10 replies
Wraith+Knight Question - last post by Nushura

Chaos in the Old World

The Ruinous Powers battle for dominance of the Old World!

  • 268 topics
  • 1,569 replies
Farewell Chaos in the Old W... - last post by midloo

Chaos Marauders

A fast and frenzied game of Orcish mayhem!

  • 22 topics
  • 63 replies
Order of precedence between... - last post by Zut the Overlady


FFG's best-selling card game of bluffing and diplomacy.

  • 69 topics
  • 269 replies
Custom Characters - last post by mjesec1


Choose your path to glory!

  • 275 topics
  • 1,025 replies
civilization basic: why coi... - last post by HarveyWalters

Cold War: CIA vs KGB

  1. Cold War: CIA vs KGB (original edition)

A covert clash of ideology, politics, guerilla warfare, and dirty tricks for two players.

  • 32 topics
  • 76 replies
Rules Summary - last post by sgoska

Colossal Arena

Massive creatures do battle in the arena!

  • 20 topics
  • 69 replies
What is the sweet spot for... - last post by gamerboy6000


The strength of your army alone will not suffice.

  • 16 topics
  • 49 replies
Chance of a new printing? - last post by youmightbeafreak


Can you become the most famous trader in the greatest city on Earth?

  • 16 topics
  • 25 replies
questions rules - last post by therock8

Cosmic Encounter

  1. Cosmic Encounter - Fan Variants,
  2. Ship Marker Variants

The classic returns from the Warp, with aliens aplenty.

  • 419 topics
  • 2,731 replies
Understanding the version - last post by The Warp

Death Angel

  1. Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game Expansions

Gather your brother Space Marines and meet the alien threat!

  • 256 topics
  • 1,307 replies
Cannot buy POD expansions a... - last post by Reaver027

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition

  1. Road to Legend,
  2. Descent Quest Vault Open Beta

Stand together against an ancient evil

  • 3,401 topics
  • 34,408 replies
Mana Weave in RtL Kindred F... - last post by Darwins_Dog

DOOM: The Board Game

Tactical Combat From Hell

  • 12 topics
  • 91 replies
Available for Christmas 2016? - last post by Trumpet


Escape with the gold, or become Drakon's lunch!

  • 4 topics
  • 17 replies
Making the hero abilities a... - last post by rugal

DungeonQuest Revised Edition

A fast-paced game of dungeon exploration and looting for 1-4 players.

  • 31 topics
  • 131 replies
Combat - last post by me1034

Elder Sign

A fast-paced game of dice and dementia

  • 321 topics
  • 2,072 replies
Omens or gates next ? - last post by ArkhamPI

Eldritch Horror

  1. General Discussion

A board game of global mystery and terror

  • 488 topics
  • 4,208 replies
Usage of "Turning The T... - last post by Tiamondamion

Forbidden Stars

Warfare and conquest in the Herakon Cluster

  • 105 topics
  • 694 replies
why the dices are all paint... - last post by dakaempfa

Fortress America

One nation...under siege

  • 40 topics
  • 229 replies
Found a new copy at FLGS, m... - last post by Abe

Fury of Dracula

A Board Game of Deduction and Gothic Horror

  • 52 topics
  • 197 replies
Knowledge of Dracula's... - last post by Julia

Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Bring the hit HBO series to life.

  • 49 topics
  • 143 replies
Changing plot claim values - last post by kauai1964

Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game

Your Mind Is Your Weapon

  • 2 topics
  • 1 replies
Expansions for future seasons - last post by Julia

Game of Thrones: Westeros Intrigue

Experience the intrigues of King's Landing

  • 5 topics
  • 12 replies
Romanian or English Ruleset - last post by Klode

Gearworld: The Borderlands

A Game of Conflict in a Post-Apocalyptic Future

  • 9 topics
  • 32 replies
Thoughts / Reviews - last post by Julia

Hand of the King

Fight to become the power behind the Iron Throne!

  • 2 topics
  • 30 replies
Another one? - last post by LemonyFresh

Hey, Thats My Fish!

A board game of frenzied feeding for 2-4 players

  • 3 topics
  • 13 replies
FFG Version - last post by polyheadronman


May the best liar win!

  • 3 topics
  • 1 replies
Excited to see another Eon... - last post by Big J Money


That's Ingenious

  • 11 topics
  • 36 replies
I pod App - last post by aljovin

Ingenious Challenges

Three clever games for 2-4 brains

  • 4 topics
  • 2 replies
I need help on how to play... - last post by Isaac''sfantasy


A board game of realms and rivals for 2-4 players

  • 8 topics
  • 6 replies
Suggested age of the game - last post by Fnoffen


Build up your realm by influencing the King in this game of wits and warfare.

  • 38 topics
  • 209 replies
Too much luck? What do yout... - last post by BigKahuna

The Last Banquet

A Game of Courtly Intrigue, Mystery, and Manipulation

  • 2 topics
  • 7 replies
Jabba's Court - last post by RLogue177

Legends of Andor

Hear the Story, Live the Legend

  • 31 topics
  • 97 replies
Fan-made Legend - last post by xav

Letters from Whitechapel

Hunt a killer...or become one!

  • 28 topics
  • 86 replies
Expansion on Original? - last post by Snak

Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation

Reiner Knizia's beloved two-player game!

