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No more d20 for me!

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Posted 11 June 2013 - 03:35 PM

There really is a point to all of this, please read on (I am hoping that this is the right forum to post something like this in) :D

Ok, to start out this topic, let me say this- EotE has changed my RPing outlook forever. My experience has been AD&D 2nd edition, very little SAGA and of course, years of 3.5. So, let me grab my soapbox and get to work-

So, as you can see from what I have played, the only system I have ever really known has been d20. And lets call a d20 system what it really is- a turned based strategy combat game with some story telling in between. This is something that I have hated about playing RPG's for YEARS!!! Not to mention all the amounts of rules that just bog a game to a complete halt. "Oh, you're gonna do that? Let's see, that's a uhh…… Oh, that's a -2 to your roll. Oh, but you did this as well, so then that's a +4". It never ends. I'm sure that there are rules somewhere for a character picking their nose. But again, it's the only system I have ever known.

Now for the good talk- I just bought the EotE beginner box, read through the first adventure, about half of the rulebook that came with it and  I LOVE THE SYSTEM!!! It very much so seems like a "lets keep things moving and so long as the GM has a bit of logical thinking, it will run smoothly" (I could say a lot more positive things, but they are all things you've heard before) system.

So, the point to all of this? I do love fantasy settings as well, as do my players. So, I have been looking at a system that seems to be like the EotE system- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP). My question to all of you is this- Does WFRP offer the same type of fantasy setting that a say D&D setting does? Things such as dragons, mind flayers, beholders and such? I know it won't have "mind flayers" or "beholders" but I think and hope you understand what I'm getting at. I just want the EotE system but it a fantasy setting and am really hoping that I can get a little feedback before I drop $100 on a setting that I won't like. I have done a fair amount of research (fantasy flights website, youtube) and I can't seem to come up with a solid answer other than "it's the warhammer setting".

Thanks in advance for any help here!

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 05:47 PM

I gave up on D20 in the 90s because I wanted either simplicity or a more narrative system. Vampire:the Masquerade was excellent, with its Storyteller system. Both simplicity and simple guidelines to narration. WHFRP 3e builds on top of that sort of system, and Edge of the Empire builds on top of that again. It's possible the dice system in EotE is even another notch better for storytelling, but WHFRP isn't far behind.


About the world:

Grim & perilous. Those are the keywords. The world is like Australia: Everything that isn't trying to eat you probably kills you anyway if you try to eat it. It's a strange mish-mash of medieval to renaissance settings where magic isn't really far from being fully heretical, but is at least tolerated because the schools of magic keep wizards in check. Most of the time. Unsanctioned magic use is basically going to get you killed if the authorities care enough in your area (at least if the GM keeps it grimdark). The dark gods from The Warp thoroughly messed up the world, but the hilarious thing is that magic stems from the same entities that decent people fight. If anyone shows a hint of magical talent, they should join a school to avoid persecution.


An enlightening thread: http://community.fan...re-not-classes/


You don't start out players as wizards of wide renown, or nobleman hero-warriors or anything like that. No, you start them out in the gutter, covered in ****, fighting over scraps to survive the day. Unless you let them play elves, in which case they may have at least heard of soap. Yeah, there are fantastic creatures about. Some are the result of the mystical mutation of The Warp, others are more classic monsters. The setting typically leans less towards monster-hunting, but that's always a possibility. The careers of the characters is what should help a GM create leads for stories. They're more than warm bodies who can swing swords; they all have special skills, not just limited to combat. Yet they are nothing, because the world doesn't care about them :)

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