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So, lets make some regiment using HotE

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#1 TorogTarkdacil812



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Posted 12 May 2013 - 03:05 AM

Anybody intrested in making some quick regimental writeups using Hammer of the Emperor? I must say it opened some rather intresting choices. Here are my few ideas.


Mordant Acid Dogs http://wh40k.lexican...rdant_Acid_Dogs

Origin: Mining Colony

Regiment Type: Light Infantry

Commander: Fixed

Doctrines: Hardened Fighters, Infiltrators

Points: 12


Death Korps Assault Brigade (featured in http://www.forgeworl...OF_ORPHEUS.html )

Origin: Krieg (special Pentinent)

Regiment Type: Siege Regiment

Commander: Phlegmatic

Doctrines: Iron Discipline, Vanguard

Drawback: Forlorn Hope (aka Dishonoured)

Points: 12


Narmenian Armoured Brigades http://wh40k.lexican...menian_Armoured

Origin: Imperial World

Regiment Type: Armoured

Commander: Circumspect

Doctrines: Tank Hunters

Points: 11

There is nothing as good as seeing rebel scum running out of a cave full of gas, right into the blasters of your battalion-–well, except sunrises, but for those you have to get up early.




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Posted 13 May 2013 - 04:40 PM


Freman of Arrakis
Homeworld: Death World (3pts)
Commanding Officer: Fixed (1pt)
Regiment Type: Guerrillas (4pts)
Doctrine: Survivalists (Desert) (4pts)
Doctrine: Cavalry Mounts (5pts)
Drawback: The Few (-5pts)
Survival Suit (8), Microbead (8), Injector and Dose of Stimm (8), Grapnel (5)
Mount: Worm
WS 30, BS 01, S 50, T 50, Ag 30, Int 10, Per 35, WP 10, Fel 10
Skills: Awareness, Survival
Talents: Heightened Senses (Sound)
Traits: Bestial, Natural Weapons, Size (6), Brutal Charge (3), Crawler, Enduring, 
Unnatural Characteristic (Strength) (2), Unnatural Characteristic (Toughness) (2), 
Regeneration (1), Deadly Natural Weapons, Natural Armour (3)
Weapon Quality: Tearing

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Posted 13 May 2013 - 04:52 PM

Love the Fremen. Amazed it worked out so well.

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#4 HappyDaze



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Posted 13 May 2013 - 11:30 PM

Any way we can finish those off with Favoured Weapons (and standard kit for the first example)?

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Posted 15 May 2013 - 05:32 PM

I'm not sure what weapons the Freman would use as favoured weapons… perhaps Lascannon and melta-gun?

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#6 Santiago



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Posted 16 May 2013 - 05:52 AM

Not quite finished but one I intend to use in an upcoming campaign.

Kestral 77th Armoured Regiment:
This highly trained armoured anti-armour regiment is trained at the Schola Progenium academy on Kestral Prima. These highly motivated and trained young men and women are loyal followers. Most graduate from the academy at sixteen or seventeen. Before being sent to a warzone all graduates first serve two years as part of the police action to keep the peace on this high tithe Agri-World.

The 77th in particular has a reputation to keep up, not another single tank regiment on the Spinward Front has produced as many tank aces as the 77th.Their commanding officer, Colonel Eugene Gray is a calm and wise man who sees wisdom in past victories but also defeats. He also runs a tight ship. When not deployed he demands that his men and women study their primer, perform maintenance on their equipment and to keep their uniforms immaculate.

