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[Migrated] Kommitzar Penal Legionnaire & Penal Legionnaire (Santiago)

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Posted 24 November 2008 - 07:02 AM

A Background Package & Alternate Rank by Santiago:

Kommitzar Penal Legionnaire
Home World: Any
Career: Guardsman of Scum
Cost: 100xp

There are few places more dangerous as the Kommitzar Penal World in the Hazeroth sub-sector. Kommitzar holds the Calixis Sectors most dangerous and hardened criminals. Just like most other Penal worlds Kommitzar has its own Penal Legions. The soldiers of the Kommitzar Penal Legion are said to be mad by some, devout by others, when deployed they will attack without any care for their own lives seemingly suicidal, all to redeem themselves in the eyes of the God Emperor. The Kommitzar Penal Legionnaires are among the most ruthless troops in the Calixis Sector.
The Kommitzar Blood Guard always wears close faced helmets, a black uniform and a red sash across their chest.
If the Legionnaire survive a battle they are known to take trophies, heads, fingers, ears and noses are favourites and are often even used a strange kind of currency back on Kommitzar

Apply the following changes to you character.
Skills: Gain the skill Common Lore (Imperial Creed)
Talents: Insanely Faithful and Unshakable Faith
Insanity Points: You begin play with 1d5 insanity points
Corruption Points: You begin play with 1d5 corruption points


Penal Legionnaire:

Required Career: Guardsman, Scum
Alternate Rank: 1 or Higher (0xp)

Not criminals are condemned to death in the Imperium, at least not directly, some of them are sentenced to a Penal Colony where they are more often than not recruited into one of the Penal Legions were they are to fight to the death or until they considered redeemed. The most hardened and dangerous criminals serve as legionnaires and this correctional facility doesn’t often better their ways.
Arming criminals to fight might not sound as a good idea but the explosive collar around their necks keeps them in check.

Advance Cost Type Prerequisite
Awareness 100 S
Barter 100 S
Ciphers (Underworld) 100 S
Drive (Ground Vehicle) 100 S
Swim 100 S
Basic Weapon Training (Las) 100 T
Basic Weapon Training (Primitive) 100 T
Basic Weapon Training (SP) 100 T
Pistol Weapon Training (Las) 100 T
Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive) 100 T
Pistol Weapon Training (SP) 100 T
Sound Constitution 100 T
Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive) 100 T
Carouse 200 S
Dodge 200 S
Gamble 200 S
Sleight of Hand 200 S
Street Fighting 300 T
Jaded 300 T
* May be taken three times this career
This Alternate Career is open to any career; one cannot apply for this class but only be sentenced to it for obvious reasons. Only Guardsman and Scum can start out with this career.

Penal Legionnaire Equipment:
Whether you start out as a Penal Legionnaire or later become a Penal Legionnaire all your equipment will be replaced (Unless the GM decides otherwise) with the following:
Las Pistol and 1 Charge Pack, Las Gun (with melee attachment) and 1 Charge Pack, Knife, Explosive Collar (attached), Guard flak Armour, Penal Colony Coverall (Poor quality Clothing), 1 weeks Corpse Starch Rations, 2 packs of Lho Sticks.
Prisoners are not allowed to retain any money.

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