  • 16 topics
  • 57 replies
Special cards & "Ch... - last post by Lee418

Mafia: Vendetta

A party game of bluffing, suspicion, and murder

  • 5 topics
  • 5 replies
The Jailer - last post by Pinch1loaf

Mag Blast

The time for talk has passed - and Mag Blasts speak louder than words!

  • 20 topics
  • 44 replies
John Kovalic... HAZZAH! - last post by kinnison

Mansions of Madness

  1. Mansions of Madness Print on Demand Expansions

A board game of occult horror and mystery for two to five players

  • 744 topics
  • 4,002 replies
Call of the Wild reprint? - last post by alexbobspoons

Mansions of Madness Second Edition

Cooperative, App-driven Horror in Arkham

  • 235 topics
  • 2,010 replies
Beyond the Threshold - Update - last post by KBlumhardt


A Game of Intrigue and Deception in Venice

  • 5 topics
  • 2 replies
Player questions pertaining... - last post by Julia

Merchant of Venus

A board game of space exploration and interstellar trade

  • 39 topics
  • 98 replies
No longer available? - last post by Julia

Mission: Red Planet

A steampunk-themed board game of planetary exploration.

  • 4 topics
  • 11 replies
Sounds Interesting - last post by Steve-O

New Angeles

Corporate Greed and Manipulation in the Android Universe

  • 7 topics
  • 19 replies
Investment Cards - how to s... - last post by kac

Nexus Ops

A frenzied board game of fierce battles and fantastic alien creatures

  • 20 topics
  • 48 replies
Official clarification of F... - last post by Julia


Rise to rule in ancient Greece

  • 4 topics
  • 7 replies
Is the game good? - last post by John Bua

Planet Steam

Production and commerce in a steam-powered future

  • 5 topics
  • 9 replies
Will this version contain t... - last post by Ale_Psycho

Red November

Bad times have hit the experimental gnomish submarine Red November

  • 72 topics
  • 241 replies
Red November - Casual Play... - last post by YLGSMatthews


Heroic Adventure in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe

  • 194 topics
  • 1,090 replies
Battle score calculation qu... - last post by Dendro

Rex: Final Days of an Empire

A board game of conquest and betrayal for 3-6 players

  • 67 topics
  • 379 replies
Collecting phase question - last post by Caverius

Rockband Manager

A rocking card game for 3-6 players

  • 6 topics
  • 13 replies
Rockstar auction - last post by bwa6986

Rune Age

A deck-building game of adventure and conquest for 2-4 players

  • 141 topics
  • 628 replies
[Lore] Everliving Engine - last post by Budgernaut


Heroic deeds and high adventure in the realm of Terrinoth!

  • 102 topics
  • 589 replies
Another complain about 3rd Ed - last post by dbott


An Epic Board Game of Conquest, Adventure, and Fantasy Empires

  • 596 topics
  • 4,050 replies
Vassal Runewars - last post by Chokdeebcn

Sky Traders

A board game of commerce and intrigue for 2-5 players

  • 16 topics
  • 32 replies
Crew Card - last post by sie17

Star Wars: Empire vs. Rebellion

A fast-paced card game set in the Galactic Civil War

  • 24 topics
  • 120 replies
Such a good little game - last post by Budgernaut

Star Wars: Rebellion

The Epic Conflict Between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance

  • 348 topics
  • 3,257 replies
How would an Expansion work? - last post by Hersh


  1. Talisman Home Brews,
  2. Talisman Rules Questions

Enter a mythic world of dragons and sorcery!

  • 3,908 topics
  • 36,133 replies
Talisman: The Legend of Zel... - last post by tylorlilley

The Hobbit

A board game of adventure and treasure for 2-5 players

  • 16 topics
  • 32 replies
Specific card questions - last post by shipwreck

The Hobbit Card Game

A 2-5 Player Trick-Taking Game by Martin Wallace

  • 14 topics
  • 22 replies
Amount of card dealt in the... - last post by High King

The Iron Throne

Intrigue and Influence in the Seven Kingdoms

  • 6 topics
  • 16 replies
Does this theme limit expan... - last post by Reactor Terminal

The Lord of the Rings: Journey to Mordor

Discuss your adventures across Middle-earth in this fast-paced dice game!

  • 6 topics
  • 12 replies
PDF Map Sheets? - last post by Dazzroidicus

The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game

J.R.R. Tolkien's epic trilogy comes to life in a series of FFG board games

  • 59 topics
  • 271 replies
sphere of influence - last post by Avalanche Master

The Witcher Adventure Game

Welcome to the World of the Witcher

  • 31 topics
  • 125 replies
Rules // FAQs // Clarification - last post by TheCrabShack

Through The Desert

The desert holds riches beyond compare.

  • 9 topics
  • 66 replies
Reprint? - last post by Andr0ss

Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition

Pax Magnifica Bellum Gloriosum!

  • 1,075 topics
  • 6,970 replies
Out of stock: Shattered Emp... - last post by Marinealver

Warhammer: Diskwars

An epic game of heroes, armies, and brutal warfare!

  • 246 topics
  • 1,559 replies
Expansion stalker - last post by Superspur

Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Delve into the Darkness and Peril of the Old World!