Aptitude: Willpower
Characteristic Modifiers: -1 Weapon Skills, +3 Ballistic Skills, +3 Intelligence, +3 Willpower
Skills: Common Lore (Imperial Guard) +10, Common Lore (Imperium), Common Lore (Tech), Common Lore (War) +10, Linguistics (High Gothic), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Operate (Surface)
Talents: Street Fighting, Unshakable Faith, Tank Hunter, Technical Knock
Special: Add +1 Pen per DoS on the attack roll when attacking vehicles. When requesting reinforcements (to replace fallen Comrades) make a Hard (-20) Logistics Test when most of the regiment is deployed or Ordinary (+10) Logistics Test if a significant portion of the regiment is not currently in the field.
Wounds: +1
Standard Kit: Uniform x2, Dress Uniform, Poor Weather Gear, Kestral Mk I Laspistol  and two charge packs, Mono Knife, Flak Vest & Helmet (3 AP to Body & Head), Goggles, Rucksack, Mess Kit & Water Canteen, Blanket & Sleeping Bag, Rechargeable Lamp Pack, Grooming Kit, Cognomen Tags, Imperial Guardsman Uplifting Primer, Rations for Two Weeks  Anointed Maintenance Toolkit, Chrono, Gasmask, PTCD & Notebook, One Leman Russ Battle Tank with camouflage netting per Squad

Favoured Weapons: Mk. IX RPG Launcher, Autocannon

New Weapons:














2d10+4 X




Concussive (0)



Ml. I Laspistol



1d10+2 E







Kestral Pattern Mk. IX Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher
Basic (Launch)
Though of rather primitive design the Mk IX allows a guardsman to fire modified Krak Grenades at long range.  When used properly the Krak Grenade is powerful enough to cripple light vehicles and in the right hands even heavier vehicles. This weapon deals +4 damaged if the guardsman at least takes a Half Action aim. Unfortunately being mass produced it is difficult (-10 to Logistic Tests) to acquire good or best craftsmanship variants of the weapon.

Kestral Pattern Mk. I Laspistol
Pistol (Las)
Initially designed as a sort of crossbreed between a pistol and a carbine this long barrelled pistol is often issued to vehicle crews as a last ditch defence. Sometimes the pistol comes with a holster that can be attached as a stock as a Half Action granting the Carbine Weapon Customisation. The special holster has an availability of Scarce.


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#7 Asajev



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Posted 26 May 2013 - 09:52 AM

Well guys I am working on my own regiment the Altair 33rd Siege Regiment 'Silver Crows' I am linking you to my google documents were I have the work in progress as I flesh them out.


Altair 33rd Siege Regiment

Please let me know what you think I will be drafting the background in the next few days.

#8 HappyDaze



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Posted 26 May 2013 - 01:05 PM

Your regiment uses some non-standard allowances, but if you're OK with that, go for it. However, Lost Home World and The Few would seem to be redundant and - even if I was going to allow multiple Drawbacks - I wouldn't allow both of those to be applied to a regiment. If you do, you're getting a great many points for practically no added negative.

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#9 Plushy



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Posted 26 May 2013 - 06:12 PM

I've been working on making my regiment, the Walpurgis 1st Landsknecht.

They're from a Feudal World, with Laslocks and Mono Great Weapons. I can't build them without breaking the rules.

My apologies to anyone I offend; FFG staff, playtesters, and forum users alike. 


Please check out my Dark Heresy to Only War conversion! You can find it on the main Only War forum. I'm always looking for more people to playtest it!

#10 HappyDaze



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Posted 26 May 2013 - 09:34 PM

As a first step, don't pay the points to put mono on a great weapon. It doesn't do enough to justify the cost since great weapons don't have Primitive. For the rifles, you could just opt to go for the single shot only pattern of lasgun used by the Death Korpse, or make another pattern using the rules in HotE. Otherwise, the rules can't be broken since they're intended to bend a great deal.

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 09:25 AM

My gaming groups very first Regiment were the 22nd Progena"Calaxian Comets" Drop Troopers regiment.


Drop Troopers

Schola Progenium

Plasma gun, las cannon

Maverick Commander

Iron Discipline and Die-Hards training doctrines

"The Few"


Best quality guard flak armor, Micro-bead, Photo-visor, grapnel kit, Chrono, Munitorum Manual.


Squad is composed of :



Tech priest



Storm Trooper.

Currently playing the published mission book on the mining planet.


