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Oldtown Apprentice in Multiplayer

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Posted 23 November 2008 - 10:02 PM

Sorry if this is a dumb question or has already been answered, but I am a bit confused. Can I trigger Oldtown Apprentice for each opponent that has a higher gold plot? Thanks!

Each plot revealed by an opponent creates a separate potential Response trigger (depending on the income comparison). So yeah, if you have more than one opponent, there is the potential to trigger him once for each opponent's plot in a single plot phase.

Just to be sure, any particular reason you'd think he could not?

Well, I am always a bit confused about the way the plot cards are revealed. I guess I didn't have a particular reason, but the way the timing works confuses me. Just one more follow up question. When I respond, do I respond to each plot after all plot effects have resolved, or do I respond to each individual one before the next resolves. This would make a big difference if one of the plots resolved is Rule by Decree, which is mostly why I ask.

Thanks again Ktom... better explanations than my professor's, it's actually kinda eerie

It's a little confusing, but the thing to remember when looking at the timing chart is that ALL plots are revealed - and the first one resolved - in the "reveal plots" framework action window. Then, you resolve each of the other plots one by one in their own framework action window (even though they were all technically revealed in that first one).

For the most part, this has no bearing on the resolution of plots. However, it does mean that ALL passive effects and Response triggered by revealing plots take place after the first plot is resolved, but before the second one is initiated.

So in this case, you would be able to trigger the Apprentice once for each applicable plot between plots #1 and #2. So yeah, it could bite you in the rear in a big way if the second (or third, or fourth) plot is Rule By Decree. Luckily, the Apprentice is a Response and you could always choose not to trigger his ability.

Note that this quirk of timing, while really bad for RBD, could be really GOOD if your On Raven's Wings is the first to resolve. Just go get an Apprentice, put him into play, then trigger his Response for each plot with an income greater than 1. (This only works, of course, if ORW is the first plot to resolve).

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