  • 128 topics
  • 991 replies
I'm not going to say th... - last post by TalisDiorn

Winter Tales

A board game of storytelling and imagination

  • 9 topics
  • 16 replies
Expansion. - last post by tsuma534


The classic board game of magical mayhem for 2-4 players

  • 99 topics
  • 419 replies
Walls and Blocks too hard t... - last post by foosninja

XCOM: The Board Game

Destroy UFOs. Research new technology. Repel the alien invasion.

  • 144 topics
  • 937 replies
Evolution Expansion RULES? - last post by GShock112

Toggle Collectible Games Collectible Games

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Star Wars: Destiny

A collectible dice and card game of saga-spanning duels!

  • 453 topics
  • 4,797 replies
Rules Question - BB-8 Speci... - last post by WonderWAAAGH

Toggle Living Card Games Living Card Games

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A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition

  1. General Discussion,
  2. Deck Building,
  3. Organized Play,
  4. Rules Questions

An exciting card game of cunning schemes and deadly encounters for two to six players.

  • 621 topics
  • 2,878 replies
A Motor City Besieged - Tou... - last post by JohnyNFullEffect

A Game of Thrones LCG

  1. 1. AGoT General Discussion,
  2. 2. AGoT Rules Discussion,
  3. 3. AGoT Organized Play,
  4. 4. AGoT Deck Construction,
  5. 5. AGoT Trade Forum,
  6. 6. AGoT Spoiler Space,
  7. 7. AGoT Metagame Discussions,
  8. 8. AGoT Off Topic,
  9. A Game of Thrones: Draft Play

The Only Game That Matters...

  • 9,519 topics
  • 71,755 replies
Akron-Cleveland area lookin... - last post by Grimwalker

Android: Netrunner The Card Game

  1. Android: Netrunner Deck Building,
  2. Android: Netrunner Organized Play,
  3. Android: Netrunner Rules Questions,
  4. The Plugged-in Tour,
  5. The Chronos Protocol Tour,
  6. Android: Netrunner Draft Play

Hack into the future.

  • 2,686 topics
  • 12,189 replies
Account Siphon and Accessin... - last post by nungunz

Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Enter the mythos!

  • 256 topics
  • 3,102 replies
Rules question about using... - last post by dewbie420

Call of Cthulhu LCG

  1. Call of Cthulhu Deck Construction,
  2. CoC General Discussion,
  3. CoC Organized Play,
  4. CoC Rules Discussion,
  5. Call of Cthulhu Draft Play,
  6. CoC Trade Forum,
  7. CoC Off Topic,
  8. The World of H. P. Lovecraft

This is where the horror begins.

  • 2,967 topics
  • 20,327 replies
Cardgame DB - last post by Yves Vandevoort

Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game

Discuss the Legend of the Five Rings LCG and the world of Rokugan here!

  • 342 topics
  • 10,844 replies
Rpg vets help - last post by BayushiCroy

Living Card Games

Discuss the exciting and innovative Living Card Game format

  • 169 topics
  • 1,657 replies
Are more LCC wanted? - last post by kempy

Star Wars: The Card Game

  1. Star Wars: The Card Game - Organized Play,
  2. Star Wars: The Card Game - Rules Questions,
  3. Star Wars: The Card Game - Strategy

Take command of a Rebel strike force in the Star Wars universe!

  • 3,014 topics
  • 21,017 replies
Jod Cast Speical Episode: L... - last post by RogueLieutenant

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

  1. Player community,
  2. Rules questions & answers,
  3. Strategy and deck-building,
  4. The Lord of the Rings - Print on Demand,
  5. Quest Log Feedback & Support Forum

Gather your heroes and face the coming darkness!

  • 7,798 topics
  • 92,076 replies
Wild Lands and Strange Visions - last post by Authraw

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

  1. Warhammer Invasion Community,
  2. Warhammer Invasion Deck Building,
  3. Warhammer Invasion Off Topic,
  4. Warhammer Invasion Organized Play,
  5. Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

Ancient Enemies and Mighty Empires arise in this card game set in the Warhammer Universe!

  • 3,570 topics
  • 24,723 replies
Asuryan's cleansing Q - last post by AARONZEA

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

  1. Warhammer 40,000: Conquest - Organized Play,
  2. Warhammer 40,000: Conquest - Rules Questions,
  3. Warhammer 40,000: Conquest - Strategy

Lead armies and seize planets in the brutal battles of the 41st millennium!

  • 969 topics
  • 7,653 replies
The Hive Tyrant - WH40k: Co... - last post by TheHiveTyrant

Toggle Miniatures Miniatures

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Dust Tactics

  1. Dust Tactics General Discussion,
  2. Dust Tactics Organized Play,
  3. Dust Tactics Rules Discussion

A tactical miniatures board game in the world of Dust

  • 2,117 topics
  • 17,998 replies
Critical Damage roll - last post by Bishop IV

Dust Warfare

  1. Dust Warfare General Discussion,
  2. Dust Warfare Organized Play,
  3. Dust Warfare Rules Discussion

Conquer new terrain with intense tabletop miniatures combat

  • 1,132 topics
  • 9,097 replies
is this game still alive? o... - last post by Tekwych

RuneWars: The Miniatures Game

The first battles of the next great war are about to begin!

