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Luke, trust your feelings. a JEDI deck.

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#1 just Logan

just Logan


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Posted 27 April 2013 - 10:41 PM

I know Smug Jedi (Han with Jedi) has been the thing, and it is a really good deck, but I think the brute power of that deck has over shadowed the potential of a pure Jedi deck. Old Ben has helped make Han better it also has made a more fertile ground for a Pure jedi deck to play dangerous.

The deck





7x2 or 37x2 depending on meta- I'm seeing a move away from sith, so training is getting more viable 

Why those sets? 

1 and 2, I don't think we need to talk about at all- 1st turn yoda with trust and any other enhancement can destroy 2 objectives- and Luke, well…

3- everything but Obi-wan, you have an OK card draw objective, a squishy but deadly unit, a suprise shield, a heat of battle, and Mind Trick-IMO the most undervalued card in the game

6- Heal isn't bad, it's not GOOD, but it's not bad- Redemption  is a game breaker- 3 to the force, yoda comes back every turn? It neuters force choke. The gem of this set though is Return of the Jedi- some one once told me it was too  expensive- it's negitive expensive- throw Ben in an edge battle- that's +4 edge -2 cost for a suprise (out of turn)  unit.

7. I like Jedi Training for 2 reasons- Mind Trick can win you the game,or just shut down a problematic unit, and It binds all things is another trick card- How many times has a game come down to an edge battle? You have the force but one edge card is the difference between victory and defeat. Now you have 2, they know what you have yes but you can even make that work in your favor.

37-The OBJ recursion is good but you only need it if you are losing,  Old ben is really really good- really good, calm can be silly good.

I think the Han/Jedi deck is easier to play but not better, barring a 1st turn yoda with 2 enhancements

#2 ZombieTonyBlair



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Posted 29 April 2013 - 10:20 AM

I really don't like Last Minute Rescue.  Secrets of Yavin accomplishes the same goal, keeping you people alive, much better than Last Minute Rescue.

The main problem with the pure jedi mind trick deck is

1.  Obi Wan really isn't that good.  His pack is okay, but not great.  Most of the other Jedi packs are great.  Luke, Old Ben, Yoda, and the pack with the defenders of the peace are all amazing packs that work together great.  and that only leaves space for one pack with jedi mind tricks in it.

2.  Darkside vehicle decks turn off your best trick.  And with the new hoth pack, darkside vehicle decks are doing very well.

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