#12 Magpie Stoner

Magpie Stoner


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Posted 28 May 2013 - 01:44 PM

HappyDaze I kind of feel you miss the point of these regiment builds… This game is the ultimate Lego building block creation system and several times throughout all of the books it says please don't let these guidelines limit you in your roleplaying, as evidenced by the fact that several of the pre-rolled regiments in the books have "Non-Standard Allowances" 

For example when you say to forgo the mono-great weapons and Las-Locks you are thinking from a strictly Numbers point of view and failing to appreciate the potential cultural differences between regiments, they could be endless. Plushy said they'd be from a Feudal world so fluff-wise it would make sense for them to refuse to use weapons other than Las-Locks because it coincides with the mechanical rule Distrust of Technology , Also maybe fluffwise residents of his world obssesively sharpen weapons as a daily ritual thus giving them a Mono edge, which if I remember in addition to getting rid of primitive you also to an extra +2 to armor penetration so it not a complete waste.


I definitely agree with you that Lost Home world and the Few is redundant and likely a ploy to receive more build points for a lessened penalty. 


Also the Lucius pattern lasrifle the Krieg use is a thirty five round magazine weapon… the single shot you're thinking about IS the Las-Lock.


I spent some time coming up with a Regiment and modified my own Regimental drawback called "Trials of the Emperor" and is a 10 point drawback which is admittedly high but I tried to balance it so I'd like to hear what people think. I feel like fluff is always the best way to explain some of the "Non-Standard Allowances" but I won't bore anyone with that unless someone asks real, real nice but here it is. 

Death World (War of outsiders replaced with Distrust of Authority from the Frontier world) 3 BP

Fixed Commander 1 BP

Guerilla Regiment  4 BP

Infiltrators 4 BP

Hardened Fighter 2 BP

Sharpshooters 4 BP

Forward Observation 4 BP

#Trials of the Emperor -10 BP

Catachan 33rd “Devil Wranglers”

“Devils never quit!”

 Sergeant Tyrone “The Tacklin’ Typhoon” Merrifield, Catachan 33rd.

Characteristic Modifiers: +6 Perception, +3 Strength, +2 Weapon Skill, -3 Fellowship


Starting Aptitudes: Ballistic Skill


Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Awareness, Command, Navigate (Surface), Stealth +10, Survival


Starting Talents: Ambush, Blind Fighting, Light Sleeper or Lightning Reflexes or Resistance (Poison), Cold Hearted or Jaded or Paranoia, Street Fighting


Fluency: While Death Worlders have learned to speak Low Gothic, they do not have time in their violent lives to learn how to read or write the universal language of the Imperium. Because of this, death worlders do not start with the Linguistics (Low Gothic) Skill at creation, however they are still capable of engaging in any verbal communication in Low Gothic that does not require a Skill Test.


Distrustful of Authority: Though they are valued for their ability to act independently, Death worlders can also be difficult to control thanks to this tendency. This can be particularly problematic for newly raised regiments placed under the command of officers from outside, or for regiments merged with others after suffering losses. However, with time and patience, this friction can be overcome by outsiders who prove that they can stand on their own and contribute to the regiment. Death world characters tend to distrust outsiders, especially those handing out orders. They suffer a –20 penalty to Interaction Skill Tests made to interact with unfamiliar figures of authority (such as new Commissars, officers from other regiments. senior members of the Ecclesiarchy and Adeptus Mechanicus, and other such individuals) and impose the same penalty on Interaction Skill Tests made on them by those people. These penalties can be waived at the GM’s discretion, if the Death world characters are dealing with individuals who have earned their trust.


Infiltrators Special: Infiltrators are extremely adept at slipping past the enemy, and use every distraction and dirty trick in the book to this end. When two or more characters from a Squad with this Doctrine are called upon to make a Stealth Test, one of the characters making the Test may choose to make his Test at a –10 penalty. If he succeeds, one other character making the Test may use the first character’s Agility Characteristic for the Test instead of his own. The characters must be within 10 metres of one another to use this ability.


