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Basestar Bridge

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#1 Skowza



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Posted 17 May 2013 - 02:17 PM

Question about the Basestar Bridge; the rules arent very clear and there is nothing in the FAQ.

Does the Cylon player declare both of the actions he/she plans to use and then do them in whatever order he/she chooses, or can one be activated before announcing what the second one will be?  In our game the Cylons wanted to move their jump track up so that their fleet would jump in and then damage Galatica because of the massive number of Raiders on the board, but they failed to move their track up (ours went down) so the second ability they planned to use would have been useless.  Exodus rules (p 12) simply state "When a player activates the 'Basestar Bridge' location, he chooses two of the four abilities listed to resolve, one at a time." which seems open to interpretation.  I see that its been discussed on BGG and sent to FFG but no final resolution was posted…


Also, a question about a Crisis, called either Unwelcome Faces or Unwanted Faces:

Admiral Chooses:

The Admiral may discard his hand of skill cards and choose a character to send to the Brig


-1 Morale and Damage Galactica


This came up in a game last night as our 2nd last Crisis before it ended.  I was the Admiral and I chose the first option, then chose not to discard my hand since it says "may" at which point several players argued that I cannot do that and was required to put someone in the Brig if I chose the first option.  I play a lot of games and my logic was based on the use of the word "may" while theirs was based on "this is a stupid Crisis card if its the beginning or end of the game when you have no need/desire to Brig anyone.  I can see their point, its basically just a free jump icon with no actual "crisis" occurring; eventually I just decided on the second option since Morale was high and I blew up Pegasus since my only concern was possible damage to FTL.  I am still 100% convinced that I am allowed to choose option 1 and let it "fizzle" but what does everyone else think?  We're probably going to house-rule it to say "must" instead of "may" for future games.

#2 Mephisto666



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Posted 18 May 2013 - 05:23 AM

On the card you or wrong <grin>….  May goes with the Or….  its two conditions.  Its "admiral chooses" and those are the two choices!  Nice try though.

I don't know for sure on your first questiosn.  Seems like I read something that did say it's as worded, you have to choose two things, and then resolve them… Chose BOTH first, then resolve in any order…  so you can find the outcome.  But I am not positive. 

#3 subochre



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Posted 19 May 2013 - 07:44 AM

So I guess there's actually three interpretations, all differing in how widely to interpret the scope of "may".

Mephisto's widest reading:

The Admiral may(discard his hand of skill cards and choose a character to send to the Brig or -1 Morale and Damage Galactica)

Skowza's reading:

The Admiral may(discard his hand of skill cards and choose a character to send to the Brig) or -1 Morale and Damage Galactica

The narrowest reading (I'm not sure whether this is what the group thought or whether they're with Mephisto):

The Admiral may(discard his hand of skill cards) and choose a character to send to the Brig or -1 Morale and Damage Galactica


Just going by pure grammatical pedantry, I think Skowza's right.  I don't think the Mephisto reading provides a coherent way of fitting "or -1 Morale" into the scope of "the Admiral may" (not to mention that this'd be the only X Chooses card that uses "may" like that…).  Conversely, my problem with the narrowest intepretation (apart from the useless "you may discard your hand for no reason") is that if the brigging is not governed by "may," it should say "and chooses a character." 

Personally though, I think the first interpretation is the only one that really makes mechanical sense and that "may" was just a mistake, haha atontado

Happily, the other question is easier: it looks like you do indeed choose both and then resolve.

#4 dwightsboardgame



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Posted 21 May 2013 - 02:47 AM

The crisis card is a typo. Check page 4 of the FAQ. It should read "must" instead of "may".


#5 Skowza



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Posted 25 May 2013 - 09:52 AM

yea, its right there in the FAQ, I don't know why I didnt look, I'm pretty anal about checking FAQs for stuff before posting.  Thanks.

I may send the Bridge question to FFG again since the BGG post never got answered.

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