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Extended tests

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Posted 14 May 2013 - 07:16 PM

I'm wondering if any of you who are GMing this game currently have used extended tests in your games, and how it went down.  I have a character playing Mathus from the beginner's game who is patching up a cloven rifle (thanks for that, Lowhrick…) and I am basically making the tests cumulative.  not just one Mechanics test for the whole thing to be fixed up, but a test for the power pack, a test for the barrel line, a test for the firing mechanism, etc., as a way of representing the finnicky details and the time taken.

the same might apply for jury-rigging a starship's shields or fixing a speeder, or hacking a computer system, or conning an Imperial officer, or whatever.  But I'd love to hear your thoughts on the idea of extended tests in EotE.

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Posted 14 May 2013 - 08:40 PM

The basic skill challenge mechanics are relatively simple. Over the course of the challenge, the heroes take actions that either succeed or fail. If the heroes accrue a set number of successes before a set number of failures,they succeed in the challenge. If they accrue too many failures, they fail the challenge.

You as the GM, decided how many successs are needed and how many failures are needed to be avoided, and the difficulty. 

Here is a good example, and it can be expanded into your game sessions with all the other players


In this skill challenge, the heroes are trapped in the spice mines of Kessel and must escape to freedom. The spice mines are currently under the control of the Colicoids, an insectoid species responsible for the design of the Droideka. The heroes have a chance to escape while being herded back to their barracks, and their goal is to make their way out of the mines, through the detention facility, and out to a landing pad where a spice-haul ing vessel is refueling for take - off. During the breakout, 10 other prisoners also decide to fight their way to freedom, he lping the heroes escape.

Complexity: 8 successes before 3 failures
Suggested Skills: The following are suggested primary skills for this skill challenge:

  • Perception [Average]:The heroes can keep their eyes and ears open for the signs of approaching Colicoid guards. Alternatively, the heroes can search for side tunnels and passages that are rarely used.
  • Leadership  [Hard].·The heroes can convince some of their fellow prisoners to keep watch or fan out to distract the guards and prevent them from catching the main group.
  • Stealth [Average or opposed perception]:The heroes can attempt to sneak by Colicoid patrols and to ensure that none of the other prisoners makes too much noise.
  • Survival [Hard]: The heroes can sea rch for signs of Colicoid tracks in the tunnels they are following, using that knowledge to determine which passages the insectoids are least likely to search .

Challenge Effects: The following are suggested effects for th is skill

  • Close Call: The heroes accrue failures only on skill checks that have failure (as opposed to no successes) or more on rolls
  • Degrees of Failure: Any failures accrued by the heroes reduce the number of non heroic prisoners that reach the ship and escape.
  • Success: If the heroes succeed, they make their way to the BADI DEA short hauler sitting on the landing pad. They successful ly steal the ship and jump into hyperspace.
  • Failure: If the heroes fail the skill challenge, they are cornered by Colicoid guards and must engage in a difficult combat encounter to finally gain their freedom. If the heroes succeed but accrued one failure during the challenge, only five of the other prisoners make it to freedom with them. If the heroes succeed but accrued two failures during the challenge, none of the other prisoners reach the sh ort hauler-all 10 are recaptured by the Colicoids.


Each player takes "Turns" during a round and decided what to do.  No one can take another turn until all have taken a turn that round. Order is not important

To me this a great example how to orginize a non-combat encounter.

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