#Trials of the Emperor: Recovering from a particularly hard fought battle is never easy… Recovering as the sole surviving individual or squad from a Regiment sized engagement is nearly impossible. The weak in faith and disheartened never bounce back from such a catastrophe, failing to integrate effectively into new units or return to anything resembling combat readiness. Others, whether through sheer force of will or devout faith in the Emperor accept their burdens for what they are… The Emperor continues to place them in such mortal peril not because he has forsaken them, but because they are the most qualified to combat the enemies of man. Members of this Regiment must pass a Hard (-20) Willpower test in order to not volunteer for the assignment with the most perceived danger. Quartermasters don’t often expect to see the gear issued to members of this regiment ever again and prefer to keep more specialized and hard to come by equipment out of their hands and thus impose a -20 to Logistics tests to acquire equipment beyond their Standard Regimental Kit as well as Favored Basic and Heavy Weapons and ammunition.

*This Regiment must always be a component in a mixed regiment.*

Bullet Magnet- Whether Ork Nob, Chaos Space Marine, or Tyranid hive creature, enemies of man are instinctually driven to attack members of this Regiment as if they can naturally sense these Guardsmen represent the greatest threat to their victory. In combat the highest level enemy will always focus their attention on members of this Regiment while directing their subordinates to deal with the lesser threats. Stray rounds, indirect fire weapons, and blast weapons are far more likely to injure members of this regiment when there is an equal chance to injure allied characters not of this regiment.

Lone Wolf- Members of this Regiment have watched far too many of their comrades die in battle, preferring to keep the less experienced members of their new units at arm’s length in an attempt to preempt the inevitable pain of their deaths. Members of this Regiment seem aloof and arrogant, often becoming the subject of either fear or admiration from the basic troopers of their new unit. It’s been said that only a brave man or a foolish man associates with a Lone Wolf, but not without having proven themselves in combat. One fact that all agree on is they surely won’t last long in the shadow of a Lone Wolf. Members of this Regiment are ineligible to have comrades unless they have purchased the Veteran Comrade talent and they may never be members of their original Regiment. To obtain a Comrade or replace a comrade a Lone Wolf must pass an Ordinary (+0) Fellowship test with a -1 penalty for every comrade previously killed. Because of the unique experience that shaped their current personalities or because of actively being ostracized as an object of bad luck by their current unit, Lone Wolfs must choose either Cold Hearted or Jaded or Paranoia.

Severe Survivors Guilt- Members of this Regiment begin play with 2 D10 insanity points. Any time a member of this Regiment fails a Willpower-based test by three or more degrees of failure, He becomes lost in traumatic recollection and is stunned until the end of his next turn. Also if a member of this Regiments Comrade falls in battle they must pass an Ordinary Willpower test with a -1 penalty per previous comrade killed or immediately receive 1 insanity point and enter a Frenzy until the perpetrator is killed or the Player Character is knocked unconscious or dragged from the battlefield.


Starting Wounds: Death world characters begin play with +2 starting Wounds.


Standard Regimental Kit: 1 Las-carbine and four charge packs, Las Pistol and 2 charge packs, 2 blind grenades, 2 stun grenades, 2 frag grenades, Best quality Mono Warknife, Dropclip/Harness, Comm-Bead, Chrono, 1 pair of Magnoculars, 1 Chameleoline Poncho, 1 Hand Held Targeter, 2 Pict Recorders per squad, 1 Flak Vest, 1 Rucksack, 1 set of Basic Tools, 1 Mess Kit and Canteen, 1 Blanket and Sleeping Bag, 1 Rechargeable Lamp Pack, 1 Grooming Kit, Dog Tags, 1 Primer (Blasphemously defiled by correcting the misinformation within.), Combat rations/ 2 week supply.


Favored Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Mortar

#13 HappyDaze



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Posted 28 May 2013 - 08:19 PM

I get the point. If you've read this and other threads, I'm the guy regularly pointing out that the rules are more guidelines to be bent as needed. However, the previous poster had worried that he couldn't outfit the regiment he wanted without breaking the rules, implying that he was working from a more strict working of the system. Under that assumption, there are ways to maximize his vision strictly within the rules, and taking a non-mono great weapon might be a better choice under such circumstances.