  • 82 topics
  • 1,552 replies
Terrain, while i wait. - last post by Feldwebel_Francis

Star Wars: Armada

  1. Star Wars: Armada Battle Reports,
  2. Star Wars: Armada Fleet Builds,
  3. Star Wars: Armada Painting and Modification,
  4. Star Wars: Armada Organized Play,
  5. Star Wars: Armada Rules Questions,
  6. Star Wars: Armada Off-Topic

A miniatures game of tactical fleet combat in the Star Wars galaxy

  • 9,036 topics
  • 169,176 replies
Corellian Conflict Release... - last post by Beatty

Star Wars: Imperial Assault

  1. Imperial Assault Campaign,
  2. Imperial Assault Skirmish,
  3. Imperial Assault Painting and Modification,
  4. Imperial Assault Organized Play,
  5. Imperial Assault Rules Questions

Gather your strike team for Star Wars adventure!

  • 4,253 topics
  • 46,250 replies
Jabba the Hutt - Order Hit - last post by neosmagus


  1. X-Wing Battle Reports,
  2. X-Wing Organized Play,
  3. X-Wing Rules Questions,
  4. X-Wing Painting and Modification,
  5. X-Wing Squad Lists,
  6. X-Wing Off-Topic,
  7. X-Wing Mission Control Technical Support and Feedback Forum

Take control of powerful Rebel X-wings and nimble Imperial TIE fighters!

  • 45,215 topics
  • 827,792 replies
'Countdown' isn... - last post by xanderf

Toggle Roleplaying Games Roleplaying Games

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Black Crusade

  1. Black Crusade Game Masters,
  2. Black Crusade House Rules,
  3. Black Crusade Rules Questions,
  4. Fan Art,
  5. Fan Fiction

Wealth, power, and happiness await. The only price is your humanity.

  • 1,574 topics
  • 17,012 replies
[Need Help] One-shot BC gam... - last post by Maskmanjoe

Dark Heresy

  1. Dark Heresy Gamemasters,
  2. Dark Heresy House Rules,
  3. Dark Heresy Rules Questions,
  4. Fan Art,
  5. Fan Fiction

Serve the Emperor against the Forces of Chaos

  • 6,767 topics
  • 73,785 replies
Augur Array question! - last post by SCKoNi

Dark Heresy Second Edition

  1. Dark Heresy General Discussion,
  2. Dark Heresy Fan Fiction,
  3. Dark Heresy Rules Questions,
  4. Dark Heresy Gamemasters,
  5. Dark Heresy House Rules,
  6. Dark Heresy Fan Art,
  7. Dark Heresy Play By Mail/Email

Innocence Proves Nothing

  • 1,131 topics
  • 17,988 replies
Assassinorum Infiltration/E... - last post by Radwraith


A roleplaying game of myths and legends in Eadar

  • 3 topics
  • 3 replies
Anyone use this setting?  P... - last post by naganoonch


  1. Deathwatch Gamemasters,
  2. Deathwatch House Rules,
  3. Deathwatch Rules Questions,
  4. Fan Art,
  5. Fan Fiction

Join a brotherhood of the finest warriors in the universe

  • 4,266 topics
  • 56,307 replies
New GM/Players. Tips for co... - last post by Ghaundan


A roleplaying game of exploration and adventure in the Dragon Empire

  • 9 topics
  • 25 replies
Dragonstar with Star Wars:... - last post by gilbur

The End of the World

  1. Zombie Apocalypse,
  2. Wrath of the Gods,
  3. Alien Invasion,
  4. Revolt of the Machines

A roleplaying game line of horror and survival during humanity’s last days.

  • 292 topics
  • 2,545 replies
Useful loot cards for an ap... - last post by Grov


Explore Modern London as a Reincarnated Dragon

  • 18 topics
  • 61 replies
Fireborn Netbooks - last post by JanosSaramis

Grimm RPG

An excursion, both dream and nightmare, into the classic fairy tales of childhood.

  • 132 topics
  • 920 replies
new to grimm advice needed - last post by The Gremlin

Midnight Second Edition

It has been a hundred years since the Shadow fell...

  • 10 topics
  • 58 replies
Time to bring Midnight back? - last post by Franigo

Only War

  1. Only War Fan Art,
  2. Only War Fan Fiction and War Stories,
  3. Only War Game Masters,
  4. Only War House Rules,
  5. Only War Rules Questions

They are the thin line that protects mankind. They are the Imperial Guard.

  • 1,289 topics
  • 14,697 replies
Tech priest in OW? - last post by Jargal

Rogue Trader

  1. Fan Art,
  2. Fan Fiction,
  3. Rogue Trader Gamemasters,
  4. Rogue Trader House Rules,
  5. Rogue Trader Rules Questions

Ambition Knows No Bounds

  • 5,263 topics
  • 58,736 replies
The Inquisition and NOT Dyi... - last post by venkelos

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion RPG

  1. Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beginner Game

The time has come to join the Rebel Alliance!

  • 1,169 topics
  • 22,918 replies
So Starting resources - last post by thecowley

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG

  1. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner Game,
  2. Game Masters

Roleplay adventures on the fringes of the Star Wars galaxy

  • 9,467 topics
  • 171,680 replies
Spec/Talent Sheets - last post by RLogue177

Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG

  1. Star Wars: Force and Destiny Beginner Game

Use the Force. Find your destiny!

