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Starting to "feel" like Star Wars? (Minor quibbles?)

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Posted 09 May 2013 - 08:11 PM

Admittedly, when I first picked up the Core Set I was a bit skeptical, like others were, about some conflicts just not making sense thematically. (Rancor destroying X-Wings out in space, etc.). It took a bit to get over, but my attitude was that if it makes it a better game, I could live with it. However, with just the Core Set, I didn't really feel immersed in the game as far as theme was involved, but I really liked the game mechanics. However, as the Force Packs have come out, I feel that adding a sense of location and some nice flavor texts of certain cards has brought the game along nicely. I know a lot of players could care less about theme and story, but this is something I really enjoy. In fact, I'd play a (slightly) worse deck if it was more fun in a cool Star Wars-y way for me. I know this was a concern of others, just wondering how everyone else feels now that we are starting to get into Hoth.


I do have a few minor issues with pods that I really don't understand and would like to ask the developers what it is they were thinking or maybe I'm missing something from EU?:

1. Heavy Blaster Emplacements in the Mon Mothma pod

-Don't understand this at all, what does Mon Mothma have to do with Hoth? Why not put Bothan Spies in her pod or anything really that has to do with the rebel attack on Endor?

2. Turbolaser Battery in General Veers pod

-Turbolaser Battery from the Death Star with Veers? Why not make it something to do with Maximum Firepower Laser Cannons that blow up the Shield Generator when that's obviously what the card does. (Gets rid of enhancements.)

3. I'm totally disappointed in Tarkin!

-I think he should be a stronger character. He's a Grand Moff and an Admiral is better than him (Motti)? In my meta no one uses his pod, but Motti is pretty much in everything.



Very minor stuff:

4. Wookie Navigator in Decoy at Dantooine

-I don't get it. Is this EU anyone?

5. Card art for Detained has nothing to do with the Death Star pod or the quote.

6. While we're at it, some of the card art is awesome, but most of it is kinda lackluster IMO, and some is awful.



Wonder how "embarking on a smuggling run" will work form EoD, anyone know? Overall, I like how a lot of new themes are being added especially with future S&V and S&S play styles. Can't wait for more cards!

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