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#14 Magpie Stoner

Magpie Stoner


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Posted 29 May 2013 - 12:17 AM

I guess I'm just kind of failing to see where he would have to break the rules to get both great weapons and Laslocks… with the thirty extra standard gear points you should have just enough to squeeze out both of those with mono from hardened fighters… also the doctrine heavy lancers issues mono-great spears I believe… wouldn't be hard to adjust that one slightly and Laclocks are an easy purchase. If I were GM I'd dictate either the regularly issued gear just sits in a quartermaster or footlocker somewhere, or maybe even given back to the departmento munitorum for a logistics bonus or from a role playing aspect those weapons are used to supply and under equppied unit and because of their preference for LasLocks are offered the under equppied units eternal gratitude.


My mistake and no offense, I wasn't trying to put you in your place just smoothing out a couple of inconsistencies.

#15 SwiftFox



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Posted 29 May 2013 - 05:40 AM

Magpie, do Bullet Magnet, Lone Wolf, and Severe Survivors Guilt all fall under Trials of the Emperor, or are they all separate drawbacks?  If they all fall under Trials of the Emperor, then DAMN those are a lot of penalties and I think that a bonus of 10 points in regimental creation may not be enough.  Fluff-wise, everything looks good for Trials, and I really like the design of the drawback.  I will be adding it to my list of custom regiment options for my own OW campaign.

#16 bluntpencil2001



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Posted 29 May 2013 - 06:51 AM

The 9th Malfian Cavalry

Malfi is a hotbed of intrigue. That’s well known. It’s also the second-most important planet in the Calixis Sector. That’s also well-known. Its nobles are back-stabbing, corrupt bastards for the most part. That’s well-known too, but smart folks don’t say too much.

Now, due to some of those factors, the 9th Malfian Cavalry almost wasn’t founded. The 1st through 8th Malfian Cavalry Regiments were, and still are, well-respected highborn-crewed armoured regiments, and very successful thanks to the exceptional tanks and munitions provided to them by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The foundation of the 9th almost didn’t come to pass, due to Malfian politics, and the noble dealings surrounding the contract of their tithe.

The tithe states,

“…Malfi shall tithe enough noble-blooded men and women (see Appendix XVIII) for an upstanding Cavalry Regiment, so long as the Adeptus Mechanicus of Synford also successfully, and timely, tithe the most appropriate, and highest quality mounts and armour for such a Regiment…”

Because of this, a dastardly plan was put into motion be a cowardly, draft-dodging young noble by the name of Baron Laurence von Malkov.

He, through a web of agents, and lot of deceit and trickery, organised for the tanks being tithed by the Adeptus Mechanicus to be redirected to an enterprising, if somewhat ethically dubious Rogue Trader.

The tanks, not being delivered, would allow the tithed nobles to dodge the draft and escape service in the Spinward Front.

However, Sir Angus de Montfort, Scrivener of the Administratum and Inquisitorial agent, saw what was going on, thanks to the complaints of one Captain Emilia Florin, a young Malfian lady, fencing champion and PDF officer, who really wanted to prove herself in service to the Imperial Guard.

De Montfort moved quickly, and arranged for the planet of Synford to receive ownership of several thousand horses which were being sent elsewhere, to serve as ‘appropriate mounts for a cavalry regiment’. They also pulled a few strings, and arranged for a supply of high-quality carapace armour, too, to cover the ‘armour’ requirement of their tithe.

Von Malkov was furious at having been so easily outsmarted by those that would see him, and his siblings, tithed unto the Imperial Guard. He, personally, was assigned to a Penal Legion, whilst his family were all forced into the service of the 9th Malfian Cavalry.

