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A Few Minor Questions

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#1 Hugesinker



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Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:01 AM

Hello there,

A few questions..

1) Why are there only three Explored Markers provided?  It appears possible that up to five could be required at one time under normal rules.  Is this a hard limit; such that a fourth person coming out of a gate would just fall back into it during the Encounters Phase?

2) Do flying monsters that land in a street area move to an adjacent location area during their movement if an investigator is there, or do they only move into street locations (or the Sky)?  The way the rules are currently explained, it appears that after their first movement, flying monsters can never move back to a any location area again.

3) With Innsmouth, are you allowed to place clues on the track even if you are delayed in the Innsmouth Jail?

4) What happens if you have the Innsmouth Look but there is no Deep One in the monster cup to transform into?

5) This is just a matter of opinion, but how many expansions, and what expansions, make the Miskatonic Horror exapansion worthwhile?


#2 Julia


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:22 AM

Hi there!

1) indeed, a couple more could be useful from time to time. But still, tokens are not supply limited, so in case of need, you can use something else as substitutive marker

2) Flyers movement is very well covered in the latest FAQ:

Q: Please clarify how flying monsters move.
A: Flying monsters move according to the following rules:
1. Flying monsters only move when their symbol comes up in the Mythos Phase, just like other monsters.
2. Flying monsters will not leave a space that already contains an investigator.
3. When a flying monster in a street area or location moves, it will either move to an adjacent street space that has an investigator in it, or failing that, move to the Sky.
4. When a flying monster in the Sky moves, it will move to any street space on the board with an investigator in it. If there’s more than one investigator to choose from, the monster moves into the space of the investigator with the lowest Sneak value. If the investigators’ Sneak values are the same, the first player chooses which investigator the monster moves toward, as usual. If there are no investigators
in a street space, the monster remains in the Sky.

3) I think so: while in the Jail you're delayed, and while delayed you still have a complete Upkeep phase

4) You're still dead. I'd go with a "take one of the Deep Ones trophies your party has and put into play". Still, quite unlikely to happen

5) The more, the better. Anyway, I have all expansions, and at the moment I'm playing a series of games with Dunwich Horror e Kingsport Horror as only expansions in play, plus MH, and Miskatonic is still very enjoyable :-)

Hope this helps!


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#3 The Professor

The Professor


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 03:38 PM

Julia's spot-on for all of the answers, I simply wanted to chime-in on the last inquiry ~ I play with all of the expansions, and as an amateur chef, I have to tell you, Miskatonic is the right seasoning for any dish (expansion) you wish to serve.  It blends the other expansions so well, you'll be coming back for more!

The Professor




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