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Aeronautica? Wich is the right one ???

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#1 Toronus



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Posted 17 June 2013 - 08:25 AM

In BFK p. 123. Chapter 4 - Ground wars part states in the description of Heavy Aeronautica unit that the Fury interceptor is an example. The rules of this chapter say you can ACQ one Heavy (-20) Aeronautica (-30) Modern (-10) unit - like the Fury - with a -60 modifier with Volunteer (+/-0, 30 Skill rating) quality crew.

In ItS p. 181. there is the Calixis-Pattern Fury Interceptor with an availability of Extr. Rare (-30). And that's it!

??? -30 VS -60 ????

Tell me the truth, Farseer!

#2 Errant



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Posted 17 June 2013 - 12:32 PM

-30 for one craft with no crew. 

-60 for an appropriate Strength of craft with assorted support staff, crew and other such things that would be required for actually using the unit as part of your army.

#3 Alasseo



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Posted 17 June 2013 - 07:14 PM

Actually, if you want a single Calixis-pattern Fury, with no crew or support staff, it could arguably come to a mere -10, or even +0 (-30 for Extremely Rare, +20 for Trivial if you've got no ground crew for it; potentially +30 if it comes with no crew at all (you're only buying 1)). However, I would, and have ruled that a single Common quality Fury, with the crew and support staff, but no pilot, comes to -20 (Extremely Rare -30, Minor +10), as the ground crew and so on makes a single flyer the rough equivalent of a platoon.

In BfK, the smallest unit of Aeronautica you can acquire is a Flight, which is explicitly considered Company-level. A flight is roughly half a squadron, so that -60 is buying you 10 Furies, with pilots, crew, ground crew, munitions, spare parts and the rest of the logistical tail that would be considered organic to such a unit. Well, in theory, you could buy a single plane for -50 (mustn't forget the Size modifier for Acquisitions), which would also include the pilot, ground crew, munitions, spare parts, logistical tail etc., but that would be of limited effectiveness (and still significantly more "expensive" than buying one for a character to fly).

Essentially, that extra -30 comes down to the price you pay for acquiring Mercenaries for a war, as opposed to acquiring them as "household troops" for your own ship. Remember that units Acquired as mercenaries can have a separate set of  Characteristics than the crew of your ship, while "household" squadrons default to your ship's Crew Rating. Yes this can mean that it is "cheaper" to hire elite guys for your ship than average guys as a formed unit to fight wars.

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#4 WilliamAsher



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Posted 19 June 2013 - 02:08 PM

A couple of points.  First, all vehicles are an additional -10 on their aquisition checks (Into the Storm).  That means that a single Fury starfighter is a -10 check (-30 ER, -10 Vehicle, +30 only one).  A squadron of 30 would be -30 (-30 ER, -10 Vehicle, +10 for 30).  That is the typical squadron for your flight bays per BfK.  That is for bare bone fighters without pilots or crew.  The BfK rules buy you pilot, crew, ground crew, fuel supplies, ammunition, and standard maintenance supply lines.  A single fighter in BfL would cost you -30 (-30 Aeronautica, -20 Heavy, -10 Imperial Tech, +30 Single unit), and a squadron would be-50 (-30 Aeronautica, -20 Heavy, -10 Imperial Tech, +10 for 30 fighters).  Note that if you buy them as a military unit they come ready to fight, and capable of operations as soon as you load them into your fligt bays.  If you buy them as empty fighters you need to hire crews and pilots, arrange ammunition and spare parts, hire ground crews, and then train them into a single unit.  Most of the time, you are only going to buy vehicles for major characters or as replacements for destroyed ones without crew.  If the RT wants to fly down in his sleek Fury starfighter, buy it without crew.  If he wants to add a squadron of them to patrol his space station, buy it as a combat unit.  My players are pretty militant, and buy companies to regiments of infantry as well as companies of artillery and armor.  If your RT wants to have some elite house troops you can buy a company of heavy infantry for  -30 (0 Infantry, -20 heavy, 0 Tech world, -10 Professionals, no modifier for 100).  That will give him troops in carapace armor with decent weapons and an average skill of 40.

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