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[Migrated] Hyrus-Pattern Rotator-Chamber Bolt Revolver (reason)

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#1 Wu Ming

Wu Ming


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Posted 24 November 2008 - 06:25 AM


What could possibly be more stylish than a bolter? It hit me today: a bolt revolver.


Oh, I saw one back a ways, when Marcus was still with us. Think of the most outsized solid shot pistol you can imagine; it was from the Hyrus manufactories, Hyrus lines and Hyrus color to the metals. The barrel's salved by servitor and etched with the year-sigil and manufactory mantra. Polished vat-grown tresari wood grip, and a one-piece thermosilver cast for the cylinder. About half as broad as it is long - see the shells waiting to the left, the shells waiting to the right while you're lining up on the shooting range. Still looks sleek with the Hyrus curves.

A real haxxi-hair cleaning set and leather carrying case too; almost a shame to take it out and bless it in the Emperor's service.

No sights, no compensators, and the real devotees load by hand, shell by shell. Something to be said for simplicity - slip, click, and spin the cylinder to clear. None of your fancy ten step Guard field clearance protocols.

Kicks like a bastard, but gets the job done. If you need more than six Hyrus-pattern bolt rounds to put down the opposition, you're in the wrong line of work - or hung out to dry. Either way, at least you'd be going out in style.

Bolt Revolver:
- Class: Pistol
- Range: 30m
- RoF: S/-/-
- Damage: 1d10+5 X
- Pen: 4
- Clip: 6
- Reload: 2Full
- Special: Reliable
- Weight: 3kg
- Cost: 350
- Availability: Very Rare




I had the same general idea. Except this is what I had:

Bolt Revolver
Class: Pistol
Range: 35m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 1D10+5
Pen: 4
Clip: 3
Rld: Full
Special: -
Weight: 2 kg (Not sure about, don't exactly have a real one to compare to )
Cost: 175? (Not sure about)
Availability: Rare/Very Rare

I had a lower clip size to keep the gun still somewhat hold-able in two hands whilst not being out of proportion (like, it's made for a human). Hand-Cannon rule though of two-hands or -10 BS.

That was my interpretation of a bolt revolver.

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