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FFG May the Fourth Regional Event Tourney Report

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Posted 05 May 2013 - 02:09 AM


Hi everyone! I wanted to get this out earlier, but I was exhausted after yesterday's event. I was the winner of the FFG event in MN. There were 36 players for the event. We had 5 rounds of 60 minute Swiss Friday night followed by a cut for the top 16 Saturday morning. I will do my best to remember as much as I can, but the event was kind of a blur for me, so I apologize ahead of time for the gaps that are sure to follow. As this my first Tourney report, I would love feedback on how to improve the next one!
Here are the decks I ran:
LS - Rebel Affiliation
Defense of Yavin 4 x2
Fleeing the Empire x2
Mobilize the Squadrons x2
Hoth Operations x2
Preparations for Battle x2
DS - Imperial Affiliation
Fall of the Jedi x2
Emperor's Web x2
Killing Cold x2
Counsel of the Sith x1
Cruel Interrogations x1
Imperial Command x1
Shadows on the Ice x1
In the five rounds of Swiss I had 2 full sweeps, 2 modified wins and 1 modified loss for a total of 16 points. With SoS it put me in the 3rd seed going into the cut. Above me was my brother Matt in 1st seed with 17 points and Sean H ( pretty sure, sorry if I'm wrong) in 2nd with 16 points but better SoS. My loss came to the deck I feared most, the Imperial Navy Fighter/Capital Ship deck. In the first game of the match, my opponent had destroyed 4 objectives and I had destroyed 1 and I while I was able to destroy 2 with my DS, I couldn't get that 3rd to pure draw. During Swiss I faced 2 Rebel Vehicle decks and 3 Smuggler's Den decks. I'm not sure how many of them were pure or variants. Most of the DS decks I faced were Sith control variants. While I didn't face any personally, I do know there were at least a couple of Scum/Sith being played.
At the Top 16, I faced a Rebel Hoth deck with Echo Base Defense/Sensors/Hoth Ops/Rebel Fleet. I don't remember the rest. My DS had its only loss of the tournament in the first game and I feared an early exit because I'm not as as confident in my LS play. I managed to force the game to a pure tie and a 3rd game, which found me playing my DS deck again and an advancement to the Top 8.
I really want to apologize to my opponent in the Top 8. After squeezing out of the first round by the skin of my teeth, I have no recollection of this match at all. I think I won both matches. I'm pretty sure this was against Jason O, who was running a Smugglers Den variant with 2 copies of Obi-Wan replacing a Message and a Guardian pod (I think, sorry Jason…). I honestly don't remember if this was a pure win or a modified one. All Top 8 players received a playmat at the start of the round.
In the Top 4, I faced up against Sean H, who was seeded at #2 coming into the cut. He had an interesting Rebel Hoth deck using Sensors/Hoth Ops/Red 5/Leia. I'm not sure what the final pod(s) He made some pretty scary moves, but he flipped only 1 rebel resource and had trouble getting units out faster than I could choke/focus. I made sure to avoid destroying his objectives until the last turn to make sure he continued to have that issue. My Rebel deck had one of those games where everything clicked and I found myself headed to the final match. All Top 4 players received the Force coin at the start of the match.
The final match was against Mick, an awesome guy from MN who played the crap out of his decks. He won the coin toss on choice and chose DS, which made me immediately concerned. I knew he was running a deck hybrid that included Devestator and DSSD and that it could destroy some objectives. My fears proved correct and as the dial hit 8, he had destroyed 2 objectives with a third coming to end the game in the next turn. I had destroyed nothing. He had completely shut my LS deck down. I had one objective down 2 health, and a Rebel Assault in hand, but no black blast in hand or on the table, but a ton of units. He had the Devestator, Palpatine, a royal guard, 2 stormtroopers, an Ice Tromper and probably more. There was no way I was winning edge because I had 2 or 3 cards in hand, all with 1 Force icon. I knew I needed at least one objective going into my DS game just to try for a tie, so I used the only play I had. I sent all of my units. Red Two,a Snowspeeder, Fleet Officer, a Tauntaun, 2 AAC Speeders, and 2 X-wings. I had a 2nd Tauntaun that was used to pay for deployment and I sacked him using covering fire to give all of my attackers shields. With all of my unit damage, I was hoping he wouldn't send everyone, and he didn't. After killing his lone defender and getting the 1 damage in for un-opposed, I used my Rebel Assault to destroy the objective and went into the 2nd game with him at 3 destroyed objectives, myself at 1. 
I had a pretty solid start for my DS with 2 free wampas to the table and a quick Interrogation that yanked Yoda. He dropped 2 guardians to the table and, as him and I discussed later, was pretty much prepared to sit back and shield up objectives with the Guardians and never attack. I recognized that I would be completely shut down with those. My DS deck can destroy objectives, but there is not a lot of blast in the deck. So after dropping Motti, I had to be a little unorthodox. I had 2 chokes in hand along with a lightning. I sent Motti by himself against an objective. As expected, Mick defended with one of his guardians, shielding the objective. I let the edge go without throwing any cards. I needed to not strike with Motti if this was going to work. He focused his Guardian to attack. Then I used the resources from Motti and 1 more Sith one I had left up to lightning the Guardian. Then I used my first choke and passed the turn to Mick. In the refresh phase I used the 2nd choke to get rid of the other Guardian. He managed to drop Luke and get him pretty well beefed up. He had 2 trust your feelings on him, and an Old Ben's spirit. I managed to hold him off with succumbed and a few other tricks and he wasn't able to destroy any objectives. He had a late game opportunity, but went after my only non-Hoth objective as his opener and lost the edge. Then he went after my Killing Cold unopposed but couldn't destroy it when I sacked most of my board to keep it at 4 damage. On the final turn I destroyed a 2nd objective to take the game and force a 3rd game with the tie.
I'm not going to lie, I didn't think there was anyway I was winning this game. Mick's DS deck was extremely powerful, both offensively and defensively. I flipped Prep/Mobilize/Fleeing. I dropped an AAC speeder and Rogue 3. I was able to get in some early damage but the Devastator dropped turn 3. I managed to win a crucial edge while defending, and while I lost my unit, I saved the objective. From turn one on I was able to slow the dial and get in a little damage here, a little damage there, but destroyed nothing. With Fleeing finally destroyed, the dial at 7 and the Devestator breathing down my kneck, I had 2 objectives of his at 4 damage and one at 3. But I was focused out on the table and no black blast in hand. But I had Leia and I had a sacrifice for her. I started the turn with a Rebel Assault in hand, but knew I needed 2. I dumped 1 card from hand and drew. The last card I pulled was my 2nd Rebel Assault. I dropped Leia to the table, and he choked her, freeing up my units. I sent Rogue 3 shielded from an AAC speeder to attack on of the objectives with 1 health and took out the 1st objective. I then played a RA to destroy the one with 2 health left. As the turn passed, he flipped killing cold and my heart stopped. The last objective to be destroyed was Shadows on the Ice. Then I realized that with only one action before my rebel assault, he could only pull 1 damage off. And as the last RA destroyed the objective, that was the game and the tourney. 
Mick's deck (as I remember it. Sorry if I mess it up Mick!)
LS - Smuggler Affiliation
A Hero's Journey x2
Message from Beyond x2
Secret of Yavin 4 x2
Message From Beyond x2
Questionable Conacts x2
DS - Imperial Affiliation
Fall of the Jedi x2
Emperor's Web x2
Killing Cold x2
Shadows on the Ice x1
Imperial Command x1
Death and Despayre x1
Deploy the Fleet x1
It was a crazy weekend. I would like to thank all of my opponents who were polite, fun and friendly. And the team from FFG was amazing! They really put together a great event. They let me choose between statues of Yoda or 2 Royal Guards from Kotobukia. I chose the Guards and Mick received the Yoda. 
Sorry for the wall of text. Thanks for reading!