Captain Emilia Florin was promoted to Colonel, and now leads the regiment, often from the front. She’s something of a mad bastard that way, but it does inspire her boys and girls, and gives them something to worry about that isn’t their squad-mates. 

Being from Malfi, they’d have her poisoned in the night, if it wasn’t for the Inquisitorial agents crawling all over them. The regiment remains under suspicion, as the Baron von Malkov didn’t act alone; he had a network tithe-dodging supporters, after all. The fact that she's disturbingly happy and positive doesn't hurt either: she's obsessed with glory and heroics, and is now seen as something of a lucky charm for the 9th.

That being said, following the announcement that, yes, the nobles of Malfi had to get on their horses and set to fighting Orks and Eldar, a large amount of people actually volunteered, as opposed to being conscripted. This was unexpected, but on being told that this was the only regiment in which they could, in fact, wear their own, personal, heraldry instead of a uniform, a lot of second and third sons realised that they could earn a lot of glory this way. The horses and the flashy swords and armour didn’t hurt either.

On top of that, against all odds, they were actually effective. On paper, being a tank regiment, they were due more time for training than usual. Of course, they spent that time riding horses on parade grounds, fencing and lancing dummies, whilst being shouted at by their officers.

Currently, they are active in the Spinward Front, and are the only regiment on record to have charged across open ground into melee with Orks whilst outnumbered and achieved a victory.

The regiment is gaining a surprising amount of respect, even though they are still thought of as parade ground mamma’s boys most of the time.

They are accompanied by a higher proportion of Commissars than usual, due to their origin.

The Malfian Ecclesiarchy have also assigned a large number of Priests to them, too, the Malfian Synod hoping to consolidate more power from Scintilla by inspiring their own to glory in the service of the Throne.

Interestingly, in spite of having no vehicles of note, a fair number of Tech Priests have been sent to the regiment, due to the requirements on Synford from the tithe.


Characteristic Modifiers: -3 Ballistic Skill, +3 Weapon Skill, +3 Agility, +3 Fellowship

Starting Aptitudes: Weapon Skill

Skills: Common Lore (Administratum), Inquiry, Linguistics (High Gothic), Survival

Talents: Air of Authority or Peer (Nobility), Catfall, Die Hard, Enemy (Inquisition), Paranoia, Unstoppable Charge

Wounds: -1 starting Wounds

Fluency: The 9th Malfian Cavalry, all being nobles, don’t often consort with the peasants and such. They don’t speak Low Gothic, and certainly don’t read it or write it, seeing as peasants don’t read, do they? They can communicate in Low Gothic, so long as it doesn’t require a skill check.

Duty and Honour: The 9th Malfian Cavalry have never really had to deal with the lowborn scum that make up other regiments, they have servants to do that sort of thing. They take a -10 to Charm, Inquiry and Deceive checks against those that aren’t highborn. However, they get +10 to those same skill checks when dealing with the nobility and other high authority in formal situations.

Untimely Inquiries: Whenever the regiment fails in an operation, or the squad fails to complete a mission or achieve a critical objective, the Inquisition rears its ugly head. When such an investigation is taking place, even at a regimental level, each member of the squad takes a -5 to all Willpower checks until the interference ends, due to the stress caused.

Heavy Lancers: The 9th Malfian Cavalry exceed at the charge, and train extensively for such attacks. Members of the regiment increase the distance their Mounts can move as part of a Crushing Charge Mounted Special Action by a number of metres equal to twice the Mount’s Agility Bonus.

Favoured Weapons: Hunting Lance and Cavalry Sabre


Good-Quality Hunting Lance (main weapon) , Best-Quality Monosword, Best-Quality ornamented Light Carapace Armour (with personal heraldry) , Good-Quality Laspistol and 4 charge packs, horse, riding saddle, saddlebags and tack

One parade uniform set of fancy clothes(with jewellery and personal heraldry), one set of poor weather gear, one knife, one set of basic tools, one mess kit and wine flask, one blanket and sleep bag, one rechargeable lamp pack, one grooming kit, one Leman Russ instruction manual, 4 weeks supply of Good-Quality Rations, one best-quality golden pocket chrono.