  • 1,597 topics
  • 38,806 replies
PbP beginner gam - last post by DefyTheOdds

Star Wars Roleplaying Specialization and Adversary Decks

Keep your talents and NPCs close to hand throughout your adventures in the Star Wars galaxy!

  • 25 topics
  • 245 replies
Specialization Decks for Ca... - last post by Pyremius

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen

A place for telling your own stories of adventure and derring-do!

  • 6 topics
  • 16 replies
So.... - last post by Tim Huckelbery

The Force Awakens Beginner Game

These Are Your First Steps

  • 38 topics
  • 527 replies
Other adventures? - last post by Nytwyng

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

  1. Journey to Black Fire Pass,
  2. WFRP Archived Announcements,
  3. WFRP Gamemasters,
  4. WFRP House Rules,
  5. WFRP Print on Demand Expansions,
  6. WFRP Rules Questions

A Roleplaying game of perilous adventure!

  • 6,868 topics
  • 62,000 replies
FFG Holiday Sale - last post by Nimsim

Toggle Media & Interactive Media & Interactive

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Arkham Horror Toolkit

Make your struggles against ancient terrors more accessible than ever!

  • 30 topics
  • 127 replies
Android app? - last post by chrisjames0555

BattleLore: Command

Experience the tactics of BattleLore in a digital setting

  • 43 topics
  • 66 replies
THEFT - last post by TallTonyB

Elder Sign: Omens

Enjoy the tense excitement of Elder Sign in a digital medium

  • 205 topics
  • 747 replies
Elder Sign: Omens on Androi... - last post by Johny8x

Hey, Thats My Fish! Digital Device Application

A game of fishy confrontation for your digital device

  • 5 topics
  • 2 replies
Reporting Technical Issues - last post by FFGPhil

Mansions of Madness Second Edition

Discuss the companion app for Mansions of Madness here!

  • 3 topics
  • 2 replies
Other applications? - last post by buzard

Midnight Chronicles

A film set in a world dominated by a dark and tyrannical god

  • 23 topics
  • 79 replies
Next Episode or Sequel - last post by Ted Orielie

Road to Legend

Discuss the companion app for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

  • 2 topics
  • 5 replies
More content? - last post by Tumatan

Star Wars Dice App

Launch your STAR WARSâ„¢ gaming experiences into hyperdrive!

  • 48 topics
  • 104 replies
Star Wars: Destiny Support? - last post by ScottieATF

XCOM: The Board Game

Discuss the companion app for XCOM: The Board Game here!

  • 0 topics
  • 0 replies
  • No posts to view

Toggle Books and Graphic Novels Books and Graphic Novels

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Android Fiction

  1. Android Novellas,
  2. Free Fall,
  3. Strange Flesh,
  4. The Identity Trilogy

Explore the not-too-distant future of the Android universe

  • 40 topics
  • 84 replies
Monitor Reviews - last post by The Mick

The Worlds of Android

Your Definitive Guide to the Android Universe

  • 13 topics
  • 67 replies
What rpg system to use with... - last post by Cosmic Fanatic

Arkham Novels

  1. Feeders from Within,
  2. The Dark Waters Trilogy,
  3. The Lord of Nightmares Trilogy,
  4. The Sign of Glaaki

Journey into the haunting mysteries of the Cthulhu mythos

  • 59 topics
  • 140 replies
Is it just me - last post by Spiog

The Investigators of Arkham Horror

Discover the secret lives of those investigators who risk everything to save humanity from certain doom!

  • 5 topics
  • 23 replies
Size of playmat? - last post by KBlumhardt

Fireborn Novels

  1. Each Embers Ghost,
  2. Embers of Atlantis,
  3. Ritual of Fire

Draconic adventure in an alternate London

  • 11 topics
  • 20 replies


A novel of magic, mystery, and unlikely heroism

  • 4 topics
  • 17 replies
Review anyone? - last post by IronRavenstorm

Tannhäuser Novels

  1. Enigma,
  2. Operation: Night Eagle,
  3. Rising Sun, Falling Shadows

Thrilling stories of danger and magic in an alternate history

  • 9 topics
  • 27 replies
Enigma copies have arrived! - last post by Epitaphe

The Art of A Song of Ice & Fire

Immerse yourself in the vibrant realm of Westeros

  • 10 topics
  • 21 replies
Maps. - last post by Gabriel Chase

The Art of the Cthulhu Mythos

A journey into the dark and haunting images of the Cthulhu Mythos

  • 7 topics
  • 13 replies
How about posting some of t... - last post by Skowza

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Arkham Nights

A Weekend of Lovecraftian Terror in Roseville, MN

  • 30 topics
  • 80 replies
Well Done FFG! - last post by Sid Pikes

Fantasy Flight Games Gen Con Experience

Join Fantasy Flight Games for the best four days in gaming

  • 37 topics
  • 64 replies
Will FFG/AsMo-NA please go... - last post by krechevskoy

FFG World Championships

Join a Community of World-Class Gamers!

  • 13 topics
  • 22 replies
FFG: Your System For World... - last post by Darth Landy

The Star Wars Game Experience

May the 4th be with you!