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Posted 05 May 2013 - 02:30 AM

Congrats on your win and thank you for the report.


Was there any previews of upcoming card game expansions like the Balance of the Force ?

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Posted 05 May 2013 - 03:27 AM

Thank you! They didn't show any new cards.  The program has 2 deck ideas for a S&V deck and a S&S deck using pods from the Edge of Darkness.  If it hasn't posted by the time I get home, I'll post it.  It's all packed up right now for the trip back to IL.

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Posted 05 May 2013 - 03:28 AM

Congrats on the win!


Any coinicidence that your DS deck is identical to the 4th place deck from the IL regional and your LS deck is identical to the 3rd place from the same event?  Just curious if that was a major part of your prep :)

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Posted 05 May 2013 - 04:13 AM

Thank you!

My brother was 4th at the IL regional and we have both run those DS decks since before the Portage event.  I like it because it fits my play style.  I brought a Navy deck with me to MN but couldn't get comfortable with it.  I have probably have almost 100 matches (my brother and I live together and run at least 4 or 5 games a day) under my belt with that Hoth control deck and felt more comfortable playing with it even though I knew it couldn't out destroy a Navy deck.  

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Posted 05 May 2013 - 05:35 AM

Bfett said:

Thank you! They didn't show any new cards.  The program has 2 deck ideas for a S&V deck and a S&S deck using pods from the Edge of Darkness.  If it hasn't posted by the time I get home, I'll post it.  It's all packed up right now for the trip back to IL.


That would be great as it likely names some cards and sets we have yet to see so far.