#17 bluntpencil2001



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Posted 29 May 2013 - 07:57 AM

Oh, and the motto and warcry for the 9th Malfian Cavalry is, of course, the same as the warcry for the 1st through 8th Malfian Cavalry Regiments.


"Drive me closer!"


Furthermore, the way in which they ended up a lancer regiment often causes them to be hit by bureaucratic screw-ups. Occasionally, they find themselves with enough fuel for several squadrons of main battle tanks. At others, they are delivered shells for Vanquisher cannons. This, they can sort out, by palming it off to needy allies, making friends as needed.


However, when they're assigned to a front which really needs Leman Russes to punch through enemy lines, they often find themselves unsuited for the role they've had thrust upon them. However, their confident commander won't let something as inconsequential as a lack of armour plating stop her horse-riding tank regiment doing what's required of them!

Funnily enough, even though they were given really nice watches on joining, the vast majority of the regiment don't palm them off or gamble them as you'd expect, unless they're in really dire straits. These regimental pocket watches, worn on the breast, serve to act as the regiment's only real uniform. Sure, the armour is of the same class, but the colours and decorations differ from individual to individual. On top of that, the clothing they wear tends towards whatever is fashionable at the time. One lancer may wear a billowing shirt, another a brocade coat. True, there is no uniform, but they are uniformly stylish! Right now, the most popular fashion is a scarf of one's own house colours, in an exceedingly bright tone, with a matching ribbon on the end of one's lance. Who knows what it will be next week?


Individuals and squads within the regiment compete against each other to gain more glory than each other, but also to look more fashionable and stylish than each other too. If one squad can cause a hellishly big explosion, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, and do so whilst wearing the most fabulous of hats, they would be the envy of their rivals for months, for example.


Other, allied, regiments find this ridiculous, of course. Ridiculous up until the point where the surprisingly well-trained lancers rout Orks in melee, or blow up grav-tanks with couched lances. Then, they admittedly have to give the dandies with the silk scarves some credit.

#18 Magpie Stoner

Magpie Stoner


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Posted 29 May 2013 - 12:03 PM

SwiftFox said:

Magpie, do Bullet Magnet, Lone Wolf, and Severe Survivors Guilt all fall under Trials of the Emperor, or are they all separate drawbacks?  If they all fall under Trials of the Emperor, then DAMN those are a lot of penalties and I think that a bonus of 10 points in regimental creation may not be enough.  Fluff-wise, everything looks good for Trials, and I really like the design of the drawback.  I will be adding it to my list of custom regiment options for my own OW campaign.


Please feel free to use it, and yeah they all three fall under Trials of the Emperor… Strangely I feel 10 points is enough but if you dictate otherwise in your compaign that'd be fine. Basically past seven points a drawback should really start to incrementally increase in penalties to rationalize even just one more doctrine at 3 pts. I definitely tried to make the penalties hurt where it would matter as well, in actuality I just kind of combined a couple stock drawbacks and added a bit them them… other than Lonewolf, which reminds me you get one of three talents from it so it balances out right there I guess.

#19 bluntpencil2001



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Posted 29 May 2013 - 12:45 PM

Plushy said:

I've been working on making my regiment, the Walpurgis 1st Landsknecht.

They're from a Feudal World, with Laslocks and Mono Great Weapons. I can't build them without breaking the rules.


Well, if they're all nobility from Feudal World, make them Highborn. Fits the knightly idea, right?

#20 HappyDaze



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Posted 29 May 2013 - 01:05 PM

bluntpencil2001 said:

Plushy said:


I've been working on making my regiment, the Walpurgis 1st Landsknecht.

They're from a Feudal World, with Laslocks and Mono Great Weapons. I can't build them without breaking the rules.




Well, if they're all nobility from Feudal World, make them Highborn. Fits the knightly idea, right?

Optionally, bend the rules and make them both Feudal World and Highborn (for 6 points?)!

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