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Speedy Gonzalez - Col Serra/Speeders

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#1 Hida77



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Posted 01 July 2013 - 03:10 AM

Hey all, after having tried a Smuggler/Jedi mix with it I thought I might post the Rebel/Smuggler list I had come up with running the new S&S Objective, see what ya'll thought.
Obviously the idea is to be able to dominate the edge battle with Speeders and/or the last defense of Hoth, which should allow you to frequently punish the DS decks on the attack before they can stop you.  Don't Get Cocky also helps, since it add some extra damage when you need it.  Also worth mentioning that Col Serra + Survival Gear = LOL.  Obviously you never start Rebel Fleet if you dont have to.  Is a little unfortunate that A Stining Insult will likely be dead a lot of the time, but can still be randomly amazing.
Smuggler Affiliation
2xLast Defense of Hoth
2xPrepared for Battle
2xHoth Operations
2xDefense of Yavin 4
2xThe Rebel Fleet
2xHome One
2xCol Serra
2xRogue 3
2xRed 2
2xWedge Antilles
4xACC-1 Speeder Tank
2xRonegade Squadron X-Wing
2xHoth Scout
2xRepair Droid
2xRenegeade Squadron Recruit
2xAstromech Droid Upgrade
4xHidden Base
2xHoth Survival Gear
2xRebel Assualt
2xShelter from the Storm
2xA Stining Insult
2xDon't Get Cocky
4xTarget of Opportunity
Let me know what you think =)

2014 Star Wars: The Card Game US Nationals Finalist

2013 Star Wars: The Card Game Worlds Top 16

8xX-wing, 5xB-Wing, 2xYT-1300, 4xY-Wing, 5xA-Wing, 2xHWK-290, 3xE-Wing, 7xZ-95, 2xYT-2400, 2xGR-75, 1xCR-90

10xTIE/LN, 11xTIE/IN, 2xTIE/Adv, 4xTIE/as, 3xTIE/Ph, 3xTIE/D, 3xFirespray-31, 3xLambda, 2xDecimator

#2 Colyer



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Posted 03 July 2013 - 12:56 PM

I wish I liked this deck, but so far, I don't. I still prefer to drop Prep for Battle for Prep for Evac and swap out Last Defense for Renegade Squadron Mobilization. Unfortunately, Last Defense is terrible. There isn't a card outside of the objective itself I'd want in this deck, personally. You'll rarely get a chance to play Stinging Insult, and Col only has one unit damage, which is definitely not worth the hassle. Don't Get Cocky is a little more likely, but still not a common situation. Col isn't good enough to justify the rest of his set by any means.

As far as prep for battle, this is a bit more preference. I hate that set. The only reason to play it is the lack of speeders you can get elsewhere, and for me that just isn't reason enough. I have had too many games where I'm choking on my 4 of AACs without Hoth Operations down. Shielding is nice in the right deck, but I don't feel this is the right deck.

#3 ZombieTonyBlair



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Posted 09 July 2013 - 03:37 PM

I have a very different experience with Prep for Battle.  The Speeder Tanks are one of my favorite units, since the combo of shielding plus tactics means you can feint with them to draw defenders off the important fights very easily.  If you look at most of the lightside decks that won regional tourniments earlier this year you'll find most of them run Prep for Battle once it was released.


I tried a similiar version of this deck, with more smugglers and less rebels.  It was okay, but it was really hurting for speed with only hoth operations providing a good number of early blast icons.  I think throwing in rebel fleet and defense of yavin 4 probably go a long way towards solving that problem.

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