#7 Budgernaut


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Posted 06 May 2013 - 08:49 AM

Congrats! Sounds like it was an intense match! Going for a third game during the fnal match seems like it would really get your heart pounding.

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#8 jeeps



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Posted 06 May 2013 - 10:10 AM

Great job, Jim!  See you at Worlds!


I'm almost certain that the event started with about 48 players…  But I could be wrong… It was over 40 for certain…

Peter Jacobson

Minnesota, USA

#9 MacRauri



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Posted 06 May 2013 - 10:31 AM


This is Mick from MN.  I had a blast over the weekend: playing cards, doing the rpg, meeting new people…  Jim, his brother and I went out for dinner after our final match and discovered our mutual love of Hero Quest of all things!  They were a ton of fun, and I gotta say I’m jealous of all the play experience they’re getting.  It’s no wonder they’re both so good!


There was a small hint of new cards in the Game Experience handout.  Jim said he was going to upload it when he got back, but I figure he’s busy.  There was a list of playable decks for Scum and Villainy and Smugglers and Spies showing objective sets and their breakdown.  Here are the new ones:



Scum and Villainy


Carbonite Transport

     Slave I

     Traitorous Wing Guard

     Prized Possession

     Tractor Beam

     Target of Opportunity


Jabba’s Reach

     Jabba the Hutt

     Jabba’s Pleasure Barge

     Gamorrean Guard

     Prized Possession

     Reversal of Fate


Trandoshan Terror


     Trandoshan Hunter

     Trandoshan Hunter


     Heat of Battle


Sounds like the objective Carbonite Transport will allow you to move captured cards from one objective to another.



Smugglers and Spies


Across the Anoat Sector

     Sleuth Scout

     Sleuth Scout

     Undercover Operative

     Smuggler’s Run

     Over My Dead Body


Asteroid Sanctuary

     Millennium Falcon

     Cloud City Operative

     Cloud City Guest Quarters


     Twist of Fate


Raise the Stakes

     Blockade Runner

     Cloud City Operative

     Bothan Spy

     Smuggling Compartment



Trust Me

     Lando Calrissian


     Cloud City Casino


     Target of Opportunity


It mentions that two of these objectives--4 for the deck so two unique objectives?--add damage when Smugglers and Spies units attack alone and go unopposed.  Cloud City Operative and Bamboozle will let you move focus from your units to your opponents.  Smuggling Compartments sounds like an enhancement that will let you draw cards when you attack with the Falcon (or any ship?)  As for the Falcon it sounds like it has options.  It’s “a great vehicle in its own right” and can be returned to your hand after attacking to put a character into play.




P.S.  Jim, you remembered my DS deck list spot on.  Congratulations again, hopefully I'll see you in the fall.


#10 ziggy2000



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Posted 06 May 2013 - 11:06 AM

Great job, Jim!

I was at the same event, running exactly the same LS deck as yours with far less success. My opponents were undefeated against me, and I got to claim the crash prize for last place!  Your brother was my round one opponent and he absolutely crushed me, and it went downhill from there. My takeaway was that I pretty much suck at playing this game right now!

I'll echo your comments about the event, the whole weekend was a super experience! The staff were great, the other players I got to meet for the LCG, X-Wing and the RPG were all fantastic! It was well worth the trip up from Iowa and I'm looking forward to returning in the future!


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Posted 06 May 2013 - 12:24 PM

Congrats on your win. I was in the padwan tournament and though i didnt win i learned alot and am looking forward to building decks. I am fairly new at the game and so is megan my girlfriend and so we played to learn. I will be there next year and hope to play against you in the regionals next year. I also played the x-wing tournament and the edge of the empire rpg. The whole weekend was amazing for me and megan as i have never been to anything like this before not even gencon.(and i live in indy) so now i am planning the gencon apperance. 

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Posted 07 May 2013 - 07:54 AM

Congrats Jim! Although I didn't get a chance to play you in the card game, I had a blast RP'ing with you in Jay's game. 

I echo everyone's sentiment; the whole weekend was awesome! I had a blast in the Regional, even though I played 23rd. I also had fun in the second chance tournament and placed 4th. Good times all around.

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Posted 09 May 2013 - 05:02 AM

Congrats on the win, Jim! 

It was nice to see such a large turnout for the SW card game.

I just missed the cut to Top 16, but my wife made it. She ended up making the Top 8, and then narrowly losing to David Bergstrom on Saturday. 

I decided to play in the Second Chance tournament on Saturday and took 1st place. The competition was fierce, and especially so given that everyone had a chance to tweak their decks after seeing what was successful on Friday. I ran the same thing in the Second Chance tournament as I had on Friday, with the exception of swapping out 2 objectives in my DS deck. 

Great games to all. It was a fun weekend. 

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