  • 14 topics
  • 12 replies
X-Wing at Redstone Rumble 1... - last post by wargamejunkie

Toggle Fantasy Flight Collector Fantasy Flight Collector

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Arkham Horror Premium Figures

  1. Arkham Horror Investigators

Immerse yourself in Lovecraftian horror

  • 46 topics
  • 198 replies
will these be reprinted again - last post by mborda

Dust Tactics Premium Edition

Experience the world of Dust with spectacular professionally painted figures!

  • 23 topics
  • 41 replies
Premium Edition Colour Sche... - last post by Kriegschatten

Toggle Fantasy Flight Games Fantasy Flight Games

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News from FFG

  • 4,199 topics
  • 73 replies
Death World Cycle Still Bei... - last post by Boyhardy


General questions regarding forum use.

  • 373 topics
  • 1,218 replies
Got charged for order - sti... - last post by Trenloe

The FFG Website

Suggestions and Feature Requests for FFG's Website

  • 129 topics
  • 236 replies
Holiday Sale 2016 Link Broken - last post by Roman109

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Fantasy Flight Games Center

Discuss the exciting events and leagues at the Fantasy Flight Games Center

  • 157 topics
  • 241 replies
Doom companion app - last post by II Raptor II

Legacy Game Discussion

A place to discuss older FFG games

  • 62 topics
  • 199 replies
Mutant Chronicles Siege of... - last post by Shadow Walker

The Crystal Ball and The Wishing Well

  1. Star Wars

Speculation about, and suggestions for, new FFG titles

  • 495 topics
  • 1,196 replies
Petition to FFG ro bring el... - last post by SpawnGarret

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Dragon Shields

High-quality gaming supplies from Arcane Tinmen

  • 26 topics
  • 107 replies
Why are they $100 for... - last post by xjedijonx

Fantasy Flight Supply

Protect Your Games with Fantasy Flight Supplies

  • 137 topics
  • 330 replies
Star Wars Dice Bags - last post by RookiePilot

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2009 WFRP The Emperor's Decree Event

Share your thoughts and feedback on the WFRP pre-release event!

  • 63 topics
  • 411 replies
Fun for a night - last post by chrisjames0555

2010 LCG Regionals Mega Event

Kick off the Regionals Season with Championship tournaments for all three Living Card Gamesâ„¢

  • 3 topics
  • 2 replies

2010 Realms of Terrinoth Event

A convention dedicated to Runebound, Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and Runewars!

  • 9 topics
  • 30 replies

2010 Warhammer: Malleus Maleficarum

Three days of miniatures, roleplaying, card games, and board games in Warhammer's Old World

  • 4 topics
  • 10 replies
Information about the Event? - last post by arigatou

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st Edition)

Claim the Iron Throne and the lands of Westeros!

  • 202 topics
  • 877 replies
Greyjoy opening strategies... - last post by lotr

A la carte

A game of dexterity and delicacies for 2-4 chefs

  • 0 Hits

Ad Astra

To the Stars!

  • 28 topics
  • 93 replies
Concerned - last post by Ecoman

Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG

  1. Anima Fan Art,
  2. Anima Fan Fiction,
  3. Anima Game Masters,
  4. Anima House Rules,
  5. Anima Rules Questions

Enter a world beyond fantasy.

  • 967 topics
  • 6,737 replies
How to get to errata pdfs - last post by Tectorman

Anima: Tactics

A miniatures game of heroic fantasy combat

  • 164 topics
  • 653 replies
Aussie Anima Demo

Anima: The Card Game

A card game set in an anime-inspired land beyond fantasy!

  • 95 topics
  • 318 replies
Are you still playing Anima? - last post by Bookwizard


A card game of guilds and guile in the city of Cadwallon

  • 13 topics
  • 20 replies

Arkham Nights

Three days of Lovecraftian horror in Roseville, MN

  • 17 topics
  • 86 replies
Facebook link? - last post by janeyue

Arkham Nights 2011

Join us for a weekend celebrating Lovecraftian horror!

  • 10 topics
  • 33 replies
Swag Bag request - last post by arigatou

Arkham Nights 2012

A weekend of Lovecraftian terror, October 12th-14th

  • 14 topics
  • 33 replies
Arkham Nights 2013 - last post by xuzuthor

Arkham Nights 2013

A Weekend of Lovecraftian Horror in Roseville, Minnesota
November 16-17, 2013

  • 8 topics
  • 9 replies
Any news on Arkham Nights 2014 - last post by canaking13


Epic Fantasy Adventures

  • 687 topics
  • 4,654 replies
Unofficial Errata and FAQ - last post by g1ul10

Battles of Napoleon

A realistic board game of tactical maneuvering in the Napoleonic era

  • 101 topics
  • 418 replies
Event cards - last post by tmgd

Beowulf: The Legend

The oldest tale in the English language comes to life on your tabletop!

  • 17 topics
  • 68 replies
This or the Beowulf movie g... - last post by Angus Lee

Beowulf: The Movie Board Game

Follow Beowulf's epic journey from brash young hero to mature king.

  • 15 topics
  • 45 replies
Missing a piece - last post by Angus Lee

Black Crusade Collectors Edition

Embrace your desires

  • 11 topics
  • 45 replies
To buy or not To buy - last post by Alex Cube

Black Sheep

Have you herd?

  • 10 topics
  • 31 replies
One less horse - last post by Denys

Blue Moon

Reiner Knizia's award-winning non-collectible, expandable card game.

