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Two Assembly-related questions

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#1 Arandor



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Posted 03 May 2013 - 01:19 AM


I have two Assembly-related questions.

1) The AC Determine Policy states "Choose any agenda from political deck or discarded politicals or from current laws in table. Council votes on this rather than draw new one."

So to me that seems to indicate:

- Normally, the current player would determine the card to be played on (and it is random: drawn);

- Now, the player drawing this AC (which may or may not be the current player) instead determines the card to be played on (and it is not random: it is chosen)

Both the "draw PC" part and the "determine which card we're gonna vote on" are superceded by the AC.

If you play with the Strategy Card Assembly II, the primary ability is:

- The current player *draws* 2 Political Cards.

- The current player *points to a player* who will play a Political Card from his hand (he may choose himself).

- Finally the current player also gives the Speaker Token (to any player, including himself, but not the same player as the one chosen to resolve a PC). This part is not relevant to the question.

My question is: is the *draw 2 PC* part of Assembly II SC also superceded by the "Determine Policy" AC? I have people saying the draw part is not superceded (even though it says so on the AC) but only the PC the AC player chooses will be voted on instead.

Which is it?


2) Hypothetical situation: L1Z1X only has their Home Planet 0.0.0 with, appropriately, 0 votes. They choose to send their +4 Councilor.

Do they now have 4 votes (0 from 0.0.0 + 4 from Councilor = 4), or 5 votes (0 votes from planets, but minimum 1, so 1) + 4 from Councilor = 5?

#2 Archangelion



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Posted 03 May 2013 - 03:51 PM

I believe that the card "Determine Policy" and its relationship to both Assembly cards needs to be officially adressed by FFG in their FAQs. That being said, my personal view on the situation, seeing as the card was designed to interact with the Political SC, should be as follows.

Since Determine Policy was meant to interact with the Political SC that uses a system that contains no player hands of Political Cards, and (as far as I can see) not interact with the drawing of Political Cards to the hand, but instead interacts with the drawing of one Political Card for the purpose of selecting a Political Card to resolve - the resolution of "rather than draw a new political card" should be interpreted as "rather than the card that the chosen player would have chosen." Thus, as a result, the player with the Assembly II SC would still draw two Political Cards to their hand, and the player who used Deturmine Policy would select the Political Card to be voted upon, rather than the player that the holder of the Assembly II SC had selected.


For your second question. The L1Z1X Mindnet would get as many votes as their representative gives. If, after the addition of their representative their total votes was still 0, their vote would be changed to the minimum of 1. This is because you add the representative's bonus to your combined influence value from all your unexaused planets. Your minimum vote is 1. If your total votes are 0, then it becomes 1. If your total votes are above 0, then they are the value that has been deturmined by the afore mentioned equation.

If the L1Z1X Mindnet player had only his home planet card of 0.0.0 with its influence value of 0 unexausted, and had a representative that gave +0 votes, then that player would get 1 vote. If their representative gave even +1 vote (making their total vote value 1), the player would have their minimum of 1 vote.

In short, the minimum of 1 vote is not for the total influence value of the planets that are unexaused, but rather the total votes that you contribute. Remember, however, that you do not get 1 vote if your representative is killed, or if you had no representatives to send to the council.

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