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Destiny Dice Solution?

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#1 Sanguinous Rex

Sanguinous Rex


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 05:20 PM

I found myself startled at the Destiny Dice.  At first I thought it was awesome, but when I found out the DM can use one and the player can immediately counter with one, and they both flip and, well, nothing much has happened except the Destiny Pool is THE SAME and the PC actually has an advantage with the upgrade die over the red die…

… well, here's a suggestion.

The player/DM that USES the pool first has to spend TWO points.  Countering the aggressive move uses ONE point.


Basically, if you use your Destiny Pool fast and without thinking, you're out of points quick, and then you have to wait until the other side begins to use it.  By making countering only 1 point, it allows for countering at any point.


Example.  DM has 6 DS points.  Heroes have 2 LS points.  They don't abuse their LS points because they started with only 2.  DM attacks.  He makes his attack stronger by upgrading a die - he now has 4 points.  The heroes can take the "hit" so to speak and now it would be 4/4.  OR they could counter by increasing the NPC's difficulty and use 1 point.  Now they have 3 and the GM has 5.

Next time the DM uses the dark side again, the heroes don't counter.  They have 5, GM has 3.

IF the GM uses the Dark Side again, and the Heroes don't counter, he will have 1 and they will have 7 - and he can't use the Dark Side to aggressively attack again.  He CAN counter an attack though, since he has 1 point.

Basically, GETTING points back is harder if you've been more aggressive and it becomes more tactical in that regard but doesn't ruin anything (as far as I can see).

What do you all think?

#2 Kallabecca



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 08:35 PM

And what about the Force users using the points? You're only seeing one part of the picture in the use of the Destiny pool. Plus, why do the players always have the advantage? if you use the pool for an attack, that upgrades your dice (Ability to Proficiency) for your guys, even minions. A Proficiency die isn't completely countered by the Challenge die, so if both the GM and players flip a point (which happens after their actions complete), then the one on the attack will have a slight advantage. If the players do it for attack, they'll be slightly better than the target. If the GM does it for attack, then the minions have a slight improvement over where they were before. Big deal.

The bigger deal for either side is the presence of the Triumph and Despair possibilities more than the Success/Failure or Advantage/Threat results. One Despair or Triumph can turn the tide (terrain changes, weapons break, cover disappears, a character trips, etc…).

Plus Force users use the pool to affect the results of the Force die for getting their powers off. So, this change makes that even worse off for the Force users since changing a single result now would require 2 points to change 1.

#3 kinnison



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 07:02 PM

personally, i think the GM or the players should be able to modify rolls with destiny points but not both.  in the rules, the conversion only happens after the action.  if i see player countering my use i just stop using them til they run out and face a nemisis with no light side destiny on hand.


destiny  becomes more important when you have talent the need you to spend destiny to actvte them

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#4 Sanguinous Rex

Sanguinous Rex


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Posted 02 May 2013 - 07:47 PM

I also just noticed there is an order to now you use Destiny.  The "doer" first must say if they are improving their attack, skill check, etc. with a Destiny Point, and the  the opponent has their chance.  If the "doer" doesn't use a point, then they can't use a point even if the other person uses a point.  At least that's what the basic set seems to state.

That seems to be fair; and not everyone is going to use a point to improve their stuff if they not know if the other guy is going to react.

#5 Rikoshi



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Posted 02 May 2013 - 08:16 PM

The way I've played it the last few times I've played is that, after being flipped, Destiny Points are pushed aside and cannot be used again until after the current encounter, after which point the pool "refreshes," as it were, and can be used again in whatever form they were just flipped to.

I like this because it keeps the Light Side/Dark Side mechanic in play, which I really like, but stil makes Destiny Points a resource to consider and not just spend willy-nilly to "get revenge" on a GM who dares to increase your difficulty, and also prevents the GM from abusing power as well.

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