  • 28 topics
  • 161 replies
got it!! - last post by CAlexander

Blue Moon City

Rebuild Blue Moon City in the aftermath of the events of the Blue Moon card game!

  • 17 topics
  • 93 replies
? - last post by AGASHAMIRV


Invade Britain. Rewrite history. Rule BRITANNIA.

  • 27 topics
  • 80 replies
Scenarios for playing using... - last post by Gruffling

Cave Troll

A board game of treasure, danger, and excitement

  • 19 topics
  • 67 replies
Still in print? - last post by Ecoman

Cadwallon: City of Thieves

A fast-paced game of cunning thievery and ruthless skullduggery for 2-4 players

  • 89 topics
  • 375 replies
Double Lock - last post by Dbrowne1974

Dark Heresy Second Edition Beta

  1. Adventure: Seeds of Heresy,
  2. Game Mechanics,
  3. General Discussion,
  4. Proofreading Changes

  • 645 topics
  • 14,564 replies
Power armor issues - last post by RMcD

Days of Ice and Fire 2012

Cross the Narrow Sea for a weekend of intrigues, battles, and great games.

  • 3 topics
  • 5 replies
Great event, bad timing? - last post by FFGAnton

Days of Ice and Fire 2013

Three Days of Celebration in Westeros, April 12th-14th

  • 14 topics
  • 18 replies
Days of Ice and Forum 2014? - last post by FTWard

Days of Ice and Fire Event

Three days of excitement and intrigue in the Seven Kingdoms! November 12th-14th

  • 5 topics
  • 20 replies


A town where the quickest way to solve your problems is with a bullet

  • 22 topics
  • 30 replies
Annexing the Sheriff's... - last post by John Bua

Deathwatch Collectors Edition

Join a brotherhood of the finest warriors in the universe

  • 13 topics
  • 66 replies
Question... - last post by markjosol

Descent: Journeys in the Dark

  1. Descent Home Brews,
  2. Descent: Journeys in the Dark FAQ Update Discussions

FFG's epic game of dungeon-delving adventure!

  • 3,942 topics
  • 29,555 replies
Next Expansion? - last post by Tyrrell


Experience the terror and suspense of Doom: The Board Game!

  • 234 topics
  • 1,821 replies
Doom Dice - Legal dispute - last post by Gacu666


A board game of brave heroes and mighty creatures for two players

  • 12 topics
  • 20 replies
house rules for unplayable... - last post by modernman55


It's every man, woman, and dwarf for himself!

  • 24 topics
  • 104 replies
Will there ever be an expan... - last post by Mlai

Dungeon Fighter

Earn Your Dramatic Victory Pose!

  • 4 topics
  • 3 replies
Out of Print? - last post by pixcalcis


Dare you face the dragon's challenge?

  • 181 topics
  • 1,135 replies
Ferrox and determination to... - last post by cheezburger


Conquer the world!

  • 44 topics
  • 180 replies
Where you can buy Dust - last post by felkor

Fury Of Dracula

The Count has returned. Find and stake the vampire prince for good!

  • 145 topics
  • 644 replies
Fury of Dracula Anniversary... - last post by infinityoverpi

Gears of War: The Board Game

  1. Gears of War: The Board Game PoD Expansions

A fully cooperative board game based on the wildly popular third-person shooter

  • 191 topics
  • 952 replies
Whare sale gears of war boa... - last post by Robin

Horus Heresy

Brother Against Brother For the Soul of the Imperium

  • 163 topics
  • 855 replies
NEW GAME EDITION or NEW HH... - last post by SolennelBern


A card game in the Android universe by Donald X. Vaccarino

  • 43 topics
  • 177 replies
Got this for christmas: Thi... - last post by guillaumetexas

Isla Dorada

Join the expedition!

  • 16 topics
  • 27 replies
Question about flying - last post by sidamos

Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game

  1. Agrabah Bazaar,
  2. Gummi Garage,
  3. Hollow Bastion,
  4. New Key Bearers,
  5. Odds & Ends,
  6. Olympus Coliseum,
  7. Rules Discussions,
  8. Town Threads,
  9. Traverse Town

Fend off the Heartless with the help of your friends Donald Duck, Goofy, and Ariel!

  • 1,326 topics
  • 20,093 replies
Welcome to the KHTCG reviva... - last post by Thirroxin

LCG Days

Three days of your favorite LCGs, May 13th-15th

  • 2 topics
  • 4 replies

Legends of Percevan

Join the adventures of Percevan!

  • 11 topics
  • 53 replies

Letter of Marque

A card game of high seas bluffing!

  • 8 topics
  • 24 replies
This gorgeous game needs mo... - last post by Zozimus

Mad Zeppelin

Treachery and Treason Aboard a Mad Zeppelin

  • 5 topics
  • 11 replies
How bad is this game? - last post by BGQ


An inventive board game of warfare for 3-5 players

  • 5 topics
  • 6 replies

Malleus Imperator

A weekend dedicated to the many faces of Warhammer 40,000

  • 3 topics
  • 3 replies

Micro Mutants

Epic war on a microscopic scale!

  • 25 topics
  • 90 replies
Invasion Expansion - last post by Kfad

Middle-earth Quest

Adventures in the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings™

  • 179 topics
  • 776 replies
Encounters phase question - last post by Titeman

Moto Grand Prix

Break neck speed on a motorbike!

