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Exorcism, Daemon Weapons and Sorcery

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#1 Saldre



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 02:08 AM


So I had a quick question about the rules for the exorcised as per the Radical's Handbook. 

On the one hand, it mentions that the players can no longer take any dark  pact or the daemon vessel elite advance. 

Most sorcerors, by 'lore, aquire their magical powers trough dark pacts. Daemon Vessel, on the other hand, is supposed to represent some sort of possession. 

Does that mean that a) people with the sorcerer talent who get exorcised lose their powers? What about Psykers? 

What about  People who use Daemon-weapons? Can they no longer get posessed? Bu do they still get to get the weapon's powers? 

Can they till be posessed by a daemon's "Posession" attack? 

If you've been exorcised one, is that reason enough to become sort of semi-untouchable? 




#2 KommissarK



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 04:09 AM

I don't have the books with me, but I definitely remember it having the feeling of turning a PC into a semi-untouchable type. Or at least, immune to the corruption, while still suffering the penalties and not getting the full benefits.

I would say an Exorcised psyker would lose their ability. Sorcery I'm not as sure about though, as it is more a result of a specific ritual, and somewhat detached from the caster themselves.

#3 Saldre



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 03:04 PM

Yes, the immunity to the "mutating" effects of corruption is there- but the character still acumulates corruption points: I believe he halves them though and is immune to warp shock and some such. 

My main concern comes in regards to Daemon Weapons, the Daemon Mastery test- and the general fluff behind it.

For example, can you pact with a Daemon weapon to have it grant you its power? When you master it, is it the same as a Pact? forced, perhaps, but a pact nonetheless? 

Oblationists have a habit of exorcising their minions: but if that makes them unable to use the warp… Isn't that sort of a nerf? Their whole schtick is to use the warp against itself. In that perspective, I would say an exorcised Individual CAN be possessed again- enabling him to use daemon weapon and use a daemon-master test, but each time he is exorcised, the toll of the thing brings him closer and closer to death (What with the loss of 1d5 Hitpoints).


#4 InquisitorAlexel



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 04:44 PM

In the logics of 40k, a daemon weapon is possessed, not its user, so there are no reasons that the exorcised couldn't use it. But yes, the weapon can't take control anymore of the character with a failed mastery test, which means that the character actually always succed. (If you want, you cou could simply treat a failure to the test as the daemon not obeying its user, hence the weapon would temporarily lose its powers).

The sorcery, on the other hand, should ne be affected either; sorcery is the application of "mathematical" structures that bends the reality to the arcane will of its user (and those that designed the arcana before). A daemonic pact could give knowledge of such sorcery, but sorcery doesn't mean a daemonic pact. For example, the character could have done a pact with a daemon to know sorcerous lore, then the pact is exorcised, the character still knows the sorcerous knowledge, except if he's also brainwashed. But in the end, it comes to GM's discretion: he could declares that these pact acquired lores were in fact the daemon telling the character what to do and not the character knowing the sorcery. Both are possibles.

#5 Luthor Harkon

Luthor Harkon


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Posted 01 May 2013 - 10:54 PM

I think the idea comes from the old Realms of Chaos books describing the Illuminati as formerly possessed and then immune to possession due to that experience. I always assumed this is not due to an innate ability, but more due to extreme feats of willpower.

The comparison to untouchables is an interesting one. Maybe the soul of a possessed is sort of burned out by the intrusion of a daemon and when the daemon is later expelled, there is not much left of the exorcised’s soul thus becoming akin to untouchables (i.e. soul-less).

Many sorcerers acquire their power through forbidden grimoires and/or dark pacts. They won’t lose the power in the former case and in the latter case it sort of depends on the pact itself. After all, sorcery is mainly based on forbidden knowledge (as opposed to the innate ability of a psyker) and once learned knowledge is hard to eradicate in my opinion.

Regarding psykers, I do not think they should lose their innate ability to use the warp, as it has nothing to do with being possessed or any other deal with a daemon and thus should not be lost because of being exorcised.

I furthermore assume they can use daemon-weapons without any restrictions; they simply cannot be possessed (so assume a WP of 99 or 100 for the exorcised in this regard). If something goes horribly wrong when using the daemon-weapon, the daemon can still be released into physical reality and smack the exorcised with a now fully physical daemon claw…

You could call it semi-untouchable, but the exorcised would have no immunity to psychic powers as true untouchables have.

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