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What campaigns from 1ed and 2ed do you recommend?

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#1 4eyedoracle



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Posted 09 May 2013 - 09:53 AM

My gaming group started playing WFRP 3rd ed about a year ago. We have now playe through most of the adventures published for 3rd ed, and are going to play the epic end to TEW next week. After that, we will probably retire our characters, and I will take over as GM. We have the following adventures left to play in our 3rd ed collection:


Lure of Power

Winds of Magic


After that we will have exhausted all published adventures for 3rd ed. As a member of a gaming club, I can borrow basically any published material for 2nd and first edition. I´ve seen they got Doomstones campaign, the old The enemy within, and the paths of the dammed. They also have the sourcebooks, and some of them seem to have shorter adventures in them. Do you have any recommendation what campaigns are good/bad? Any one off adventures I should see if they have?

#2 gmanjkd



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Posted 09 May 2013 - 02:35 PM

A night at the 3 feathers in is an amazing adventure, can be ran in real time ( which i recommend ) Super FUN!!!  My research of 1000 thrones has lead me to believe that it should be great as well.  It focuses on Vampires and undead to my understanding so is a great departure from TEW.    I have "READ" very bad things about the doomstone campaing, pretty much a dungeon crawler, however if this is appealing to you then it should be great!  Lure of the liche Lord for 2nd ed is an adventure Sourcebook that requirs some work but to my understanding it can be turned into a campaing on its own.


1st ed

The restless dead

Dieing of the light.

TEW i.e.  The enemy within, Shodows over bogenhoffen, Death on the Reik, Power behind the throne, Something rotten in kislev, Empire in Flames/empire at war.


2nd ed

Paths of the Damned.  Gets very mixed review!

1000 Thones.  Also mixed reviews but I love how this one is laid out.  9 or 10 adventures in 250 pg book.  Its also written in a way that you don't have to memorise or even read ahead if you are pressed for time.  You are intended to read and run the 1st adventure in the book, then progress to the 2nd etc.


Hope this helps.  I am in a similar boat as you and have been doing lots of research on future adventurs that i can run for my group.




#3 k7e9



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Posted 09 May 2013 - 05:54 PM

gmanjkd said:

TEW i.e.  The enemy within, Shodows over bogenhoffen, Death on the Reik, Power behind the throne, Something rotten in kislev, Empire in Flames/empire at war.

I second that, the old Enemy Within campaign is fun, epic, easy to convert on the fly.

#4 khaali



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Posted 10 May 2013 - 03:43 AM

I've just read "Terror at Talabheim" and it seems a very, very good campaign. Epic, strong Warhammer setting, and you have a lot of space for creating subplots. I will not put spoilers here but I think it is of the most interesting WFRP campaign I've ever read.

Don't bother reading the doomstone, unless you just want basic dungeon crawling. It was already boring 20 years ago.


#5 Emirikol


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Posted 10 May 2013 - 09:24 AM

The Doomstones and Drachenfels pretty much blow chunks. They're about the quality of same old A-Z monster-zoo-kill, mindless dungeon-crawl crap that get's produced ad nasueum for D&D and Pathfinder nowadays..but some groups really love that stuff.  I'll admit, I have had fun playing them, but they won't hold much for memories beyond endless, memory-less combats.  


I enjoyed running The Dying of the Light, but it is VERY linear and you've got to think on your feet a bit more as a GM to give the illusion that it's not just a walk-through.


The original The Enemy Within has a pretty good track record.


Lichemaster is mainly a series of small battles modified from , and is pretty thin


There area  lot fo fan scenarios out there that can be run easily and be adapted readily.

Here's a complete list of scenarios (for reference), both fan and official.http://gallery.rptoo...kol7/?g2_page=3






#6 valvorik



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Posted 11 May 2013 - 06:50 AM

I found 1000 Thrones great (I managed to get a hard copy still for sale in an gamestore as well as the pdf) along with the free supplements its fans and authors have put out.  It's very variable yes, you can easily cut certain chapters and improve it, but it has such great scenes, characters, set pieces and drips "old world" stuff.  You can disassemble it and use its chapters separately etc.  My "crusade of the child" campaign was based on it (GM section has my play reports).  I did lots of 3e versions/locations etc. etc. but they were pretty easy to come up with.

You are pushing it to do it and Dying of the Light, I'll note, since both involve a "special child around Marienburg", which pushes credulity twice in same campaign.

As a one-off single adventure, Rough Night at Three Feathers is great.  Easily my favourite scenario of all time from any system (I admit go back 20 years to when I was doing AD&D, I would have looked at it and gone WTF?, but with more GM experience and more interest in roleplaying than map squares now, it rocks) 



#7 Emirikol


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Posted 11 May 2013 - 11:24 AM

I finally got a hold of a hardcopy of Thousand Thrones up at Black and Read  here in Colorado.  Wow, what a whopper!



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