  • 26 topics
  • 97 replies
New Track Designs for Moto GP - last post by johndibble12

Mutant Chronicles

  1. Players

The dark future is here

  • 242 topics
  • 1,513 replies
TWO sites of interest, for... - last post by neuicon

Mutant Chronicles Organized Play

Use this forum to talk about all things Organized Play

  • 8 topics
  • 27 replies

Only War Beta

  1. Adventure: Against the Savages,
  2. Game Mechanics,
  3. General Discussion,
  4. Proofreading Changes

Lead the charge against the enemies of mankind

  • 370 topics
  • 4,353 replies
Ogryn - What they are vs wh... - last post by ciryon


Penguin is a positively pleasurable pursuit of piling plastic penguins.

  • 8 topics
  • 27 replies

Penny Arcade: The Card Game

A game of grievous personal injury for two players!

  • 10 topics
  • 17 replies
New Penny Arcade Game... - last post by mmadness


Can you be the first player to get rid of all your rattlesnake eggs?

  • 8 topics
  • 31 replies
Some rules I´d like to clarify - last post by Gamer

Realms of Terrinoth 2011

Three days of epic adventure in the land of Terrinoth

  • 6 topics
  • 32 replies
Cannot attend, still possib... - last post by juanson

Realms of Terrinoth 2012

Three days of epic adventure, June 29th through July 1st

  • 11 topics
  • 29 replies
Great Event - last post by IronRavenstorm


The perfect fantasy adventuring board game, infinitely expandable and replayable.

  • 578 topics
  • 2,971 replies
Component limitation - last post by KnnySellers


A Game of Ambition and Domination in Feudal Japan

  • 2 topics
  • 4 replies
Super excited to play this - last post by Lifer4700


A card game of face-to-face family fun for 4-8 players!

  • 4 topics
  • 9 replies
A new Faidutti game that


A game of space battles!

  • 433 topics
  • 2,330 replies
Cloaking VS Scourge Kamikaze - last post by instinctive

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Beta

  1. General Discussion,
  2. Game Mechanics,
  3. Proofreading Changes,
  4. Adventure: Operation – Shell Game

  • 291 topics
  • 7,201 replies
Real Force Users Don't... - last post by Typath

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beta

  1. Game Mechanics,
  2. General Discussion,
  3. Proofreading Changes,
  4. Talents and Specialization Trees

Lead a band of explorers and help shape the fate of the galaxy!

  • 591 topics
  • 8,992 replies
Reference Sheets - last post by tiagoratto

Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG Beta

  1. General Discussion,
  2. Game Mechanics,
  3. Proofreading Changes,
  4. Adventure: Lost Knowledge

Fulfill your destiny as one of the galaxy’s few remaining Force users!

  • 635 topics
  • 12,966 replies
Dantari Crystals? - last post by baterax


The Army of the Union vs. the Reich's Obscura Korps in the Great War, circa 1949!

  • 961 topics
  • 6,438 replies
Hoax vs. Heizinger [Rules C... - last post by PsychoWolf

The Adventurers: The Pyramid of Horus

A board game of danger and exploration for 2-6 players

  • 17 topics
  • 46 replies
Play testing????? - last post by pkreynolds

The Adventurers: The Temple of Chac

A board game of exploration and danger for two to six players

  • 6 topics
  • 12 replies
The Adventurer series - last post by Babyblue

Tide of Iron

A Game of World War II Tactical Battles

  • 905 topics
  • 6,335 replies
Scenario Builder - last post by LCulbreth

Tigris & Euphrates

A classic game of culture, conflict, and civilization

  • 4 topics
  • 11 replies
Welcome to the Tigris &... - last post by khronostdg


The time has come to make history.

  • 12 topics
  • 34 replies
Great game - if expectation... - last post by llark313


Club your tribe to architectural dominance!

  • 6 topics
  • 19 replies
Misprint in Rules for Cavem... - last post by dkingnu

Universal Fighting System

  1. UFS Deck Building,
  2. UFS Fan Announcements,
  3. UFS General Discussion,
  4. UFS Off Topic,
  5. UFS Organized Play,
  6. UFS Rules Q & A,
  7. UFS Tourney Reports,
  8. UFS Trading,
  9. UFS Uk Forum

Characters from your favorite videogames meet in hand-to-hand combat! Who will reign supreme?

  • 4,727 topics
  • 51,748 replies
Custom UFS Cards Of What I... - last post by paulvsgodzilla


A board game of noble campaigns for capital supremacy

  • 14 topics
  • 27 replies
What countersheets are in t... - last post by engdy

War of the Ring

Decide the fate of Middle Earth in this epic wargame!

  • 122 topics
  • 508 replies
WotR CE Expansion:  Lords o... - last post by Perks

War of the Ring: Collector's Edition

Own this limited edition set of a beloved game!

  • 32 topics
  • 155 replies
Looking for a copy - last post by roblyon

Warrior Knights

Secure the throne in this re-design of the 1985 Games Workshop classic!

  • 68 topics
  • 192 replies
Looking For A Copy of This... - last post by Hector131

Wings of War

  1. Wings of War (WWI),
  2. Wings of War (WWII)

Thrill to the action of WWI aerial combat!

  • 342 topics
  • 1,994 replies
Naval Version - last post by NovemberPines

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